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Secrets To Building Rapport

Tonight Dani tells you secrets to building rapport, increasing trust and gaining the confidence of others. This call hits the core of your everyday business and everything in it. You cannot miss this call!



Topics Include:

  • Learn the art of building rapport to increase your business team exponentially
  • Steps into increasing your customer loyalty
  • How do you find out what your prospects want?
  • Increase your closing ratios NOW
  • Learn how to handle conflict better, which in turn increases your success rate
  • How to turn your excitement into dollars
  • What will not bring more people into our business – what will bring it down fast?
  • Three specific ways to build trust in potential business partners
  • One skill to improve to be successful in all aspects of life
  • Who you attract into your business and how to attract everyone else
  • How to get people to show up for the follow-up call

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12 replies on “Secrets To Building Rapport”

Great lesson on the importance of letting your prospect tell you what they want so you can fill their need. Thank you.

To establish a great relationship with anyone and the skill to listen to there needs, to know there strength, and goals. Thank you Dani.

This was Awesome. We learned a lot. This built great confidence for our next prospecting call. You gave us lots of energy.

We are so looking forward to the next trainings.

Thank you so much for what you provide for us all.

It’s unreal, when you think your listening but really your not.
I have a bad habit of my mind wondering off.
Thanks dani.

Hi Dani,

great stuff I can apply right now. Getting a step by step roadmap is what we need. Thanks for sharing, you’ve got another fan in the Netherlands (Europe). Have a great day.

Thank you again Dani. It was good to be reminded of the importance of developing and maintaining listening skills.

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