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Why Choose Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing and is it the right business model for you?

Topics include:

  • This call will really educate you AND your team on the industry you are involved in and you’ll see your opportunity from a completely different point of view!
  • Why the network marketing industry has more leverage than most other business models.
  • Comparative overview of what it takes to put a successful business together, traditionally.
  • Advantages of direct sales, network marketing industry as a home based business.
  • Flaws to this model.
  • Leveraging other people’s expertise and risk to maximize your personal achievement.

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25 replies on “Why Choose Network Marketing?”

I enjoyed your testimony of how you got started from nothing and had enough faith and courage to start over again. Your Sales call was enough to wake up the giant that’s in me. I’m now feeling the confidence once again to go out there and work the business and not let it work me. I want to take advantage of the outsourcing help that you give me.

If I had known about you when I started 4 years ago I would have hit the top position in my company five times over by now! This was one of the best trainings I have ever heard and I have listend to hundreds of trainings. Awesome call….

You are such an inspiration to me. The information that you gave on tonights call has given me the push that I needed to get going in my home business. I am going to stay plugged in to the calls and all the other information that you offer on the website so that I can stay motivated and achieve my goals.
Thank you soo much!!!
Kim, from Florida

This was the first time I listened to you and I loved your storey. I signed up back in Feb. and really have not done to much but after hearing you I think I will do more if not to make money but to help others. So here goes everything. Thank you very much. Terry RSD Calif.

You know its funny that the topic of this call was about massive acceeration. I recently just set new goals for my business and I have definatly been wondering how I was going to get to those goals all through out this week and the ones beyond them. And, I recently just came out of a local business event that was held on saterday. All I know is, God is GREAT, and HE has blessed me, my Business and my future family with Dani and Hauns Johnson.

What a Powerful Call!

Zach Stringer

HI Dani,

All I can say is I can’t wait to meet you in person! Your engery is incredible and your ability to get a point or a story across is amazing. This was my first call to be a part of and I am truly blessed by your gifts to give to the masses of people the truth of the business skills that you have been given and developed along your journey here on earth. I will be in Atlanta, GA and God will make a way! Keep doing what you do Dani, because your gifts have truly made a way for you and now you are letting them make a way for others.



thank you Dani I just siend up for promember befor the call i hope to get my business go to the tap,I am EXIDET TO WORK WTH YOU FOR A BETTER FUTIOR……..
Sencerly ,Henry

Hi Dani,
I started using your video leads a month ago and I haven’t got one person signed up and there not answering when I call back. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I have your script book and I do exactly what it says. People sound interested and want me to call back and then there gone. I have been listening to all of your calls in the audio vault for a few months now. I just ordered the NC cd’s and I enrolled in your August closing class. I have to get my passport before I can go to the states for any live training. That is taking forever now.What can I do with what I got now to excellerate my business. I can not go to first step to success now. I know you keep saying we have to do this to be successful but I have borrowed all the money that I have spent on all of this so far plus leads from another vender.
I look forward to hear from you
Carol Atwood

Hi Dani,
Thank -You. I am working on my excuses. Your great.
Success Comes in Cans, not in Cannots!
Have a good day.

OMg (Oh My gosh!) All your training is so awesome. I have been plugging away at this business for 2 yrs. now and not going any where. Okay well, I got to the first level by asking favors from my ‘warm market’. I so totally exhausted that avenue, and lost more than 1/2 of those that did the favor because I couldn’t direct them to adequate training. So I said “Enough!” Started back listening to you, and “Wow!” I have a new frame of mind. OMg I have a plan now. “What?” A system to follow, to send my new line (that I still have to develop) to for adequate training. Duh, who would have thought to use the power of someone’s own desire as leverage to move them off their tuff. I can’t thank you enough. What’s your address, I’m going to send you my package on me. Okay J/K (Just Kidding). I can’t afford it, LOL. Thank you so much and God bless.

Wow! You covered the missing ingredients! I’m so encouraged and now, I’m totally excited to start talking to everyone! I don’t ever want to miss a call…Thanks and may the Lord bless you for sharing with all of us!


Wow! Thanks!! My team has been talking about getting into massive activity, now you have given me the tools to do this. I’ll see you in Atlanta!!!

Dani!! Thank-you for your Mind Set!! Positive thinking and Celebrate your success is a great tool!!! These call’s are great!! I can’t wait to beable to go to a first steps to success seminar!!! thank-you again!!

Sincerely,julie nelson

I just listened to your acceleration and wealth live recorded call. Oh my gosh, I learned so much. I really appreciate your frankness and will use these skills to create my business.
Thanks so much,
Cynthia R

The three meeting step is wonderfully done. Steps four and five are right on. I am very thankful that you shared this today.

Peace and jioy,
Jim Dean

This message is for Carolyn Atwood. I am responding to your comment. I don’t know where you are from, but I am in Canada, and was wondering how I was going to get to Atlanta without a passport. (yes they are taking forever). Keep working on getting them.

Anyway, I have found out that we can drive across the border with only our birth certificates. That is what I am doing. It’ll take me 15 hours to get there non-stop, but I will be in Atlanta for First Step! Hope to see you all there!

Bright Blessings!


Thank’s Dani,
I needed to hear the contrast between traditional & networking busniess.
My team will hear this too.
God Bless Bob J.

Thank for your message courage me a lot. I came from Taiwan , weekday
work for insurance Co. Weekend busy for service Lord…. etc. Part time for home business. I started the home business 10 months ago, Listen your CD when I driving, You are my good friend. I learn English from ESL
,Thank Lord’s lead – my family & I immigration to America.
I hope my future – became a full time home business woman.
May Lord bless you & your family.


Great reminder for those of us who need a shot in the arm from time to time on why we got into our businesses in the first place! Also a great informative call for those who are looking into the industry!

Dani johnsons calls lit a fire under me that I needed. Thank you again. I know that I can succeed because of these calls. I will be sending all my team members to these calls
Thank you again

If you want knowledge about business, is the place.
I have learned more about business in a short time then in thirty years.
Dani and Hans Johnson, God bless you. And may God use you to make a big difference in the marketplace.


dear dani johnson my name is artie i love listing to you.iam thinking about the health/weight management industry.iam thinking of starting as a distributor for the for i like what i see. i will let you know how it go’s thanks for all you do…artie

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