30 Day Bootcamp Leadership Prospecting

Day 20: Simple Steps To Skyrocket Your Profits This Month!

In this audio training, success coach Dani Johnson gives you specific steps that you can take to build your business bigger than you ever imagined this year!

You will learn how to simplify your process, making more money in less time.

This is a perfect call for people just starting out or if you have been in business for years! Listen NOW, implement what Dani says, and watch your check explode in the next 90 days!

Topics Include:

  • What are the basic tools you need to build any successful business?
  • What you should always be thinking about, every day
  • How do you prepare for what’s to come?
  • What should you be focusing on to grow your business?
  • What is the KEY activity that gets results NOW?
  • How many people should you be talking to every day if you are working part-time? Full-time?
  • Where you can find exactly how to handle almost every objection that you will encounter
  • What is the difference between a customer and a client? Which one is better to have in your business?
  • How do you create results for your new person within 48-72 hours, and why this is important
  • How incentives can make you thousands!

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32 replies on “Day 20: Simple Steps To Skyrocket Your Profits This Month!”

As always, this call was AWESOME!!!!! This call is especially great for PROSPECTS. Dani lays out just how simple it is to get going and making money. I wish I had had every single prospect on this call! From now on, I’m inviting everyone to listen–even if I haven’t had a chance to talk to them yet!

HI, Dani & Hans. Thanks so much for the dynasty level training on tonight’s call. There was so much great info I couldn’t keep up on taking notes. Tomorrow I’ll be focusing on prospecting and closing. I have been so blessed by the growth I see in you and what you are doing in your business and for us! Thanks so much! Love you! Anita

Just when you think you’ve heard the best advice for the moment, Dani, you one up me! Thank you for being so precise in the steps ALREADY PROVIDED to succeed. I’m still very new at this and just getting to the calls and contacts and can already see the success ahead.

I want to get involved in your contest challenge, but unfortunately Hans’ portion with the contact information did not come through on the call! Please let me know this so that I may add my name to the challenge, and thank you for all that you do for our success. ‘Angel’ only begins to describe you and your organization. -BA



I have so much respect for Dani, she always puts others FIRST. She is so committed to building OUR businesses… you can not afford not to listen to this call. IT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ON HOW TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FAST. It’s all there in a nutshell. You could make 7 figures on this call alone.
Thank you Dani and I do owe you Flowers.

Dani’s story about TODD PALM tonight was very inspiring — particularly for those of us who have started to plug into the Dani Johnson system, but who have NOT YET experienced the kind of “instant success” that many of the testimonials seem to have enjoyed.

It is VERY encouraging to know that it may require attending MULTIPLE “First Steps” (and “Creating a Dynasty”) events before I reach the level of success that I deserve — but it WILL happen! :o)


It never fails to amaze me how right on target Dani is with her topics. It always feels like she is talking just to me.

Thank you,
Diane Campbell

Dani wow you made it so simple and plan. This was a great kick me in the pants personally on the need to step up as the leader na not leader but support beam as a foundation for the team and lives i hope to change for the better.

You stoped the call with hans giving out a site but i want to step up this week for the running in getting new members and people to their 1st steps in California in March.

If there is a way to do this from a better idea or perspective then the one i have please please i pray and ask for your and your teams help.

I have the energy, passion, and willingness, to do this. I just want to make sure that I am not so much doing it right because if it comes from my heart it will be right no matter what with our heavenly fathers help Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ. I want to make sure that I am doing this in the most effect way to show people my heart by wanting them to be helped and not showing them I’m out for my check because I know they will make me money.

NOTE: Thank you for showing me money is not a bad thing also if it comes from and is used in the right context and for the right purposes and goals.

I love you so much,

And thanks for hanging in there with me over these years and my love to Hans, JP, Mona, and the rest of the family.

Good NIght

Dani, your calls over the last week couldn’t have been more timely!!! I haven’t been feeling well, and have been questioning the thing that I know in my heart I have been called to do. Increasing the dials, following the four steps, and getting people to First Steps are my main focus points right now!! Getting back to the basics is THE THING!!! Thank you for the time you invest into all of us!! Following Him!! Laurie : )

Great call! Declaring war on debt! YES! Yesterday our pastor declared war on obscenity…we have no obscenity laws in Oregon. He hired a full-time person to get the ball rolling while we pray and give to support the effort! So, I am going to give prospecting my best shot starting now! If you never have this contest again, I will have missed it. However, I have not been prospecting for quite some time so that’s my first order of business! I have one person on my team and have never taken anyone to First Steps – not because they weren’t invited but because my skill level needs a LOT of work! God bless you and the team! Absolutely challenging and productive call! You guys absolutely live my what you teach! Thanks! Sondra

Hey Dani and Hans, another Great call! for anyone new or old to this business you just lay it out in a simple duplicatable way that when followed will lead to a 6-7 figure income! Get the resources, do as you say…cha ching!

Thanks Dani from the bottom of my heart. Your call tonight, the call on Friday with Jodi Kruse, and Whiner vs Winner call have been straight from the Throne Room to my heart. During Jodi’s call I felt as if you were sitting in my office giving me the “whatfor”. It was as though you had been sitting in my office watching me waste precious time. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

I got up this morning at 3:45 am to be part of this call – here in Germany. This year is the year of completion – leaving me no other joice then jumping into an icecold water. Once I am in there, the water gets warmer. It is my chance. I will implement Dani’s system here in my German group, translating scripts, doing it – a little bit changed according to German thinking.
Yea, please God do support me. Dani, thank you tremendously.

Tonight’s call was just what I needed to hear. GO BACK TO THE BASICS. SIMPLIFY! I thought the problem was “the product” but really it is me; my beliefs, my lack of faith in the foundation I have been given. I must be “sprouting” because my head hurts from all the new activity. What I focus on, I will master. What I neglect, will starve. I am going to prepare for what is to come. I am taking action.

I prayed once that I would find a mentor who’d teach me how to succeed in a home-based business….and a few weeks later I met someone who said, “YOU HAVE TO GO TO FIRST STEPS TO SUCCESS FROM DANI JOHNSON!” So I did it, and bought all the materials and I listen to them daily to critique my skills. She was an answer to a prayer! 🙂

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…Dani takes you to another level!!! I am a WINNER, and I will win this year, I will be at my 1st steps to success training seminar & I will order the new supplement and I will bring those that want to PLAY BALL with me!!!! DANI YOU ROCK!!! God Bless You!!!

The talk was so very nice. I learned as usual. The information is so personal and encouraging, thank you.

My God is showing what I need to do to have a profitable business.

He won’t overdue my limits. I have other goals but, I have prayed for simplicity and for this business to be easy. You used words that I remember praying about.

I don’t believe money to be the end of my problems, but to have a certain amount of protection, that I do believe.

You’re teaching from your heart and and personal experience, a great way to teach.


I Just have to say you are the greats coach I have ever heard. Thank you Dani for your time coaching me and my reps. I would love to see if you could leave your monday call on 02/07/07 in your free area audio vault. Because that would be the first call I would direct my new members to. Every time I click on a call I learn more . Even whin I go back later and hear it again I still pick up more information that I did’nt hear before. Thank you for your time.

Thank you so much Dani
This call is just what I needed to hear (from God) with regards to church hopping. I have had a very hard struggle with this for a while now.
A simple call in general that was very powerful.

My fear of success has eaten my life away. Please continue what you do Dani, as slowly but surely, I am emerging into what my Heavenly Father wants. I will succeed and I am starting to accecpt that I am deserving og God’s help.

Thanks Dani

Dear Dani,

Monday night was really significant for me. I have been working my homebased business since October and have had no success and then January 12, 2007 my very best friend on the planet , since we were in kindergarten died. I had quit my job to do the business full time, but I did not have what you had which is great training. So I have no income and everything seemed to be going downhill, until I heard you Monday night. When you said that things are going to go wrong no matter what and that when you do stupid things you just have to get back in the game. At this time I don’t know where I am going to get the funds but I do know now that I will not continue in this business without going to a 1st step program. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you and how I never miss your Monday night call. Thanks again

Hi Dani and Staff
A question I’ve been asking myself and others for several months now you answered Dani through the grace of god. The question was, “Do I/you think giving and recieving unauthorized duplicated material is inhibiting prosperity to me?” My question was answered on your Feb 5th call. The next morning I got up and gathered up all the unauthorized duplicated material. I collected over 100 pieces from all over the house and in my vehicle. I gathered it all together and put it in the dumpster out back. I instantly felt lighter then air, connected to NOW (God only knows NOW) I felt and still do annoited with GOD. I now feel like teflon in that nothing sticks to me.

“Ask and you shall recieve.”

I appreciate all that you do.


Thank you again – so much!

This call was what I needed to hear. This past month I have faced so much adversity, loss, and so many road blocks. I have been working the business and signing people on, but every time I seem to get ahead financially disaster strikes, including a death in the family, medical bills, losing my home due to a natural disaster out of my control, and much more bizarre roadblocks in my personal life and spiritual life. All the money I succesfully earn from my own enterprise seems to disappear as soon as I earn it just to pay for the “damage control” and remove the roadblocks.

I am really trying to figure out what our Heavenly Father has in store for me and to figure out where I belong. I pray to see his plan is so I can get all the hardship behind me and be able to have the financial freedom and peace in my life I work hard to acheive.

At times it is so baffling I don’t know how I am going to get the strength to perservere. More than once I have considered throwing in the towel rather than starting over not because of a lack of faith in myself, or my God, or the system, not even my business building capabilities, but because I just get so tired of working through that pain and trying to turn that pain into a positive where I can help others who are facing the same experiences.

I attribute your calls and recordings I have in my personal library as the one place I can go without judgement to reconnect with our Heavently Father and get the strength I need to “start over again”. Despite my personal adversity, I am truly able to help others acheive their goals and give them the courage I have found.

Hi Dani,
I wonder what your thoughts are about classified ads in small town newspapers in order to generate leads.

If so how to word them?

Aloha Dani and Hans, always appreciate your input and direct messages. Love your video clips and audio information. Thanks for sharing. Lani PS..God bless you and your family!

Thanks Dani! A couple of months ago I listened to your message on focus and the Holy Spirit spoke directly to me. That moment was very pivotal in me making changes and setting some new goals.

Thanks for sharing more on this subject in this call.

Thank you for helping me. I am very shy. I feel like I have to beet myself up to make calls, then I think would I do these calls for $1000 each. I’m just trying to make friends. Question: Is there a script to talk to politions? Most of Columbia’s budget goes for travel. I’m in travel. The directors I have talked to haven’t tried to talk to them either. I’m open for ideas. I’m sure you have the answer. Thanks for your time. Linda Diemert

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