Expose Pro Members Prospecting

Strategic Keys To Effective Marketing

Topics Include:

  • What every prospect looking for and how you can give it to them
  • What are you marketing and how you know if it is what you should be marketing
  • Are you an amateur or professional in growing your business – which one makes you more?
  • What are people impressed with the most from you?
  • Where you can send your team to learn specific direction about how to go to work
  • What are you really promoting and is it growing your check?
  • How to know if you are overloading your new people with information and what it could be doing to your organization
  • Where a brand new person can go to get started and learn how to earn a profit in 48 hours!
  • Where you can direct a new prospect to experience success immediately

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31 replies on “Strategic Keys To Effective Marketing”

Wow, what a primer for L.A.!

Well for my entire life I am a 3 – ready to succeed for myself, trying back then, and now being aptly supplied with the true foundation for results. Thank you Dani for cutting to the quick, getting us focused on just what the client wants. So often they tell us but we don’t listen; we know that’s the reason God gave us 2 ears and one mouth! I’ve been refining this very issue prior to the call, but you’ve given me the meat cleaver again to cut the fat. Can’t wait to see you Saturday!
-Bill Alley
Norwich CT

I can hardly wait until tomorrow so I can hear your entire training call. Unfortunately, I missed the first 1/2 hr. but what I did hear was absolutely phenomenal! You’re the best, Dani!!! I’m on the move now!!!!

Dani, tonight’s call left me with lots of Ah Ha’s. I’ve never been in a leadership position, but now that I’m building my empire, I’m slowly learning from you how to motivate my team and train them without going down any “bunny trails.” My people skills are increasing immensely due to your Monday night calls. I’ll see you this weekend in LA.

Not enough thanks,


Dani, your lectures are like a never ending river of fresh moving water. There is enough for everyone to drink and get satisfaction. Thank you

Tonight’s call was sooo key. I’ve been in situations where I was approached by people on my team about different challenges they had. I never knew what to say! So, I never said anything and just let them vent. I always felt like an idiot when it came to coaching my team. Tonight’s call along with other Dani Johnson training, has totally changed that. Dani, thank you for being obedient to the Creator when he told you to start this training company!

The call to night was specific and dynamic. It really hit home with me. It just makes everything so clear to me in my business. I am so looking forward to coming to L.A. this weekend. If will make my 4th Dani event. My business is growing and it is because of the First Steps to Success system and Mon. calls like this one. Thank you Dani and Hans Looking forward to seeing you in L.A.

I am hearing it for the “first” time — MY PRODUCT is providing the way for others to find satisfaction. Look for the dissatisfaction and and meet that need. WOW! I’ll see you in LA.

Thank you Dani! This was an amaizing call! I have been caught up in the training details of our company! This is so amaizing how you point out specific things and it always applies to my business/life. See U this weekend!

WOW! Dani you are a modern day Moses leading a new group of Israelities to the promised land! You truly are one of his chosen and is so amazing how you follow God’s call. I feel like one of the baby Israelities but I want to see the vision and believe like Joshua and Caleb. I have many strongholds but I am coming to Los Angeles expecting–expecting many fears to be dissolved replaced by lighted paths across the flooded Jordan River to find the giant grapes!

Tonight’s call was like a rocketship…what I say…my mouth directing what the prospect hears; “what is confusing is unattainable”; “I am not a volunteer counselor…makes no $$;
“I am marketing results and satisfaction back into a persons life.” I thought that I was marketing people.
The impact from your statement, “Nothing is specific until it becomes dynamic. All these nuggets and tons more….on the call. I am getting this “being hungry” Dani….it hit me today. I want RESULTS!!!!!! NOW~~~~
I drew the line in the sand today.
I CAN & I AM…Thank you for you calling and being obedient with your DIVINE MISSION.

As a physician just getting involved with marketing,this is the best marketing university for me.This is very practical.
God gives you more momentum to raise more millionaires to make an impact to humanity.

Hi hans & Dani
i’m on every monday night’s call awsome call i’m working live leads using Dani scrept i have her first book &cd waiting for her last upgraded version been waiting for over 4 weeks hope it comes in soon slow coming to canada

Perer Babineau

I am having a hard time starting a new home based travel business and mortgage business. I enjow both of these careers and would love one of them to do very well, especially the home based business.
I just need some ideas and directives on how to make these business do very well – but I have no more cash to invest until something comes out of these jobs so I can turn it over. HELP ME PLEASE

Great call – can’t wait to see you guys in Los Angeles this weekend. Dani, you are the greatest. I want to thank you personally for all that you have contributed to Children’s Village in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho as well. Love, Carol

Hi Dani: First time on the Monday call. I am really impressed. I am in the “overwhelmed” category…therefore no results with my home-based business.
After hearing this call, I am still confused…Isn’t it “overwhelming” all these training calls that we should take before we approach anyone (calls suggested by our companies are plenty and same on your website). I am not a professional “yet” but it seems to me that all this training time could be well used in prospecting and learning as it goes! Bottom line: training calls can be overwhelming too! Too many…not enough time. Don’t know how to keep it simple in this area. So much to learn!

God bless you and Hans! Thanks.
Diane Smit

You’re right, this was powerful stuff. For me, it was another way of saying ABC, Always Be Closing….if you’re concentrating on ABC, the only way you can close is to know what the customer wants. In order to do that, you have to ask what many feel are intrusive questions, but if you’re focused on ABC, you’re not there to chat. So, you have to ask those questions up front, so you know what their problem is — how else can you provide the solution? Also, since sales is really a numbers game, there’s no time to chat, so you have to maximize your time by closing and moving on to the next successful close. Also, many may not be aware that once money is discussed, and you are about to close, he/she who speaks first buys it! So, be prepared to cultivate the careful and useful art of carefully listening to your customer. Dani, you did a spectacular job of it last night. Additionally, I also liked your enthusiam! Thanx, it really helps to hear it again.

I have not been able to focus on all the information that you have sent me by e-mail because of tests and preparation for a heart proceedure surgery for May 29th.
However I was impressed with the information given by Dani on how your directing someone down a path from disatisfaction to satisfaction. This is going to be a big focus impovement for us.

Hi Dani,
It hurts me to hear you assume that some (green and ignorant) people will not like you, that some will not like your voice, that some will not like the message they need to hear. Should you even mention these people? Maybe focus on the people who love and appreciate you, your voice, your enthusiasm, your message. Let God worry about the others. I need and l-o-ve- your message, your voice, your dynamic energy. I can’t get enough.
I wish you the very best of health and money $$$$$$
Cheryl McElligott.

Hi Dani, I am very new at a Home bussiness idea that I find it very nerve racking on where to start when I meet people. Listing to your phone conversation tonight was indeed inspiring and put some questions to rest and gave me ideas on how to start getting some results. Thank- you Dani and I will keep you posted on my progress.

I thought this was so cute, I told my director and she said PLEASE tell Dani about it. My 5 year old grandson was with me when I put on a Dani Johnson video, since he could not find a place to sit he went to the kitchen brought in a stool sat down and watched the whole thing !! He was totally taken in by her, the way she talked etc. etc., Hey… this girl is fantastic !!!!! When she can get a 5 year old to watch her and not move
you know she’s got it !!!

Hi Dani,

Hearing your voice in my room at 2o’clock in the morning encouraged me a lot. I cannot wait to share these valuable informations to my bussines partners. I pray that God will keep you humble as you pass on your life experiences to others. This is a blessed way to give even to those you do not know.

I’ am truly blown away with what it is that you do for people just like myself on a regular basis. I love your energy and the drive that you have in helping sooooo many people. I can truly not get enough, i myself have just started in this business and i have many strongholds but, my focus if for my kids being a single mom of two. I have my goals set and my drive is really high and if i want this bad enough i’m sure i can do this. Unfortunately i will not beable to make it out to march’s first steps to sucess because of my current financial situation and just starting in this business like i said. I really wanted to make it out, i’m looking so forward to meeting you. I do hope to make it out next month. THANKS for the motivation that you have blessed me with. I look forward to hearing more of your amazing calls. Thanks again and god bless!

Oh my goodness, I just feel so blessed to be able to hear this valuable training information. Due to my current lack of
finances, I will not be able to attend this weekend seminar. I know I’m going to really miss some valuable information during March Madness. I know I really need to be there. I need to hear that info about paying off debt and taking better control of my finances. I want God to say well done thy good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you a ruler over many. This was my 2nd time listening in. We are blessed to have you Dani and Hans. May God Bless You And All That You Do. Thanks Again

Hi Hans, guess this is a question for you. We are so loving Dani’s calls and gleaning so much to put into practical action. we are having a problem with the player kept stopping at 11minutes and 42 seconds It would not continue. Is there any other way to acess this call as I know the time is almost out for this week. Really appreciate your help here. We have been using the recording as it runs live in the middle of our calling time, here in Australia. What a journey you have given us so much.
Sincere thanks
ajoe and Kathryn

Hi Dani. I finally made sure I had a chance to listen to this call today (3/19) before it disappears later tonight! What a wonderful call. I took lots of notes since I had seen the comments and realized there was going to be some great, basic stuff. There was. You are a woman after my own heart — details, but keep it simple and straightforward! Can’t wait to put into practice the focus that you have talked about. My heretofore un-appropriately focused businesss approach will definitely turn professional. And I am so looking forward to making a business REALLY work for the first time in my life. I have 100% belief in my company and product — what I haven’t believed in is me — and you have given me a reason to be optimistic for the first time in YEARS. Now don’t worry that I heard the call late — I could not have attended Los Angeles anyway. But the things you gave me through this call, the things on your site, and the things I learn through great mentors in my chosen company can only serve to launch me forward.
Thank you from a VERY grateful heart!

Oh my word, Dani…This training call just reviewed my latest Relationship Marketing horror story. If only the CEO of the company I was working for had heard this call about 3 weeks ago, he may not have argued with me to the point of my quitting my distributorship.

It was a very difficult decision for me make, but after policies had been broken, and having left me an orphan in an organization who had no plans of supporting me I ended up quitting just so I can rejoin the same company in 5 more months and find an orgranization who shares my values, my passion and most of all my integrity for working a home-based business.

Am I still hurt? Most definitely – but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m going to be attending the seminar in LA this weekend and my dream is to return home with a load of baggage lifted from shoulders.

May God Bless you, Dani, for always knowing when to say the right thing. How do you do that??


Thank you, Thank you for showing me that it is that simple. I plan to follow these simple steps to get the results. The power of being positive and and enthusiastic are a huge key for me. I plan to be specific and not overwhelme.
And when I suceed I will be at one of your events


I am in a party plan home based business. I have been out of sales for about 13 years. I did very well many years ago in sales. But I hadn’t used the skills, so I had lost my skills in sales. But after listening to Dani, Several times a week, I have been in my party plan for over a year now. The first 6 months I failed miserably. But my aunt handed me the Dani johnson CD, on excuses. The last 6 months I have done very well. I haven’t arrived yet, but I am well on my way. I just won a trip to Greece. I also live in a very rural area 37% unemployment rate. Years ago, when I was in sales, I lived in a thriving city. If I can grow from nothing to a trip winner in 6 months anyone can. I give all the credit to GOD. But I know he introduced me to Dani, and the knowledge I have gained, has helped me win this trip. He used you Dani, to help me get my confidencs back and perfect my skills. Thanks Dani. GOD BLESS YOU! Becky Baldwin Louisa Ky.

Wow! Absolutely Brilliant! This call is amazing! I listened to it twice Dani and Hans. You have made me realise my focus should be purely on results not money, company or products or my personal views/waffle.

Bringing results from my products and becoming more client specific will be my connective focus.

With much admiration and appreciation.

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