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Quick Profits – 5 Steps to Start New People Right

Tonight Dani talks about a simple and easy way to start your new people so they are earning a profit within 72 hours! Dani role plays live with others who have experienced amazing success using these same steps. Hear specific scripts on how to handle almost every objection and get your new people to work immediately, increasing your check and theirs!

Topics Include:

  • What one thing can help you increase the number of people who show up for a presentation?
  • Exactly what to do to get your new person making money in the first 72 hours
  • How to increase your retention rate by helping your brand new person reach their goals?
  • How important it is to immunize your new person and what will happen if you don’t
  • Specifically what you can do with your new person that will increase your check that month
  • How you can use the one thing that prospects are interested in to achieve a 90% closing ratio!
  • Why most new people don’t go to work and how you can get your new people to go to work now!
  • Who you should be focusing on in your team and why this can explode your check!

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9 replies on “Quick Profits – 5 Steps to Start New People Right”


How can anyone miss even one of your calls – each one is filled with information that can be used daily in all areas of life. The points you talked about: Immunize, Remind, Believe, Encourage and Don’t Focus on those who are whining but focus on those who are doing is powerful! God Bless you for sharing out of your heart and for encouraging and praying for our daugher this monring. See you in Baltimore with a team.

My life is almost in same camparison to the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness” I’ve been fighting up stream, through road block after road block, but for some reason…I find you and the Lord pulling me to break through in becoming the person He has always desired for me to be.

You are my sister in Christ and business partner for life Dani, and eternity. 🙂

Nick Terziski

That was the fastest 73 min. I have lived through. Dani hearing about you and listening to you is no coincidence. I will be that person.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dani and company! I knew that there was an easier way to do this! I have been searching for it! When Sharon Gold told us about your website I was thrilled and I signed up right away as a free member. I have also bought the Script Book & Cds and love them. I can’t wait to go to your First Steps To Success Seminar! Now all I have to do is find the money to get there. Thank you for your Monday night calls. I love listening to your advise and am looking forward to next week.

Best wishes for you and yours,
Stacy MacDonald

Write your schedule and control the day
Encouragement your clients
Tell your clients the story about the restaurant and
insist on plugging them into Monday night and the getting
started site.
See you in Maryland at First Steps to Success
Thank you Dani and Hans God Bless you

Hi Dani,

I enjoyed your call tonight. I am Christine from Riverside, Illinois, and I have listened to your calls for over 2 years now and have purchased your script book. I think you are an awesome woman and I am inspired to go out and do great works like you have. You have taught me some great things and I would like to be able to share them with the masses. What a great way to serve God. My son listens to you also. He is almost 14 – on April 14th!!! He thinks you are the greatest and he actually listens to your audio CD’s with me and listens to your calls on Monday nights. He is wanting to have his own business also. He likes the idea of being able to help others and make the best of life for himself and others. I plan on seeing you at one of your visits – when will you be coming to the Chicago area again??? Thanks, Dani. Take care.


That call was phenominal.Thanks for all the help and info I received from you just for being a pro-member.I am sending this comment all the was from Barbados in the caribbean

I just ordered a script book and the bonus offers and I know God has given me and my wife this opportunity and we will because of the training we are listing to and the tools we already are going to receive, suceed in this Home based Business .

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