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Vital Information That Can Explode Your Business

Tonight Dani gives answers to specific questions about Prospecting reading directly from her Script Book. Dani role plays with some of her group coaching students and critiques some of the common mistakes that most people make when prospecting. This call is packed with vital information that can explode your business this month!

Topics include:

  • What can never be taken away from you, no matter what circumstance you are in
  • Common mistakes people make when reading Dani’s Script Book
  • What skill do you need to have people want to be a part of your team
  • How to increase your numbers and have a better show-up ratio
  • How do you create an eager want in your prospect?
  • One word that can change the response of your prospects
  • Specific scripts you can use to maximize your prospecting ratios immediately
  • How one person increased their closing ratios 2 times in just 2 weeks!
  • How not to sell and at the same time increase your results massively

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4 replies on “Vital Information That Can Explode Your Business”

Hi Dani,

Thank you, thank you for standing up. I have started in a small way in South Africa with 4 other teachers to teach people about financial freedom. Then I realised that even though I am teaching I was still pulled by the cultural myths instead of the Father Heart of God regarding money. Hubby and I have put our house on the market to get out of our credit card debt. We saw you on Benny Hinn. I could not believe my ears, what you are doing has been a prayer in my heart for many years. Then you also said you sold your house. God is calling up a generation to show people His Father Heart. Thank you for giving me the skills and inspiration to do what I have been called to do. We use the “Willow Creek Financial Freedom teaching ” here that is also wonderful.

Bless you and Hans for the wonderful work you do. My prayer is to also give 90% and live on 10%


Hi I am new to this home base business stuff, but I know the God above has hooked me up with Dani..She is awesome..The conquering freedom cd is a must for everyone….

My upline asked me to listen to one call a day. I did, starting moments after I read her e-mail. I know I have a lot to learn, but making a conscience choice to make this my profession and be successful through learning specific skills really struck home. Thank you.

i am bernice scott and i can’t wait until i am able to bring in just one person from my 40th leave, and i will be very happy. i know that there is something that i am doing wrong. please help. bernice scott

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