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Q&A and Live Role Playing on Prospecting, Closing, Duplication, Time Management and More!

On this training audio, Dani spends over 1 full hour answering questions live from business builders just like you. If you have ever struggled with managing your time, prospecting, or closing, then this call is for you! Listen to this call today to get the answers you need to build a successful business!

Topics Include:

  • How will the economy affect how your business, and how to get the most out of what is happening today
  • Overcome your phone fear and make your dials effortlessly
  • How to balance your time spent between prospecting and training your team for the greatest return on your time
  • What activity makes you money, and how to avoid the ones that don’t
  • How to take your team from "trying" to "doing" without having to do it all yourself
  • Master luke-warm market and situational prospecting with these simple steps
  • How to know if you are setting yourself up to fail, and how to set yourself up for guaranteed success
  • What one woman used to increase her closing ratios from 0% to 10% and what was stopping her from going any higher
  • What is the worst part about success and how can you avoid it?

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12 replies on “Q&A and Live Role Playing on Prospecting, Closing, Duplication, Time Management and More!”

Thanks Dani!
I was able to catch part of your call – we have our team training on monday nights also. LOVE these calls – especially the closing/prospecting and keeping it simple.

God has truly blessed you!

Angela D.
southern california!

Hello Dani
thanks so much for tonight’s training. I really wanted to ask a Prospecting and a Closing question but chickened out on the first and too slow on the second. So, here is one for prospecting:
What do I say when I begin using the Prospecting script when calling advertising campaigns and ask the “What can do for you?” and the next thing that comes out of their mouth is “is this going to cost me any money? because if it is I don’t want to do it?” or at the close I’m getting the “I don’t have the money” objection (and their situation sounds really pathetic) so I take them through that script.

thank you.

You was great Dani. Your Q&A training was something that I really needed.Listening to your training call have finally got me over my fear of talking to people. I use to think of them as strangers but I have learned to know them as people and I can start up a conversation. I’m still a little slow in closing but it will come with you training skills , your scrip book and your CD’s. Thanks Dani and God Bless


orsom web-cast, fantastic I loved it,I found the sound quality was perfect this week, I look forward to meeting you next week in detroit.
God bless, MARK


I’ve been selling 69 years (since I was ii). You are the best. You’re better than Tom Hopkins, Zig Zigler,any i’ve met or heard. Wish I could be in Detroit instead of South Bend this next weekend.
Bob Cloud

OJT directly from Dani Johnson – what could be better?! Your easy to follow, no nonsense approach to training is invaluable. Thank you for these live interactive calls Dani, I am learning so much!


Dani-I have listened to you on & off for 2 years and have attended one 1st step and 1 Dynasty. However, ihave never been truly committted to your training and because of this, have failed! God has been reminding. Me to let you be my mentor and give this business everything I have, which have been more excusues than anything! Being afraid of not being able to be like you and others has stopped my own success! This call was great tonight! Just what I needed to hear!! Dani, your giftings and teachings bless my husband and me! Thank you for being more committed to us than we are to you!!One day very soon, you will know me by name! “Big Smile”! We love you and your team!

Great call! As a suggestion, I would like to hear Dani take questions from people that have not yet been to her Fisrt Steps Seminar or Dynasty. Thanks for all that you do!

It was great Dani!! Thanks for keeping the Lord in your business and for all your teachings. You’re an inspiration!!

God and Jesus and Dani ROCK!!!!!!!

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