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Success Tips & Testimonials From First Steps To Success, Los Angeles CA, September 2009

In this broadcast, JP interviews some of our most successful clients sharing their top secrets to success in home business. Listen as they demonstrate how they’ve applied Dani’s training and principles to break through their biggest fears, problems and challenges to create profits!

Topics Include:

  • Discover how Matt went from being stressed out and losing sight of his dreams to regained his confidence and in 30 days made $3,000
  • Find out the secret that a long-haul truck driver used to go from not being able to enroll anyone to enrolling 6 people in 48 hours
  • Vincente didn’t know how to get his folks to move to the next level until he did this, then he doubled his numbers
  • Michelle sold two houses last year, and changed this one thing and has sold 40 houses since January
  • Uncover the tip that Hugh used to triple his business

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5 replies on “Success Tips & Testimonials From First Steps To Success, Los Angeles CA, September 2009”

GREAT call tonight…its my first one I’ve attended. I haven’t attended any events & have just recently been introduced to her & the training/tools. Wow what GREAT info.
I jotted down a fantastic notes from the call tonight; thank you for hosting it.
I will be watching the emails for the exciting news. I am looking @ the calendar (knowing bills are due in 2 wks) & feel very much like she did when she broke & needed a financial miracle! Praise God for her testimony that gives hope that truely – with God – “ALL things are possible!”
Believing the Best is Yet to Come

I love the analogy of the information you receive at First Steps being “like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” There is so much information given by Dani that quenches our thirst for knowledge…I know that I will be attending many more!!
If you aren’t sure if this is for you, I all can say is that you will not be disappointed in what you learn. Any occupation, any age, any level of experience can all benefit greatly from First Steps! Make the investment in yourself!

I was listening to some clip where someone asked if it is better to attend the seminar or buy cd;s and Dani said the is a difference eg the difference being on a rollecoster and hearing about it it is the experience that;s counts but I am in South Africa and I can only buy CD’s and books.

Hi Lerato

I live in the UK and like you I’ve been listening to Dani’s CDs, but I had the amazing good fortune to attend First Steps to Success and whilst the CDs are fantastic there is absolutely no substitute to being part of a live training with Dani, she not only gives outstanding value for money in fact she gives her all – her genius, ability, energy and stamina can only be a gift from God, in her own strength I do not think that what she gives would be humanly possible. Whatever your circumstances I would encourage you to make it your goal to see Dani live – attending First Steps was a life changing experience and you don’t know what you don’t know until you attend this training. I just know you’ll find a way. Trish Brock-Morgan

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