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Testimonials & Results

Featured testimonial…

“Before coming to Dani Johnson 2 years ago, I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and closing my business. After listening to 6 Figures in 6 Months, I was able to write $122,000 in 2 days. The next week I wrote $28,000 in 24 hours. And the week after that I wrote $18,000 in orders.”

~ Gina Alexander

Individual Results May Vary. Past results do not guarantee future results. We do NOT sell business opportunities. Please see our Disclaimer Below

“Before starting with Dani Johnson, my financial services business was stagnating, my kids and I were struggling to communicate, and I felt like the world was crashing in around me. Since I got plugged in 14 months ago, my business went from $1.5 million in sales to over $6 million. I hired four new people, I finished number 3 out of 70 for the year! I grew a direct sales business from $2,000 in volume to over $63,000, my kids and I are communicating and connecting in a way that I never dreamed possible, and I am totally optimistic about my life.”

~ Greg Palka

“I put in to ACTION your training and made $22k in 6 days! that’s what I’m talking about!!!!! Dani you have pressed through so much in your life, thank you for doing the hard things. My life will never be the same.”

~ Hilary Snyder

“The economy hit our household in 2007 when my husband was forced to close his manufacturing business. We found ourselves living on 40% of our previous income. Something had to change. In December of 2010, I was presented with an opportunity to start my own company. I knew I needed to invest not only in my business but also in training myself. So I plugged in to Dani Johnson in January and I profited nearly $13,000.”

~ Diana Repko

“After listening to Dani Johsnon I was so empowered and felt so comfortable putting into action what I learned. In one hour I closed 3 people. The reason I am so excited is I was able to light a fire under these people to get them to make a decision. I learned to create urgency and realize fear of loss was stronger then anything else.”

~ Bob Ballasedis

“I started feeding on your Script Book™ CDs in February and March and enrolled 107 customers-from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!”

~ Debbie Tennison

“After 4 years of hitting a ceiling in my company, I plugged into Dani Johnson and my business grew from $5,000 to $37,550 a month.”

~ Jana James

“After training with Dani Johnson, I stepped out and started a business in travel. In my first month I made $3,200; 60 days later $6,400 and then $20,000 in the next couple of months. We’ve been able to pay off over $137,000 in debt in less than 3 years. We became credit card debt free last year, paid off both cars, bought a house and now I am a stay at home mom of 2 little boys. This week alone we’ll be making another $9,705!”

~ Michelle Tascoe

“I first heard of Dani Johnson 5 weeks ago. After 1 week in this industry I ordered the 6 Figures in Six Months CD’s. After 3 weeks in the business I made $9,600 because of what I was listening to and putting into practice.”

~ Jon Franks

“Before plugging into Dani Johnson, my traditional business was drowning in debt. I was terrified to initiate a conversation with a stranger and procrastinated about making prospecting phone calls. Since plugging into Dani Johnson, I have paid off $150,000 in business debt, no longer afraid to initiate conversations and I’ve gone from making 0 calls per days to over 150 calls per day using the Script Book™.”

~ Sabrina Ary

“We have adopted Dani Johnson as our personal coach for our entire organization.”

~ Charles Norman

“Prior to plugging into Dani’s teaching my sales numbers were around the 2 to 3 hundred dollar range. Now, they have been around $2,500.00 and up…”

~ Kassandra Bragg

“I was a traditional businesss owner that had a small amount of success but I was completely stressed out. I had become a slave to my job and was working 80 hours a week. I was beginning to resent my company and everyone I worked with. After plugging into Dani Johnson’s training, I was able to take my business from $720,000 to $3.7 million in just 18 months while cutting my hours in half.”

~ Carmen O’Quinn

“Recently we started a home based business and the week after attending Dani Johnson’s training we closed two people at the top package back to back and generated $22,500.”

~ Meggan Larson

“Prior to plugging in to Dani Johnson, our company was operating at a loss and we had hit a glass ceiling. After applying the strategies I learned I increase our company revenue by 800% in 30 days!”

~ David McMenomy

“Dani, You are the shot in the arm this industry needs. Had I been equipped with your system years ago, I would be a millionaire several times over already. You’ve helped me increase my income by 600% in 4 months. Thank you for saving our business!”

~ Nate Ridgeway

“In the 7 months that I have been plugged into Dani Johnson, my monthly income has tripled and my team has become more productive!”

~ Gale Gillespie

“In July, I started my own business. My goal was to be making $8,000 a month by the end of 6 months. I was making $8,000 a month by my second month! “

~ Erin Hitzke

“I was working at a burger shop and making $8.00 an hour. After coming to Dani Johnson, I was able to get the skills to start my own business doing inter-lock and landscaping We just completed our second year and we’ve been able to profit over $110,000.”

~ Rob Larson

“I’d love to tell you how successful it has been for me… but not only for myself, but for others on my Team. I have a 100% success ratio in appointment setting using Dani’s scripts. Every one who is ‘interviewed’ via Dani’s script … hears a presentation…then is led to a decision via Dani’s closing script… says ‘YES’. I’ve only had one ‘no’!”

~ Allyson King

“Her balance of inspiration and technical training is what sets her above and apart. Unlike some others, since she’s actually ‘been there’, she can teach network marketing like few other professional-level trainers.”

~ Pete Johnson

“Every time that I have deviated from your Script Book™, my number of closes has fallen. So I go back to your Script Book™, word for word!”

~ Tom Sweeney

“In the first 36 hours after listening to Dani’s training, I made 2 sales, sponsored 1 new person and had 3 appointments set up. That is the most that I have done in ages!”

~ Randy Reeves

“Dani debunks myths in the home business industry. She taught us awesome leadership skills. We are closing 50% more prospects by using her scripts, setting 90% more appointments. If you truly want to succeed and be inspired to do your best you have to plug into Dani’s training’s.”

~ Jeff & Holly LaChappell

“You have not only helped my business skills, but have also changed the lives of my children. I have heard every motivational speaker out there, and you are the only one who has given us ‘THE TOOLS’ to help ourselves.”

~ Marjorie Moody

“I made national in 4 months… I hit every bonus using your Script Book™ and Training CD’s…”

~ Katherine Kalolo

“Just from 1 part of Dani’s teaching increased my closing ratio by 50% signed 4 contracts in 3 weeks that I was the highest bidder on. I restored and enlarged my vision, marriage and family and believe that I have got what it takes to succeed in life.”

~ Vern Mast

“After attending First Steps To Success, I paid off $36,000 in 16 months. My business has grown 60%.”

~ Tini Thomas

“Since plugging in and applying the skills, my presentations have doubled and my closing ratio has gone up 40%, resulting in bringing in new business.”

~ Tammy Watson

“The Script Book™ and CD’s have made me much more comfortable talking with people on all levels.”

~ Vic Kalman

“Since plugging into Dani Johnson’s system, I have grown my home business from scratch to over 1,300 people.”

~ Patti LaMourey

“After I lost my home, I went to First Steps to Success and got a hold of War on Debt. Using what I learned, I paid off $12,000 in debt in 4 months and earned a substantial bonus in my real estate business.”

~ Sharon Adams

“With Dani Johnson’s training, I’ve paid off $10,000 in debt in the last month and a half! I know I will succeed in my home based business.”

~ Margaret Klassen

“Dani’s Script Book™ made it easier to prospect. The script language stopped the majority of the objections I was getting before I used it.”

~ Valerie R. Clavin

“By applying Dani’s training principles, I learned how to ‘Build a Fire.’ I returned home and called all of my business builders and before and I had 7 appointments booked.”

~ Gail Priest

“I started feeding on your Script Book™ CDs in February and March and enrolled 107 customers-from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!”

~ Debbie Tennison

“My percentages were below 30 percent, after following Dani’s Script Book™ 100%, my percentages increased to 90%…”

~ Kulwant Jutla

“Expose, Involve and Upgrade techniques has tremendously helped me in my business which allowed me to close 3 people in 2 days. The Insider Secrets CD has helped me view training my team to succeed in a whole new light and it works well when it is applied.”

~ Mary Goode

“The first time I used the Script Book™ I closed 3 out of 3 phone prospects!”

~ Ben Winans

“WOW!!! That’s about all I can say. The Script Book™ is SO EXCELLENT. Quadrupled my success rate with sponsoring. It’s fun again.”

~ Greg Montijo

“Your training helped me to become third in my company!”

~ Kristie Brown

“My first business, I made $11 my first month. One and a half years later, I plugged into Dani and made $4,000 my 1st month…”

~ Susan Arriens

“When I used Dani’s Script Book™ I was amazed and so pleased to find that I was actually able to set up follow up calls. In the past, getting a definite time for a follow up call was almost non-existent. Now I’m getting 5 out of 6…”

~ Monica Vest

“I have never experienced any triumph in Network Marketing like this.”

~ Jo Wilson

“Since using the scripts in the Script Book™ I have scheduled web casts with 90% of the prospects I have spoken with. My next step… 90% closing ratio!”

~ Coleen Bushby

“I found Dani in September and I will have replaced my income that I worked 28 years for in my other business in a little over two and one-half years…”

~ Brent Nelson

“Grass Roots information! The ‘butt kicks’ necessary to eliminate excuses. I finally understand what I am doing in this industry after 40 years.”

~ Joanne Lastanmo

“I wish I had your training 15 years ago. I’ve moved from company to company with no success. Now I finally realize the problem is not the company — it’s me. Thank you for exposing the fears that held me back!”

~ Rick Schmitt

“At first I was undecided on purchasing the Dynamic Duplication DVD’s but I cannot begin to tell you the impact they have had on me and my business. When I start to go into that comfort zone of indecision, I just pop Dani in and watch her and the energy and the belief is again in the forefront of my mind. I tell others that it is like going to a Dani Seminar on a daily basis. EVERYONE who wants to grow their business and do it faster needs to have this tool at their fingertips everyday and night. NOTHING will give you the energy and the passion instantly like watching Dani on a daily basis.”

~ Linda Cochran

“Dynamic Duplication is beneficial for anyone, even if you’re not in network marketing. It gives you the tools to show you what you can do, not only in network marketing, but also in your current job. And it helps strip away the lies we tell ourselves that we can’t do it, when we know we can.”

~ Caryl Block

“Hi Dani, I must say that, after 30 years in and out of network marketing, you are the most refreshing and inspirational trainer. I believe your nuts and bolts training is the answer to my years of struggling in MLM. You give real usable solutions.”

~ Tom Atkin

“We have seen tremendous growth in the last few weeks and I know it is because of the training we are getting from Dani. I can see things changing in all areas of our lives! Oh yeah… I have enrolled 4 new partners since my Thursday one-on-one! WOOOHOOOOO!”

~ Tina Jones

“I LOVE the Script Book™! Thank you Dani for providing such a terrific resource. I have just completed your Prospecting and Closing class, which was fantastic! I am a fairly new network marketer with a background in teaching and administration. Your approach is so easy to follow. Thank you!”

~ Nancy Intermill

“I have been in many multi-level marketing businesses over the past several years and never really understood the right approach to talking with people until hearing Dani. I felt like I got a new lease on life, and a brand new start on presenting my business to people! You are excellent. Thanks”

~ Shelly Jackson

“I have now listened to 28 sessions with Dani Johnson. Wow!!! What a speaker. She gave me information that I can actually put to use. I have paid hundreds of dollars for other gurus to tell me nothing.”

~ Ron

“I tripled my business last week with the same amount of effort.”

~ Tina Humphery

“The Script Book™ is my business bible and now I recommend it to everyone. It’s fantastic.”

~ Cornelia Doukas

“Let me just say that I could NOT have achieved the success I have so far without the use of the Script Book™. It is the very first thing everyone in my sales force is told to get.”

~ Monica Tubbs

“I think the Script Book™ is great. It has given me the confidence to speak to prospective members/business partners. It’s changing my thought process about what I’m capable of. I am sincerely grateful to my business associate for recommending you and your products.”

~ Trina Bickham

“The Script Book™ changed my business!! I had been working for about a year and was about to give up just because of people coming and going in my business. My confidence is now through the roof! My team is growing in leaps and bounds! I followed the scripts and my voice, comfort and confidence just came. It was fabulous! Now I DO the presentations, run my team meetings with many learning simultaneously and am about to hit the next level of leadership myself.”

~ Martha Smith

“The scripts work! I have been in MLM for 15 years and the scripting that Dani teaches us to use is AWESOME!!”

~ Donna McKamy

“For 11 months I groveled through leads trying to ‘convert’ the unconvertible, persuade the undeserving and allow people to waste my time. Then when a REAL prospect came along, I had no idea what to do! I NEVER ENROLLED A SINGLE COLD LEAD! After plugging into Dani’s training and Script Book™ 2 CD set (I listened to it about 20 times) I closed 2 out of 14 leads, then plugged THEM in to Dani’s training so they too could start their path to success.”

~ Kris Wood

“I am new at using scripts and I love this little book of gold. It has given me the confidence to talk to leads and be successful in delivery of information they need to hear.”

~ Catherine Adams

“I have built into my presentation the cost of acquiring the Script Book™ as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business. To quote our thoughts on it and what one of my team members just emailed me, ‘Dani Rocks!'”

~ Colleen Shea

“I no longer fear picking up the phone and making calls. I am more comfortable prospecting and talking to people. The Script Book™ scripts are cool and it is working for me.”

~ Andread Mayers

“After my First Steps To Success I went from closing 0 to bringing 8 people into my business in one week! This is real training that WORKS!”

~ Eula (Bobbie) Copeland

“You just don’t just talk about ‘Why’ you also give a lot of information on ‘HOW’. I highly recommend your training to everybody.”

~ Pari Ellis

“As a result of First Steps to Success and also listening to your Script Book™ CD’s I was able to sponsor one person shortly before I went to First Steps and one immediately after. Then I sponsored another two!”

~ Jonathan Kawamura

“I would like to thank you for these incredible tools you provide us! I just purchased the Supplemental Script Book™!! WOW! Now with this it is going to be so much easier and so much fun to prospect! I love the genealogy script and the voice message options! I know that these two Script Book™ will make my team a fortune! THANK YOU!!!”

~ Krisztina Farka

“The scripts work! I have been in MLM for 15 years and the scripting that Dani teaches us to use is AWESOME!!”

~ Donna McKamy

“I used one specific strategy to close $21,000 in business in 1 day!”

~ Shane Morand

“After purchasing your scripts and listening to your online training I began to see immediate results. From now on, everyone I sponsor must tap into your training!”

~ Carolyn Hickerson

“Awesome Training Dani!! I only had a chance to call 3 people but all have enrolled at the TOP PACKAGE!! 100% closing ratio!! WOW!! In addition without sending them to our website just a short audio sizzle call! One-Time CLOSE that’s exciting! “

~ John Pitlick

“I had made 150 calls per week, with 10% “call backs”, but no closing for 10 weeks. After using your Script Book, I closed 4 people in the 1st 3 days I used it, one was the ‘big package!'”

~ Carol King

“Prior to getting plugged in I was a traditional business owner with boat loads of debt and stress, and I worked about 60 hours a week. My priorities were all messed up. Just in the last 6 months, I have fixed my time management, re-kindled my marriage, I’ve totally reconnected with my three children, and I’ve paid off $170,000 worth of debt.”

~ Jennifer Young

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