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Starting Your New Rep – Duplication Begins Here

The term “residual income” is thrown around loosely in the Home Business world but few actually experience it. One major key to momentum, duplication and long-term stability in your home-based business is to develop people on your team who will do better than you. Once you have in place at least 10 legs with reps that can produce the same or even better results than you can, you now have the makings of a multi-million dollar enterprise. In this article, I will show you how to get that process started.

In a typical large corporation, your skill increases as you move up the ladder. Most home business builders do not initially possess the skill to develop other people nor do they have the ability to start someone properly. In the following scenario, I have just enrolled Bob after a business presentation to join my marketing team and I am taking him to the very next step.

Bob is excited to get his business off the ground as he awaits my direction. This is what I tell him, “Bob, I’m looking for a project for the month, someone who is deadly serious about building a dynamic business. I will be building an organization and a paycheck with this person. If you are willing to carry your 50 bricks, I will definitely carry mine and together we will carry the whole load to build this business we are in.”

“I’m going to give you some steps and when you follow through on those, I will give you some more steps. Our goal is to build you a clientele and make you some money within the next 48-72 hours.  First, we need to begin your training. The Home Business Audio Training Vault at has over 50 hours of training available for you.”

“Listen to at least an hour a day of this training and you will be equipped to move your business forward. Start by listening to the call dated August 29, 2005. The next step is to watch the short video. When I talk to you tomorrow I’m going to ask you what you learned from the call and video.”

When your new rep demonstrates that he is teachable and will follow directions, you proceed with OJT, On The Job training and strongly recommend that he purchases the foundational sales tools and registers for the next live event. The people on your team who follow these simple steps will be the ones with the most results in the shortest amount of time. Get this process started with all of your new reps and watch your business skyrocket!

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Now that your website has changed, with the affiliate page three mp3s and then the CFI network, how does the new person find, for example , the Aug 29th 2005 audio mentioned in the script book?i am not sure how to direct people.

Does this video come with a short video? This article suggested sending our new rep to a short video after listening to the call, but I don’t see a video there.

Please help! What is the name of the video our newly rep should be watching?

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