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In the next 10 minutes you’re going to discover a simple method for “installing” million-dollar marketing scripts directly onto your brain

For the last 23 years, one woman has defied the titans of the home business industry, by teaching people from every business model and comp plan her EXACT strategies for building a six figure income

Her name is Dani Johnson.

She’s not in the pocket or on the payroll of anyone – no cross-promoting, no organization “hopping” – just top-notch training

And when she was first getting started in her business she failed. Big. Time.

That was actually part of her plan – she looked at the top earners in the company she was about to join and decided if she screwed this thing up 90% of the time for the next 20 years, she’d still be making more money than her crap-o job at JCPennies.

Her plan worked. She couldn’t close anyone to save her life – signed up zero people, and made zero dollars. However, she kept at it, living on borrowed time and money – looking for the secret to that elusive 10% success rate.

She found what she was missing and a whole lot more!

And when she did, it was as if she’d been pouring all her energy into a bucket with a baseball-sized hole in the bottom – amateur mistakes and rookie blunders.

Failure will humble you, that’s for sure. It humbled Dani Johnson. It also caused her to seek training in a precise set of skills. Professional skills.

Skills that top sales people in her company were using to rack up $50,000 in commissions a month. A month!

So she consumed every bit of training she could, and put it all to work.

Dani Johnson

If you’ve ever felt the stabbing pain of rejection and going tongue-tied with your prospects, then fasten your seatbelt – what comes next could save you from a financial implosion

It seemed as if her life was finally turning around – her business was growing and she was getting all kinds of recognition for her success. Eventually, she became a millionaire.

Then she met and married a man she’d only known for 7 days.

A short time later, through a series of personal catastrophes Dani was left alone, homeless, $35,000 in debt, with just $2.03 to her name and no way of escape.

Forced to take a job as a cocktail waitress and live out of her car, Dani was ready to take her own life.

Despite the betrayals and tragedy that had destroyed her life, Dani decided to put her skills to work. Using a pay-phone booth and a weight-loss product sitting in the trunk of her car, Dani collected a few leads and made some calls.

The results were nothing short of spectacular.

Dani closed 24 out of 25 leads. It was no fluke. She had launched a business using virtually zero capital (unless you count the coins for the pay-phone) and her prospecting and closing skills.

Within 2 years, by age 23, Dani had again become a millionaire.

To this day, her scripts have generated hundreds of millions of dollars and transformed rejects, losers and failure-prone amateurs into record-breaking sales leaders!

Dani Johnson

Imagine if you could flip the mental “belief” switch in every prospect you encounter – causing people to beg for your product or service and willingly pay full price

Right now you’re looking to make some quick gains in your business. Maybe you borrowed the money to start your business in the first place. Or maybe the bill collectors and repo man are on your tail. Maybe you’re just that hungry to be your own boss.

Your situation is critical.

What if you could turn all of that around using the same techniques that Dani used to dig herself out of homelessness and $35,000 of debt?

What would that be worth?


No one has performed more “extreme marketing make-overs” on home business builders than Dani has.

Over the last 23+ years Dani has condensed everything she knows about building a home business into a series of seminars and training courses. A massive knowledge and skill-set download – available to anyone who is ready to listen and follow her proven recipe for success.

That’s what is all about. That’s why you’re here – to glean precious strategies and techniques from someone who delivers on every promise she makes to her clients.

Dani’s reputation is well-known. She’s been interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Fox & Friends, and was the season-premier star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire. Her story has also been featured on USA Today,, AOL Finance, Fox Business News, Variety, and NPR among many others.

Dani’s passion for helping others to succeed motivates her work to this day. She even came out of early retirement due to a deep desire to see today’s home business builders equipped with the professional training they desperately need. No industry offers such great reward for so little initial investment. And no industry is so mocked and disrespected due to its reputation for causing people to coerce their friends and family into shady business models and commission structures.

All that stuff is amateur hour folks. And it leads to a life of burned bridges and financial failure.

Today, you leave all that behind.

Time Money

Script Book

Dani’s Prospecting and Closing Script books are so effective and easy to use, you can start making money almost immediately

With just a few pages of conversational english, your brain will be stuffed to the brim with “power” words that will turn your toughest customer into your biggest fan or fastest growing leader

Among the many incredible training programs that Dani has developed over the years, her Prospecting and Closing Script Books stand out as the most straight-forward way for new home business owners to make money fast!

Using Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Books you will:

  • Multiply your sales volume and commission payout exponentially

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend “warming up” and closing new prospects

  • Increase your closing ratio up to 90%!

  • Finally have the professional posture (attitude, body language, and voice tone) to build trust with ANY prospect

  • Be totally confident in the exact words to use for marketing to cold leads

  • Leave voicemail messages that guarantee a callback from serious prospects

  • Know the best way to regain control of the conversation and handle objections with ease

  • Quickly deal with negative people so they don’t waste your time

  • Automatically generate referrals using a few simple phrases

  • Easily close new customers and team-members on your product, service or opportunity

  • Have total command of the most profitable marketing scripts ever put into the hands of home business builders just like you!

  • Discover fool-proof methods for growing your network quickly and organically

Ask yourself “Will I be one of the home business owners who nevers earns back the money from my ‘buy-in’ because I’m afraid to play in the big leagues?”

Here at, our highest priority is for you to succeed in your business. Not just making back your initial investment, but generating a six or seven-figure income working as little as 20 hours a week.

That’s why, as a new member, we’re making you this one-time offer:

Order right now and we’ll send Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script, including the and audio CDs directly to your door. This one-of-kind tool kit isn’t $250 or $300, as you might expect. It’s not $200! We’ve even considered selling it for as little as $150. But that’s not what you’ll pay either.

These scripts have been refined and condensed to put the most value possible at your fingertips. And right now, we’re selling the entire package for just $40! (Keep reading to hear about the incredible bonus package that’s included with your order).

Order Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script, and start building your 6-figure income today!

Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book + One Time Bonuses.

Only $40!

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It’s not just “possible” – It’s proven. Read what these satisfied clients had to say:

“I started feeding on your Script Book CDs in February and March and enrolled 107 customers – from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all-expense-paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!”
~ Debbie Tennison

“This script book is even more comprehensive and with easy to follow tips, how to write a resource list, and how to track your activity. Regardless of whether you use a website, live conference call, pre-recorded call, live meeting, or a 1-on–1 presentation, the script book is an absolutely essential tool for those who are looking to build a professional business and develop a professional income level. The people in our company who are using the system are gaining a reputation for getting results. The fact is if you don’t have this script book, then you’re simply being left in the dust by your competition.”
~ Simeon Cryer

“I made national in 4 month I hit every bonus using your Script Book and Training CD’s.
~ Katherine Kalolo

“My percentages were below 30 percent, after following Dani’s Script Book 100%, my percentages increased to 90%…”
~ Kulwant Jutla

“Every time that I have deviated from your Script Book, my number of closes has fallen. So I go back to your Script Book word for word!”
~ Tom Sweeney

“Dani debunks myths in the home business industry. She taught us awesome leadership skills. We are closing 50% more prospects by using her scripts, setting 90% more appointments. If you truly want to succeed and be inspired to do your best you have to plug into Dani’s trainings.”
~ Jeff & Holly LaChappell

"The Supplemental Script Book has drastically streamlined my business. It has put a system in place that has allowed me to be more duplicatable. When a team member asks how do I respond to a certain objection or what kind of message do I leave on an answering machine, I can point them to the exact page and script in the Supplemental Script Book. It’s that easy! Thanks for such a useful tool!
~ Jackie O’ Quinn

“My sentiment regarding the script book and CD’s is best demonstrated by the fact that I have now built into my presentation the cost of acquiring this tool as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business. To give you my thoughts on it I will quote what one of my team members just e-mailed me, “DANI ROCKS!!”
~ Coleen Shea

Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book + Prospecting and Closing Script Book Supplemental + One Time Bonuses.

Only $97!

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Script Book Image

Of course, this wouldn’t be a one-time offer if we didn’t sweeten the deal a little bit. We’ve arranged a 7-part bonus package ($350 Value) to give you the strongest possible start.

Order now and receive these SPECIAL BONUSES:

Bonus 1: Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Recordings Secrets of a Multi-Millionaire!

The information contained in these MP3s (recorded from an exclusive 2 part teleseminar) will give you the confidence to master the art and skill of 7 figure prospecting and closing. You will forever eliminate phone fear and the fear of rejection. This training was held exclusively for Dani’s premiere clients. It’s not available for sale anywhere on our site, and is yours FREE!

Bonus 2: Cold and Warm Market Prospecting Tips, Scripts and Examples CD!

This jam-packed training CD captured in one of Dani’s live training calls is truly awesome. You wll have Dani personally training you on each of the scripts in the Script Book and the techniques that make them work! With this training CD, the scripts will come ALIVE and you will really get to pick up on Dani personal body language, tonality, attitude and posture while going through the scripts.

Bonus 3: Follow-Up and Closing Tips, Scripts, and Examples CD!

A CD captured from a live training call where Dani takes you through the follow up and closing process giving you tips and pointers along the way that maximize your results with the scripts!

Bonus 4: Professionally Formatted Transcripts!

Read the transcripts from the 2 training CDs that come with your script book. You’ll be able to learn the material even faster by following along as you listen to Dani’s voice, or print them out and read them anywhere, anytime, and your leisure.

Bonus 5: Dani’s Lead Contact Sheet on PDF!

Download and make copies of this simple but important tool for keeping all your lead calls and follow-up conversations organized for maximum productivity, follow-up, follow-through and signups!

Bonus 6: Core Rapport Methodology training MP3

This audio training it will increase your results using your script book exponentially! You’ll learn an amazing system Dani has developed to build instant rapport and trust with your prospects, while leading them into your opportunity by their personal needs, strengths and goals! Learn how to communicate in a more effective and efficient way that will impact your business!

Bonus 7: Edification Training MP3!

This audio training will school you on the fine art and skill of Edification! You may not initially appreciate just how valuable this audio training is, but we trust that as you dive into your script book package, you see the ridiculous power contained in this audio. The concepts Dani teaches you here are like throwing gasoline on the fire of your business when used with the other techniques you’ll be learning. Dani will show a specific technique of how to maximize the time you are putting into your business.

Imagine the open-mouthed stares you’ll get from other home-business owners when you reveal (should you choose to) the simple truth of where you got your skills

Imagine sending every new leader you sign up to where they can download the exact same skills – we handle the training for you!

Our clients have made it clear, this product works – but just in case you have doubts, use our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that these two script books will double your recruiting results or we’ll refund your money – no questions, no hoops to jump through

If you receive your Prospecting and Closing Script Book, including exclusive bonuses – apply the scripts and strategies, but still don’t think your money was well spent, just give our Client Services team a call and we’ll refund every penny. Ultimately, if this product doesn’t work for you, we don’t deserve your money in the first place.

satisfaction gurantee

Before you make a decision, you need to hear the agonizing truth about what happens to most home business owners

Did you know that many of the people who see this offer will never take advantage of it? They believe that they are too busy to pull out their credit card and pay for this amazing deal. But let’s take a look at what happens if you attempt to bushwhack your way through the prickly jungle known as prospecting and closing all alone.

Without Dani’s proven business training you are far more likely to:

  • Spend thousands of dollars buying leads and never calling them!

  • Struggle closing even the most willing prospects

  • Waste hundreds of hours dialing, leaving messages, following-up, all for nothing

  • Cause people to avoid you like the plague because you say the wrong thing!

  • Ostracize yourself from family and friends who can’t stand your slimy sales tactics

  • Jump from business opportunity to business opportunity looking for “the right one”

  • Lose confidence in your own ability to reach your sales goals

  • Grow increasingly bitter and desperate as your closing ratio drags along the bottom

  • Feel jealousy and anger towards fellow team-mates and leaders who are succeeding

  • Miss out on the freedom and joy that comes from working for yourself

Don’t miss your one-and-only opportunity to purchase this Prospecting and Closing Script Book with exclusive bonus content.

Here’s a point-by-point breakdown of everything that you will receive when you say “yes” to this exclusive offer:

  • Prospecting and Closing Script Book
    • 74 pages with 20 scripts
  • Prospecting and Closing Script Book Audio – 2 Disc Set
    • With these training CDs, you’ll learn the exact body language, tonality, attitude and posture that make these scripts so effective. Dani personally trains you on each of the scripts in the Script Book and the techniques that make them work!
  • The Script Book Supplemental
    • 96 pages with 42 scripts

New Member One-Time Offer Bonus Content!

  • Bonus 1: Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Recordings Secrets of a Multi-Millionaire!”
  • Bonus 2: Cold and Warm Market Prospecting Tips, Scripts and Examples CD!
  • Bonus 3: Follow-Up and Closing Tips, Scripts, and Examples CD!
  • Bonus 4: Professionally Formatted Transcripts!
  • Bonus 3: Follow-Up and Closing Tips, Scripts, and Examples CD!
  • Bonus 5: Dani’s Lead Contact Sheet on PDF!
  • Bonus 6: Core Rapport Methodology training MP3
  • Bonus 7: Edification Training MP3!

Skills that will transform you into a marketing powerhouse

You’ll discover how to:

  • Close without selling
  • Keep a strong posture while prospecting without appearing defensive
  • Proficiently handle any question or objection
  • Sort your prospects to avoid wasting time
  • Create URGENCY in your prospects and get them to close themselves
  • Use a marketing system that can be duplicated by any of your team members
  • Triple or quadruple your prospecting and closing ratios

Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book + One Time Bonuses.

Only $40!

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