30 Day Bootcamp Prospecting

Day 11: Prospecting – How To Do It, And How To Do It Better!

Tonight’s call is about successful prospecting and how by changing just one thing you can improve your numbers immediately! Dani role plays with someone on prospecting in all types of situations. Listening to this call will change the way you do your business and increase your check today!

Topics include:

  • What to do different to get better results in your business TODAY!
  • How to get the skill development that you need to reach the success you dream of
  • What three things do you need to watch your business explode now?
  • Keys to communicating with prospects with confidence
  • How to increase your “show-up” ratios and grow your business
  • Find out why you are provoking objections and how to turn them into sign-up’s
  • How you can improve your non-verbal communication and in turn improve your business
  • Examples of how to deal with warm and cold market objections ad turn them around to work for you
  • Specific scripts to use for most every prospecting situation
  • How to lead with confidence every time you communicate
  • What you need if you want to see your business absolutely explode!

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37 replies on “Day 11: Prospecting – How To Do It, And How To Do It Better!”

I just listned to this message and wow I did not now how sappy I must have sounded to people. I completely changed my sales letters after listning to this one and can’t wait until I have the opportunity to get to a seminar!

This was very helpful especially the role playing examples. It’s amazing how much our mind set affects our posture and presentation skills. I’m getting so much from your training and am excited to continue to grow personally and see my business explode as a result. Thank you!

OK, I have been saying for YEARS, point #1 on this call. (Just ask my ex husband!) I love your training. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Before I make ANY calls I listen to you first. Thank you so much!

Before you listen to this you think that you know what to say and how you sound but this opens your eyes! Thanks for opening my eyes and ears! Loved it! Thank you so much for sharing this info!

Awesome Mind opening Call, I had no idea that tone and posture could easly be felt and picked up.

I am more receptive to what I cast out of me to the world.

Thank you Dani.

This information is so valuable to everyone tolearn.
these are common mistakes you and i make everyday.
Thank You Dani,


One of my biggest dreams and most precious desire is to see you in action at one of those seminars…I know the day will come when my dream comes true…I sure miss the entire vault of audios you use to offer us.

Thanks a zillion for changing lives!

Hi. I just became a member and I listened to you for 6 hours yesterday. My son was just at your seminar and hasn’t come home yet but I can’t wait to talk to him. I’ve been doing network marketing for about 6 months and haven’t had too much success. I’m a teacher who works a full time + job and a widow. I know I can do this. It made so much sense to me listening to your coaching. I know this is going to turn my life around and I AM going to succeed.
Thank you so much
Ruhama Ben-David (Israel)

Kudos on a great seminar in Seattle. My first seminar and I was truly moved with the powerful message given throughout the entire seminar. I’ll see you in Atlanta in August!

Robby Matherne

I would like to thank you for the first CD I bought on Prospecting and
scripting and it is actually helping me a lot because I was starting to
get people to sign up and hopefully when I get more time from my regular job I will be more active. Learning a lot lately.

I’ve just listen to this call and it hit home with me with my fear of talking on the phone and what I have to do is to get myself to First Steps and then to Creating a Dynasty and to get rid of my fear of talking on the phone to my prospects.

Thanks again

Wow! This was so helpful to me! I saw immediately what I’ve been doing wrong with some of those role-playing examples! I’m trying to be too nice and friendly (only it’s probably been coming across as sappy), and not speaking with any authority and confidence—like I’ve had to while raising my five children. I know it will take practice, but at least I’m heading in the right direction now!
Thanks so much!
Leanne Gerrard

WOW!!! I listened to this call for the 1st time and I learned sooooo much. I have your Script book, but this call really brought it home. I have leads I’ve been working, but without much success. Now I know it has been my “posture” and “tone”. I WILL be making a change this week.
Thank you so much
Beverly (Alabama)

After several months of thinking I was coming along so well (with the facts)… and yet have been earning a minimal income. Now I know why! Thanks for the straight advice!

I listened to your Prospecting call and found it to be the best Network training I have ever been blessed to hear.I have been frustrated with Network Marketing since 1967- but have tried many times to achieve success in this area.I wish to publicly thank Amelia Johnson for steering me to your site.
I am unable to go right now, but the First of August 2007 will be my chance to begin to work correctly in Network Marketing.
I thank the Powers of the Universe for Engineering my exposure to Dani Johnson.
A.L. “AL” Roberson

These calls are so helpful in keeping the “newbie” in the biz – and in helping to develop the FAITH that is needed to succeed. I WILL FAKE IT UNTIL I MAKE IT!!

WOW! Thanks Dani for this awesome call – I have pretty much scared ALL
of my warm market away by using my needs and my excitement when I approached them instead of finding out what their needs were.

I loved the way you used the role-playing to show us how our posture and tone come accross even on the phone!

I was just telling a friend today that I WILL NOT QUIT! and your calls will
keep me in the game until I can develop the skill, knowledge and expertise
to do this business.

I cannot wait until the day I can leave my J.O.B.(just over broke) and go into my managers office and tell him I am going to have to let him go.

Would love to make it to First Steps next month but will focus on getting
the North Carolina CD’s and script book for my birthday in September.

God Bless you Dani!!!

I been listening all free work from home all the time have order some of you CD SUCCESS FROM Home

clarence kontio

I must say that I also appreciated what you said in that it’s not so much of what you say it’s how you say it!

Listening to your role-playing has helped a lot and we will listen to this over and over and become even more confident as we speak to our friends and family and those who we meet.


Dani you make me want to laugh and cry at the same time…your role playing is worth millions….I only have one question..”Do you have a listening devise hidden in my office?”…..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

You are totally awsome.And I learned so much listening to your prospecting tape “what to do “what not to do.And you reminded me so much of what my Dad always said,it’s not what you say,but how you say it.Thank You so much for opening my eyes to what I was doing wrong,and what I have to do to change it.
Thank You

Thank you Dani, I needed to hear this! (How did you know?) Thanks, Hans for sending the link out today so I knew it was out there to listen to! -Kat

OCTOBER 11, 2007

Hi Dani,

Thank you Dani I needed to listen to this, I am very happy to have meet you, I am home and are willing to try this with you and listening to you- Phyllis

Dani I now have a better understanding of how to present yet communicate information to a prospect.Thanks for your help!Gee,now I just want to hear more and more,it’s great

Dani your presentation of a live person is really awsome. learning to use the tone of your voice to express happiness, bordom, excitement, and being truthful, is a gift and a art. I use a recorder to talk into and listen to the mistales and what I need to improve in. Listening to you and then to myself I fully understand what I have to do to get to the top. Thank you Thank you. I wish I could come to the event the 11th of November but maybe next time.

Very informative and enlighten call. I can say that I see the “light in end of tunnel”. Your different roles play were very ilustrative and tell me what I was doing wrong. I know now what I need to explode my business. Thank you very much Dani. I am wishing that came all Monday fast, to heard you, although I am working in a 9 to 5 job still, because each Monday call yours, bring me near my financial independence

I feel blessed to say I’m the first in 2008 to say this is perhaps the most important audio I’m going to ever hear.

This is the best training on prospecting ive ever heard. My eyes have abeen opened. Thanks Dani. Glory be to God for your trainings.

Awesome as always!

“you cannot get whole-hearted results with half-hearted effort” is one of my favorite statements by Dani.

Warm regards,
Samantha Parent

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