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Secrets To Leaving Effective Voicemail Messages

You just purchased some fresh home based business leads and it amazes you how many prospects are not there when you call. People aren’t calling back when you leave a voicemail message and you feel like you’ve wasted your time and money. Let me show you a foolproof voicemail message that makes prospects want to call you back right away.

You’re excited about the advertising campaign you just invested in and, as the leads come in, you start dialing, looking for the next Network Marketing superstar to join your team. Every time the voicemail picks up you get this sinking feeling because you’ve heard many times that people won’t call you back when you leave a message. You can choose not to leave a message and try calling back at different times or you can work smarter by leaving a message that compels prospects to call you back immediately.

The number one most important key when leaving a message is that you do not sound like a stranger. We have a concept that we teach called “friends first” which means that we begin ANY conversation whether in person or recorded in a friendly way. This requires that you have the same posture and body language as if you were talking to a friend. When you call one of your buddies and say, “hey Bob, what’s up? Give me a call, I gotta tell you something, bye,” you don’t sound like a stranger. I would leave a message for a prospect in the very same way. However which way I lead that conversation is how they will respond to it.

The 2nd key when leaving a message is not to come across as a salesperson. You are not talking to a machine. You are actually talking to a live person that’s going to listen to your message. Just because you are in a business that markets products or services does not mean that you suddenly become a telemarketer when prospecting. How many telemarketers do you call back when they leave a message?

The 3rd key is to actually call yourself and leave a message. You can practice this using one of my well-known voicemail scripts, leave a message listen to your message and ask yourself, “Would I call me back?” You’ll know within the first ten seconds whether you would call back or not. You only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression and to create and eager want in the prospect to call you back. 

If the prospect responded to a company specific advertisement then you would want to include your company’s name in the message. If the advertisement was non-company specific, then it’s best to leave the company name out. For this example, your ad is general home business and does not mention your company’s name. Here’s what your message will sound like, “Hi Bob, this is Dani. I’m calling you back to get you the information you requested. I’ve been with the company for a few weeks and I’ve already made a thousand dollars. We’re doing some pre-screening interviews right now because there’s a lot of work on our part in establishing somebody in a home based business. So, if you are serious go ahead and give me a call back. I’ll get you that information and we’ll see if you have the qualities of the type of person we’re looking for. At that point we’ll decide if we are going to work together. My phone number is …

This message is simple and highly effective in getting cold market lead prospects to call you back. Put this and my cold market prospecting script into play and watch these prospects eat out of your hands and join your Home Based business immediately. Last thing to remember is that the more people you call, the more you enroll and the faster your home business grows!

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I have not tried this yet, because I’m just reading it for the first time. I can tell that this is highly effective and I will be using this asap as well as passing on to my team. Thanks so much for all of the insight you continue to share with all of us out here.


I can tell you that it does work. it gets peoples attention whereas a a normal script with the name of the company in it turns the person off immediately. Try it and let me know what you think. I’ll look for your reply.

Where is the best place to get purchase quality leads? Don’t they need to have gone to your website to be able to say that you are calling them back to give them some information they requested?

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