War On Debt

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Congratulations! You have launched your own personal War on Debt™! Like any other war, your War on Debt™ requires strategy and a battle plan. While you are waiting for your complete home study program to arrive we have three steps that will prepare you to get the most out of this program.

FIRST, view your FREE bonus video and download your FREE bonus audio. By watching Conquering the Financial Kingdom™ and listening to How to Prosper During a Famine, you will have laid the foundation for immediate success in launching the attack on your debt.

SECOND, schedule the date and time that you will go through the War on Debt™ program. Make sure that you write down the date and time so that you actually begin the process of becoming debt free.

THIRD, write down how much debt you have and send it here now. Make sure to include every penny you owe including; credit cards, auto loans, student loans, personal loans and yes, even your mortgage. The pain you may be feeling will soon be replaced by the exhilaration of blasting each of these debts into oblivion!

War is a team effort and we are right there in the bunker with you. We can’t wait to celebrate your victory over debt so congratulations, your financial independence is right around the corner!



Each one of the Mp3’s below is designed to INTENSIFY and COMPOUND your results.

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Conquering the Financial Kingdom™ Video

[show_if has_one=”Conquering The Financial Kingdom MP3″]Conquering The Financial Kingdom™ Downloadable MP3


Learn the 7 habits that lead to poverty and financial struggle. You’ll also discover the 10 Step Wealth Formula™ to create prosperity and success in your life.

In this video, you will discover:

  • How the fruit of your choices show up in your finances!
  • How to avoid the perversions that hinder your prosperity!
  • How God rewards your spirit of excellence!

How To Prosper During A Famine

Dani knows first hand how to prosper ridiculously during meager times using biblical principles and truths. While homeless during wartime, she made eighteen thousand dollars in 45 days. Listen now to learn how to be in line for growth in all areas of your life while in the midst of a famine.


Debt Annihilation Formula Worksheets

Click Here to download War On Debt Example Worksheet

Click here to download War On Debt Worksheet