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Why The Dani Johnson System Is So Valuable

Tonight Dani answers specific questions submitted by members that cover everything from leads, prospecting, getting your people started off on the right foot, building your business like a professional and how to grow your check exponentially now!

Topics Include:

  • What do you do when you get people into your business and they don’t do anything
  • One thing that you need to grow your business like a professional
  • Two reasons why people don’t do anything when they get started and how to motivate them to do something now!
  • How you can be sabotaging your business, how to stop and watch your business grow
  • What to do when there is dissention in your business and how get over it
  • How to handle people who cut you off before you have a chance to talk about your opportunity
  • Learn how to control the conversation from the very beginning and close a higher percentage of your prospects
  • Which leads are the best for you to build your team quickly, increasing your check immediately
  • What leads every new person should get before they do anything
  • How to motivate your people to get to work once they get started
  • How do you drive your sales force to become successful for the long haul
  • Who should you be looking for to grow your business
  • Can you build your business using the internet or instant messaging only
  • Where you can learn Dani’s plan to get out of all of your debt in 2 to 5 years

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24 replies on “Why The Dani Johnson System Is So Valuable”

Hi there – briliant sesion. I almost cant go to bed now from all the exitement and motivation for this new cereer that I’ve taken on. Dani I must compliment you on your presentation and wish you only further success and blessing for all I’m going to learn from you.

Thanks alot

Dear Dani,
thanks for being you and being dynamic, outspoken of the truth, faithful, funny, brilliantly wise and strong…..YOU ROCK!
Many blessings to you and your family,
peace and love,
Suzy Bell

Dani, I’m overwhelmed and so excited I can barely breath. I spent the rent check for May to get into my 3rd Home Based Business. I worked very hard with both of the previous ones and didn’t make the first sale. I even attempted to sell Kirby Vacuum Cleaners for about 3 months before I finally lost my house because I had been laid off from ‘the career job’ and ran out of 401K. (I know you’ve heard all this before) I cleaned a bunch of carpets for free and got pretty sick of that! I spent the last week mouse clicking for webpage hits praying for a miracle. Fear was about to overwhelm me earlier today before I found your webpage. (while I was trying to ‘study’ the product, I might add) I have been listening tonight to the ‘free’ stuff and just spent the last of the grocery money on your Prospecting and Closing book and CD’s. I’ve been to seveal other seminars, and training events and got home with no more of a clue what to say than when I started. In a little over 4 hours I feel like you have ‘given’ me the tools to actually succeed. I know there is an incredible amount more I need to learn. I am so happy to honeslty believe I’ve found a person who can teach me. I love your spirit, energy and philosophy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can you please hide this somewhere so the downline I plan to build won’t see this? Truly, thank you so much! There just aren’t words. I do plan to thank you in person. somehow God Bless YOU

Hi. I just listened to this amazing session. I was actually about to learn about working through the internet. I have just decided that it WILL definitely take a lot of time which I don’t have, so thanks for saving me those precious hours.
Ruhama Ben-David, Israel

It is great to listen to this session as l have quite a few prospects in my business and l know l have trouble closing, but just listening to what you say about asking the questions l feel that this is going to help me immensley. Thankyou Chrissy Malm, Australia

There’e never a time when I’ve listened to a Dani Johnson call that I was not filled with hope afterwards! Thanks and God’s continued blessings on you!


Help me I am not building like I should. I am stuck in a place that I do not care for. I have self esteem issues. Direct me to a training tape that will help me be the best that I can be. I know I have the vehicle that can make me very successful I just can’t get it together. Fear, self doublt is my problem I am a woman of God just can’t shake this feeling. I get so angry with myself for being this way. Help me Danny. I listen to and receive your emails and I thank you. direct me to one of your tapes that can help me. I have noone else to communicate with but you. Help Me. I am crying out for help. This is the first time I have reached out to anyone. Tracey Ray

Dear Ms. Johnson,
About your speech, please slow down by, say, 10% so that not only we can understand your words better but we’ll be able to assimilate AND retain better.
Your enthusiasm is contagious, so, that is good, very good. Thanks!

Dear Dani,
The information you provide is great and most appreciated.
I would like to make one suggestion…if I may. It would be helpful to those of us who were not privileged to be born in this country and cannot master English as well as you do…if you could SLOW DOWN. I understand that the excitement makes you go a mile a minute…but please try.

Thanks Dani-that q&a style presentation helped me examine where I need to work on my buisiness plan so I can move it into success.

Great call. The more I learn, the more I want to be successful.
Thanks Dani. See you in Atlanta in August. Ken Lewis

Thank you Dani!

Thank you a thousand times…I eat the meat and throw away the bones.
Your material and your style is informative and positive. Thank you for all the excellent and relevant information on openings, closings and controlling the conversation with potential business partners.

Again, thank you Dani!

well after listening to this audio again i ran into one of the take control people i sure did better though not for long but it was better take a win im also half way through win friends and influance people which i completely violated but i know it twenty or thirty more of these and i should be able to get through it unscathed but im definetely enlightened and can pick some things out just pactice pactice pactice

phil jones

Hi Danni,
I think you are wonderful. Every time I listen to your calls… I learn so MUCH MORE!!
My confidence has grown and I have brought 3 people to my team in 2 days!!

Thanks Danni!

Thank you for all the great training. I learned so much. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow. I will be debt free with your messages.

Thank you so much for your help!

Dear Dani,
Thank you for the great training and your insight. I can always relate to what you say and to
where I went wrong with my prospects. I am learning so much from these calls and your script
book and C.D.’s. Thanks again!

Hey Dani,
I just thought I’d write and say I love the questions and answers format on this call! It was awesome and thanks again for the information; as usual it was thought provoking and awesome!


Just a line to say your answers and question were awesome
I have realy lear a lot as a beganer thank you

Edmond schwartz

Hi, Sis Dani, I Greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ I went to Pastor Benny meeting in Matthan and heard you speak and I am instreded in getting involve in the training programs but need some help to get the program, ok may God,s grace and Peace from God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ be multply unto you in Jesus name a/men. bey now Bro Hayman.

You are the best … and have helped breathe life into my business through your very practical instruction.

Dani I think I heard this training before, but like everything from you, I couldnt stop listening and learned a new nugget the second time around. I thank God for you and your help. I have stepped up and am getting equipped. I know that God is gonna bless my efforts, because He is faithful. Thank you for remindiing us that success is a process and not a lottery ticket. I took the 30 day challenge and I am listening to Prospect and Close your way to Millions in the car everyday as I travel. My testimony is on the way, to God be all the glory! I asked for wisdom and HE delivered. Please pray for me as I pray for you and your team. God bless!

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