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Unlocking Long-term Residual Income

Why understanding the many components of your business model are the keys to unlocking long term residual income!

Topics include:

  • Understanding your business model and the expose, involve and upgrade process
  • 5 primary methods to expose your business
  • 5 steps of building your business
  • Where to spend your time in each step
  • The one crucial step to keeping your people motivated and activated in their business
  • What to do if you have been missing that step
  • How to use a proven training and support system and integrate it into your presentations for higher signup ratios and minimizing attrition (drop out) rates
  • How to maximize the concept of duplication using a free system that is proven and works
  • The 2 styles to building a home business
  • How to build the customer base STRONG – for long range stability and residual income
  • 5 types of reps that make up your business, why each one is critical to your success
  • How not to stress your part timers out of your business
  • How to build the safety net for your business, what to do with the people who say “NO” or “I want to think it over” in your business.
  • How to plug into the battery charger on a weekly and monthly basis to stay on TOP and more!


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3 replies on “Unlocking Long-term Residual Income”

WOW!! your story was almost like I to dident go through 4 boring years school. I am doing someing so diferent the I would do. I am trying this for the first time. I would like to ching things in my life. So I hope I can do it. And learn and gorw. thanks melissa Detota

Thanks again Dani! I firmly believe, having listened to thousands of hours of other trainers both in and outside my company (live and on CD / DVD), that one only needs listen to 1 of these FREE audio’s in this vault to realize (if they’re totally honest with themself) that to deny referral to you is equivalent to theft. You cover so stinking much (beginner and advanced knowlege) that it’s,… well,.. unbelievable! Rock on sister! See you at the top. Better yet,.. see you with my team at the next “First Steps”. Sincerely, Scott Common

Dani I want to thank you for these Calls, I cannot wait to get to First Steps. I tune in to many of your calls and Free Training, I get so much out of each of them. Sometimes I think your talking to Me. I own your script books and love them..I also look forward to your all your Monday night Training, Thanks for recording them ~
I love you Dani and tell everyone I talk to about you..I really respect your strengh and how You “say it like it is” … And you have helped me dream again!

God Bless You
Judy Mallard

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