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Revolutionize Your Business Mindset

Subjects: On this call, Dani answers many questions that have been submitted by members. The info on this call will help your business now!


Just some of what’s covered:

  • How to get your business going FAST when you first start.
  • How to open a new area and what to say to attract people.
  • How to peak a prospects curiosity and what questions to ask.
  • How to start over and succeed.
  • Mindset when working an old lead or contact list.
  • How to get people started properly so they succeed and you continue to grow.
  • How to leverage the 3 areas of your business.
  • What to say when your prospects say, “I can’t afford it.”
  • How to approach someone without sounding sleazy.
  • How to approach your warm market when you’ve tried many different opportunities already.

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1 reply on “Revolutionize Your Business Mindset”

great training once again

A person like myself can desire,want,need and even pay for
knowledge but if it’s the wrong info;a life is wasted until
As God said to Job “Who is this that darkens council By words without knowlege”

It never ceases to amaze the skill set that one needs and
can aquire to be a life success in this arena or any other

Thank you Dani for your heart and passion for speaking with words with knowledge.

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