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Home Business Mobile University

200 hours of downloadable MP3s! Take Dani with you with 200 hours of both streaming and DOWNLOADABLE MP3s! Listen on your iPod, iPhone or other mobile device or media player while driving, flying or on the go!

You will have access to over 5 years of Dani’s best home business training content for your very own Mobile University on wheels!

5 Years of Invaluable Content

No matter what skill needs honing, we’ve got you covered. Zero-in on the exact area you want greater results in, listen and take action, and watch your skills and profits grow leaps and bounds.

In-depth subjects include…

  • Advertising and Promotions

  • Prospecting

  • Recruiting

  • Closing

  • Handling Objections

  • Referrals & Repeat Business

  • Presenting

  • Training & Duplication

  • Setting Goals

  • Staying Organized

  • Managing Your Time

  • Motivating You & Your Team

Exclusive Pro Membership BONUSES

Duplication Teleseminar

Access 4 hours of Dani’s razor-sharp duplication training, designed to dynamically increase your profitability and turn your organization into a true powerhouse.

Not avaialble for sale anywhere else, 4 hours of exclusive training, $97 value!

Social Media Teleseminar

Extend your influence and business reach into a booming world, and dominate like a pro! Unlock the tools that magnetize you online and cause total strangers to take interest.

Not avaialble for sale anywhere else, 4 hours of exclusive training, $97 value!

Make Money As An Affiliate

Pro members gain free access to the exclusive Smarter Networker affiliate program and make money referring people to the FREE 30 Day Home Business Bootcamp.

Easily cover your own membership with 2 converting referrals!

Pro Member Affiliate Program Features

  • Make money by referring people to the FREE 30 Day Bootcamp!

  • Earn $50 on every Pro Yearly signup through your affiliate link!

  • Utilize pre-made banners & creatives to easily promote your link

  • Quick-start tips to help you make the most of your affiliate offer

  • Convert profits into an advertising budget to generate more leads

  • Accelerate your home business profits through reinvestment

  • Gain respect by giving others the best industry training for free!

Even More Pro Features

Pro Lifetime free access to weekly training calls with Dani Johnson. Keep your business strategically aligned with the absolute best weekly training in the industry.

Receive priority alerts to special Home Business trainings, seminars and events. Be on first alert to sell-out live training, both online and offline.

Get direct access to Dani’s personal list of recommended vendors and resources to build your business. Trust is rare, and Dani doesn’t put her reputation on the line for just anyone. These are the best.

Get your hands on the latest success tips, tools and techniques. Knowing what works best right now can make all the difference in the world. Stay ahead of the curve.

Smarter Networker Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1

Awesome Content

Coming solely from long-term, successful, home-business veterans, Smarter Networker content is tried, tested and true.

With a clear strategy, direct application, and comprehensive approach, you can count on getting what you need.

Guarantee #2

Awesome Results

No training is worth a dime if you don’t get real results from it. And THAT is what makes this bootcamp so powerful – it is built on results.

If you don’t experience real results using the Smarter Networker system, let us know and we’ll gladly refund your money.

Guarantee #3

Awesome Life Impact

You didn’t join a home business to have less free time or make less money. You saw the opportunity for a change in lifestyle.

With Smarter Networker, you’re firmly planting yourself on the road to reaching all of your home business goals.


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Access the 30-Day Home Business Bootcamp PLUS All Exclusive Pro Member Bonuses


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All-Access Membership

Access the 30-Day Home Business Bootcamp PLUS All Exclusive Pro Member Bonuses


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The Bottom Line: The Smarter Networker home training system gives you complete access to 5 years of content that has transformed tens of thousands of lives. There is not an issue you face in your home business that has not been faced by the Smarter Networker trainers. Take control of your home business future with Smarter Networker.

6 Reasons we’re different from other training systems

A tailor made experience

The 30-Day Bootcamp is designed to work with your busy life. With built in times of rest and the freedom to choose what time of day the training works best for you, you can experience results on your own schedule.

Classy customer support

Need help placing an order or advice on where to start? Our actually-helpful customer support team is on your side. Send in an email or even better, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Amazing offers

Bootcamp members receive exclusive access to premier resources designed drive growth, boost sales and produce freedom. Imagine a script book that gives you and your team the exact words to use in every situation!

A system that never grows old

The 30-Day Bootcamp is the strategic result of over 21 years of head-turning results. Regardless of product, service or company, you’re getting practical, real world training for out-of-this-world results.

A thriving community

Users of Dani’s training span the globe, creating results in a diversity of political climates, failing and thriving economies, as well as in unrelated industries. The common thread? Word-of-mouth recommendation.

Samurai protection

Smarter Networker is adamant about your success. That’s why cross-recruiting is absolutely never allowed. You worked hard to build your business and no one has the right to take that from you.