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“I have reviewed the new script book and I have to tell you, is there ANYTHING you guys have not thought of? There is a script for EVERY possible scenario I can think of! This is amazing! The previous version of the script book has become a cornerstone of my business, this one can only produce even MORE results! Thanks for letting me take a look at it! I especially like the “hints” throughout. As I was reading, I was thinking that those are common things I am always saying. Saves my breath! Great job on this project, ALL OF YOU!”
~ Renae Heikkila


“I love the updated script book. You took something that was amazing and powerful and made it even more amazing and powerful. It is much more specific. The “Script Tips” make it that much more effective. You gave more ways through the tips to make our prospecting that much more awesome. Tips that I had to go to trainings, to grasp. You gave them away and made it that much better and did not raise the price. You have a team that ROCKS!!!! Thanks!!!”
~ Stacy O’Quinn


“This new edition script book is even more comprehensive and with easy to follow tips, how to write a resource list, and how to track your activity. Regardless of whether you use a website, live conference call, pre-recorded call, live meeting, or a 1-on-1 presentation, the script book is an absolutely essential tool for those who are looking to build a professional business and develop a professional income level. The people in our company who are using the system are gaining a reputation for getting results. The fact is if you don’t have this script book, then you’re simply being left in the dust by your competition.”
~ Simeon Cryer


“What an awesome job on the new script book! It has many of the scripts that we have heard in the trainings that I had transcribed myself so that I would have them. This is awesome! This makes the real scripts so duplicatable, easy to find which one to use and the tips are incredible. Just the right things to remember at the right time so that you are reminded of what Dani teaches. I can see how this one tool alone would help the brand new person get up and running and make more money more quickly. You guys are the bomb! My best always,”
~ Tyler Adkins


“You continue to amaze me with your ability to simplify this business. By plugging into your system our company has exploded. I am so grateful that you continue to upgrade these incredible tools and make them available so everyone may benefit. Thank you for letting us ride your coattails to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!!!”
~ Bryan and Wendy Merritt


“I have two questions, how do I buy it and how soon can I get it? I want to be the first customer. This is a book with some real meat and potatoes. This is a complete encyclopedia for scripting.”
~ Jackie O’Quinn


“This new script book is totally amazing! WOW- way more content than I ever expected and really easy to use!! I love the new layout, how simple it is to stay focused on the prospect AND what to say at the same time! There is no reason for anyone to not be able to succeed with the step by step layout of this new script book! Every single member of my team will have one immediately, and my only prayer is that my competition does NOT FIND THIS! This really is awesome, it is going to rock the socks off of any training product I have ever seen – not only does it surpass the original script book but having this AND Prospect and Close Your Way To Millions in one’s hands will totally rock! The design team did an amazing job, totally blew the quality up several notches and it’s a very WELL DONE, ELABORATED and completed project. Awesome stuff!!”
~ Sandi Krakowski


“This new script book has everything extra you could want, the hints and tips are exceptional and will give those new people exactly what they need to succeed. I can not tell you how powerful this is. After 8 years of doing our own scripts (that did not really work) to now have a system that is duplicatable, inspirational and empowering is the most important thing that has happened in this business. Dani has broken the secret code to unlimited success in this business and life, thanks Dani!”
~ James Hannan


“Well where do I even start!! The new script book is AMAZING! You have truly out down yourselves this time!!! The things I like most about it are the SCRIPT TIPS and the format is very clean & easy to read. The “about your company” section is priceless; the memory Jogger is the best I have seen. You can tell you have listened to your clients needs and really given them everything they have been asking for and MORE!! I love the new look of course. As I was reading it I felt like not only did I have the script to read, I also felt like I was getting training all threw out the book. Very powerful! I use this book everyday, It has helped me so much, it was easy for me to pick out all of the new additions and I am so impressed, you really do lead by example! You truly listen and care about your client’s success; every where we turn there is on the
job training from you! This tool truly sets US (The Dani Johnson students) apart from everyone else in the industry, I have the confidence that the new business partner I get started will represent themselves and their team with professionalism and posture and as they continue to use this book they will gain the skills they need to be successful in anything they do, after all everything is about people!!! I have used the skill I have learned from this book In every part of my life, It has changed the way I do business and how I interact with people. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you and your incredible staff give to us! We are truly blessed.”
~ Anonymous


“Calling it a script book is an under statement. I know that when I get someone started whether they have experience in the industry or if this is their first time, this tool alone when applied and used properly anyone can build a SIX FIGURE INCOME AND BRING UP SIX FIGURE INCOME EARNERS. You have just made the BEST TOOL in the industry EVEN BETTER!!!! “
~ Kathy Humpherys


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NO THANKS. I DON’T want to double my prospecting and closing ratios and I DON’T want the $350 in one time only bonuses offered on this page and I’m ok that I’ll never see this offer again. I want to login.