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Dani Johnson’s
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“I have been a teacher, in the ministry, and most recently an attorney for 12 years – you would think that I would have had no problem talking to people about my new business. You would have been wrong! It took listening to Dani’s CD’s and working with her scripts to help me realize that all I need to do is talk and let “me” come through, no fear, no rejection, no wasted time. Since then, I have retired from the full-time practice of law and enrolled two attorneys and now have appointments to follow-up with two judges, some court reporters and clerks and a court bailiff! Oh, and the attorneys are now starting to ask me about this change in my attitude. I give credit for the change because I started reading and listening to Dani to on a daily basis. My focus is sharp, my confidence is up, my success is an answer to prayers.”
~ James Bauchert


“Your Script Book and CD’s have made cold calling a blast! It is a perfect tool for those getting started in this industry and a great refresher for those of us re-igniting the fire.”
~ Gary Klein


“Thanks Dani, for your simple method!”
~ Mike Crowe


“Hi Dani. The Script Book is my business bible and now I recommend it to everyone. It’s fantastic.”
~ Cornelia Doukas


“We have had excellent results and have our new affiliates
purchase the Script Book along with the initial training pack. It is actually a requirement in order to have our top leaders work with them one on one. I purchased 20 a few weeks ago for people to buy at our rally as we are introducing you into the new training. They were sold out within the first minute. Several of the people who bought them have enrolled in your live 2 day seminar!”
~ Kimber Jarvis


“The Script Book and CD’s have made me much more comfortable talking with people on all levels.”
~ Vic Kalman


“I think your Script Book is great. It is working very well.”
~ Maxine Elderd


“I love the Script Book. I have just about worn it out.”
~ Barbara Delville


“I LOVE the Script Book! Thank you Dani for providing such a terrific resource. I have just completed your Prospecting and Closing seminar, which was fantastic! I am a fairly new network marketer with a background in teaching and administration. Your approach is so easy to follow. Thank you!”
~ Nancy Intermill


“I have seen and used quite a few script books. If you use it (The Dani Johnson Script Book) verbatim, just like you say, it works great. I found it to be the best I’ve ever used!”
~ Daniel C. Brawn


“Dani’s Script Book made it easier to prospect. The script language stopped the majority of the objections I was getting before I used her Script Book.”
~ Valerie R. Clavivn


“Let me just say that I could NOT have achieved the success I have so far without the use of the Script Book. It is the very first thing everyone in my sales force is told to get. Thank you again for all that you guys do at DaniJohnson.com!”
~ Monica Tubbs


“It’s been a great help and resource for me.”
~ Bill Moccasin


“I think the Script Book is great. It has given me the confidence to speak to prospective members/business partners. It’s changing my thought process about what I’m capable of. I am sincerely grateful to my business associate for recommending you and your products.”
~ Trina Bickham


“The Script Book changed my business!! I had been working for about a year and was about to give in just because of people coming and going in my business. My confidence is now through the roof! My team is growing in leaps and bounds! I followed the scripts and my voice, comfort and confidence just came. It was fabulous! Now I DO the presentations, run my team meetings with many learning simultaneously and am about to hit the next level of leadership myself. Thank you Dani for sharing your talent and passion so we can learn from you and share ours too!!!!”
~ Martha Smith


“I am new at using scripts and I love this little book of gold. It has given me the confidence to talk to leads and be successful in delivery of information they need to hear.”
~ Catherine Adams


“In regards to the Script Book and CD’s, I think the fact that I have built into my presentation the cost of acquiring this tool as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business would explain my sentiments on it. To quote our thoughts on it and what one of my team members just emailed me. Dani Rocks!”
~ Colleen Shea


“I love using the Script Book. This book has bridged the gap between potential customers and me. Thanks!”
~ James Briggs


“Using a script from the Script Book, I recruited an individual who achieved promotions in the first 48 hours!”
~ Nancy Horneman


“Your Script Book is a GOLDEN TOOL!”
~ Karen McDonald


“The information in the Script Book is second to NONE!”
~ Steve Drewett


“We love the Script Book and it has helped our business
~ Stephen & Trish Stewart


“The Script Book is great and simple to read with the correct posture.”
~ Melva Calvin


Dani Johnson’s #1 best selling industry success tool makes it easy!

“WOW!!! The Script Book is SO EXCELLENT. I quadrupled my success rate with sponsoring. It’s fun again.”
~ Greg Montijo

Get Over 21 Easy To Follow Prospecting, Sponsoring, Closing, Followup, Referral And Objection Scripts Including:

  • 8 different approaches and scripts for REJECTION FREE prospecting of any market!
  • A proven referral script you can use to multiply your personal customer base by 100’s!
  • The follow up and closing script the industry is RAVING about – this one script has been consistently responsible for doubling sponsoring ratios within 7 days!
  • EXCLUSIVE interview script for internet or cold market generated leads that puts you in the driver’s seat and gets amazing results every time!
  • A retail sales script you can COPY word for word to move tons of product!
  • Learn how to take TOTAL control of ANY conversation and position yourself as the leader others WANT to follow!
  • SKILLFULLY handle any question or objection with easeonce you know this, objections become child’s play!
  • Discover a turn-key system for duplicating these exact same MISSION CRITICAL skills throughout your entire sales force.

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Product ImageEXCLUSIVE BONUS: Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Recordings – Secrets of a Multi-Millionaire! $194 Value
The information contained in these MP3s (recorded from an exclusive 2 part teleseminar) will give you the confidence to master the art and skill of 7 figure prospecting and closing. You will forever eliminate phone fear and the fear of rejection catapulting you into a professional rather than an amateur. This training was held exclusiveley for Dani’s premiere clients. Delivered digitally, listen instantly after your order.


BONUS #2Bonus #2: Cold and Warm Market Prospecting Tips, Scripts and Examples CD! $29.97 Value
You’ll have Dani personally training you on each of the scripts in the Script Book and the techniques that make them work! With this training CD, the scripts will come "ALIVE" and you’ll really get to pick up on Dani’s personal body language, tonality, attitude and posture while going through the scripts. You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ right now! Shipped with your Script Book and also delivered digitally, listen instantly after your order.


BONUS #3Bonus #3: Follow-Up and Closing Tips, Scripts, and Examples CD! $29.97 Value
Again, another CD captured from a live training call where Dani takes you through the follow up and closing process giving you tips and pointers along the way that maximize your results with the scripts! You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ right now! Shipped with your Script Book and also delivered digitally, listen instantly after your order.


BONUS #4Bonus #4: Professionally Formatted Transcripts! $59.94 Value
Read the transcripts from the above 2 training CDs. You’ll be able to learn the material even faster by following along as you listen to Dani’s voice, or print them out and read them anywhere, anytime, and your leisure. You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ right now! Delivered digitally, download and read instantly after your order.


BONUS #5Bonus #5: Dani’s Lead Contact Sheet on PDF! $4.99 Value
You’ll be able to download and make copies of this simple but important tool for keeping all your lead calls and follow-up conversations organized for maximum productivity, follow-up, follow-through and signups! You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ right now! Delivered digitally, download instantly after your order.


BONUS #6Bonus #6: Core Rapport Methodology™ training MP3! $19.99 Value
This audio training alone is worth the price of the script book and it will increase your results using your script book exponentially! You’ll learn an amazing system Dani has developed to build instant rapport and trust with your prospects (or anyone for that matter!) while leading them into your opportunity by their personal needs, strengths and goals! You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ right now! Delivered digitally, listen instantly after your order.


BONUS #6Bonus #7: Edification Training MP3! $19.99 Value
This audio training will school you on the fine art and skill of Edification! You may not fully appreciate initially just how valuable this audio training is, but we trust that as you dive into your script book package, you will truly value this training. The concepts Dani teaches you here are like throwing gasoline on a fire in your business when used with the other techniques in the Script Book you’ll be learning. You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ right now! Delivered digitally, listen instantly after your order.


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"Your ‘Script Book Training’ blew me away!"
~ Dr. James E. O’Kelley

"Out of the five presentations that I did, I signed up three by using the Script Book to the ‘T’."
~ Catherine Rehula

"I just took the Script Book and went bang, bang, bang, right to it, and the guy signed up as with the top package."
~ Beverly

"I bought your script book and CD’s. I’m in shock with the successes that I’ve had. It has never been this fun, easy, and successful…"
~ Connie Copeland

"When I used Dani’s Script Book after my return home I was amazed and so pleased to find that I was actually able to set up follow up calls. In the past, getting a definite time for a follow up call was almost non-existent. Now I’m getting 5 out of 6…"
~ Monica Vest

"I started feeding on your Script Book CDs in February and March and enrolled 107 customers-from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!!!!!!"
~ Debbie Tennison

"I am ACTUALLY enjoying prospecting for the first time EVER!
~ Linda Rivers

"I love the Script Book because I don’t stutter and I know exactly what to say…"
~ Helen Manning

"I always struggled until I started using the Script Book and now it is just so easy to do!."
~ Debbie Rupert

"34 people signed in 30 days! Because of you, Dani, and the little black and white Script Book."
~ Don Faast

"Since listening to you Script Book our recruiting has exploded! You have taken all the pieces that I have known but never been able to put them together so that you can quickly move a person through the exposure process with confidence and ease. Recruiting is so much fun now…"
~ Brenda Loffredo

"I work for a start up company and used a section of your Script Book to close a $1,600.00 dollar deal!"
~ Mark Abbott

"I made national in 4 months! I hit every bonus using your Script Book and Training CD’s."
~ Katherine Kalolo

"I walked out of the hotel with an armful of CD’s and a huge sense of relief coupled with a new level of conviction that success actually was possible for me. The relief came from knowing that what you had communicated to me, you could do for everyone in my business too. I took one look at your script booklet and said, "This is it! Stop looking!"
~ Marilyn

"I heard one of Dani’s scripts on a team training call and I immediately saw the simplicity of it. I also saw the posture it builds in the distributor and how it really qualifies the prospect. This made me more than curious. Great job!"
~ Rob Toth

"I came across Dani’s site and was awestruck at the quality and quantity of training she’s made available to anyone who is hungry enough to sit at this banquet table and dine! I’m especially fond of the script book. I’d love to tell you how successful it has been for me…but not only for myself, but for others on my Team. As for the script book and my success with it … I have a 100% success ratio in appointment setting using Dani’s scripts. Every one who is "interviewed" via Dani’s script… hears a presentation…then is led to a decision via Dani’s closing script…says "YES". I’ve only had one "no"!"
~ Allyson King

"I have had success in using Dani’s Script Book. I’ve successfully gotten several to either become my customer or to just try the products risk free. Prospects will come with belief in the products. I’ve also SOLD product to a cell phone representative right over the phone by Forming her first! FEAR is gone! I’m not attached to yeses and no’s and am so grateful to all of you!!! "
~ Anonymous

"I’m completely up for whatever you have to offer. And that’s why I’m completely investing in you because I know that with your training I will become a 6 figure earner. I purchased your script book and cd’s. They are awesome."
~ Teresa Monteith

"I cannot thank you enough for what a difference you have made in my business. The results have been amazing since I have been following your techniques. Your training is the only one that my group follows from now on. Thank you for all you do."
~ John Olivari

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NO THANKS. I DON’T want to double my prospecting and closing ratios and I DON’T want the $350 in one time only bonuses offered on this page and I’m ok that I’ll never see this offer again. I want to login.