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Secrets On Building A Retail Business And More!

Topics include:

  • First, recap on last weeks goal call and a quick
    shot in the arm from Dani.
  • Making 2005 your best year ever.
  • Dealing with discouragement.
  • How to get out of your situation.
  • 4 keys to foundation of building a retail business.
  • Tapping into the warm market goldmine.
  • 4 tips to market and expose your products.
  • Ideas for conversation starters.
  • Getting others to expose your products and brochures for you.
  • Example of a billion dollar exposure method you are probably over looking.
  • Followup tips, how and when to follow-up.
  • Secrets to building long-term loyalty.
  • The quickest most simple approach to get your business off the ground and more!

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8 replies on “Secrets On Building A Retail Business And More!”

I ask that you pray for me that I be all that God created me to be like you I have a trouble with low self esteem, low self worth and etc. I ask God to give me a inner healing I struggle with my inner self. Thank You.

Hello Dani,
I ask you to pray for myself and my son Alex who has Autism, I am a single mom and that we stay healthy and that I will have the financial freedom needed to care for my son and myself since we dont get any child support due to the non-custodial parent’s lying to the courts about having a disabiliity. My son has a disability and not once have we used it to get over on anyone and never will. I know that God will help me find my way to financial freedom but a prayer from you would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks Dani!

Hi , Dani , I believe in my products, but i need help getting started. I’V been in the business for only five month, only enrolling to people, i’m doing something wrong. please help me.

Hi Ronial,
I often feel like you do but just keep going. Do not quit. If you enrolled one person you can enroll another. Keep practicing. Work on your goals. How many do you want to enroll, what are your financial goals? Write them down. Check out the strangest secret. It tells you how to write out your gaols. Best wishes,

I think you are a terrific person and God has blessed you with all the knowlege to help others. I would like to get out of finanical debt but I am most worried about my son and my oldest daughter’s debt. My son has over $30,000 in credit card debt and is going thru a divorce which will put him in more financial stress due that he will be paying bills with one income instead of two along with child support. Do you have any suggestion for a part time internet business that he can do on the side to make more income or any kind of suggestions. My daughter on the other hand has debt because he had tripplet boys and one has cerebral palsy. She has 2 car payments , house payment and credit cards she used to buy tripple of everything when they were born. She buys most of their clothes at yardsales. She does have a business call Beauty control but she has problems with people keeping their appointments. Any suggestions. I hope you are having a great day and God Bless you even more for all the help you give people.

I hope Dani would approve but my suggestion would be to ask people to test a product that you would like to sell more of . Say ” I am looking for people to test some of my products for 3-5 days and answer a survey about how you feel the products work. After the 3-5 day return the products” Is this something you can do? Most people will try anything for free but then they like it and end up buying it as well.

I have been listening to your calls and recorded calls for over a year. This last call I listened to twice. I missed your first steps to success when you were in Minnesota in 2006. I had just started networkmarketing. I have worked for 34 years as a surgical tech, I reached a management position with an income just a little over sixty a year. Then along came new upper management in the hospital, and my job was illiminated. It was life changing experience for me to say the least. I have tried networking in years before, selling product and home parties. I liked it but it was hard to keep the momentum going for myself. I am networkmarketing again, I want to be successful more than anything. This call was very helpfull. I will make it to first steps to success!

Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us who are shy =) My passion is be fit and healthy for life and help others do the same…. I believe in my product and services, but it’s so hard to get people to commit… I want to put your advice into practice and pray that my business will soon start to bloom.

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