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Q And A: Make Money Right Away, And Teach Your Prospects To Do The Same

Tonight Dani answers questions that have been submitted by members. Dani covers a variety of topics from getting a new person started to handling objections from prospects. This is a phenomenal call where you will learn how to dramatically increase your profits this week!

Topics include:

  • What is one of the most powerful business models available today to generate an outrageous income and how to use it
  • Where you can learn to master what to do after you get someone started
  • How to balance your life while you build a dynamic enterprise
  • What will increase your new person’s belief immediately and how to get it
  • How do you create stability in your business if you want to build a business that will last
  • What to do with the “I want to think it over” response and turn it around
  • Three steps to take your prospect to the next level today
  • How to make money right away and teach your new prospects to do the same thing, growing your business exponentially!
  • How to lead your business to make six figures in record time!

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13 replies on “Q And A: Make Money Right Away, And Teach Your Prospects To Do The Same”

PHENOMENAL Call Dani!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was just talking with my friend in this biz about 75% of what you covered, tonight!!! Now we have confidence in the answers!! You’re the best, we’ll see you in Dallas!!! Working on Dynasty now……

You have been blessed with a gift. My day was not going the best, but God always gives encouragement. I looked forward to the call today especially to encourage me and keep me going. Because I beleive. Thanks and God bless.

Hope Smith

Another awesome call! That was so helpful that you answered that fourth question about how you made money having no money. I think it is a question that many people ask. I always appreciate how you are willing to share everything that you have done with us. Whether it be exactly what we should do or not, there is always a nugget that is just for us as long as we are listening close enough to catch it! Thanks Dani.

what are the products that you get the client to pay for that create residual income?
how do you end up with clients on the internet without paying for a site or web page?
What are the cost?

Thank you so much Dani. I’ve never had such training as I have had this couple of weeks for the 10 years that I was introduced to this industry. Now I know how to suceed in this business. I will.

OMG!!! you’re so real Dani, not fake at all. This call is worth thousands, the information that you shared and your call to action is just what i need to get myself out of my comfort zone. thank you Dani

Thanks Dani !! I have been in a home based business since Feb. of 2006 with little to no success. The upline I had taught me little to nothing. Strickly buy leads and then “smile and dial”, read a script. Now that I no longer have anything to invest into my business, deeper in debt, I wondered how I was going to get started again. I have a strong desire to stay with this company, to be a success, and to be able to help others achieve success and financial freedom too. Listening to your information is a great encouragement for me. My confidence pretty much went out the window. But you are restoring it back to me, as I have had no choice but to start all over. I will stay plugged into all that I can here. And I believe I will be able to turn my life around.
Diana Johnson

Thank you Dani, I thoroughly enjoyed the call especially your personal story. That really hit home to me. Keep up the great work you’re doing in all your trainings. I just told a friend today to register with, so he can listen to this exact call. I am grateful for all you do, your life story truly inspires me to make the needed changes I need to make in my life. Thanks again.

With much appreciation,
Fuwah Mui

WOW Dani!…What a blessed and enlightning call. I listened to the recording of the call and I am sharing it with my entire team. This call covered, in a nutshell, the mechanics of working a home biz. After being in this industry for 5 years I keep coming back to your trainng vault and learning something new every time.

many blessings
Sam Wipf

GOD for your service Dani, I have just begun my road to success.
thanks, to you it will be a thrilling ride. Looking forward to Meeting you soon.

Ruby Okoro

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