30 Day Bootcamp Close Prospecting

Day 28: People Skills To Prospect And Close

This call covers the most fundamental skill you will need for any endeavor in life! If you want to master the art of PEOPLE SKILLS, then this is one of those calls you should listen to several times. 13 steps to building a rapport, building trust and mastering the Dani Johnson concept of “Friends First” for increase success ratios in your prospecting and closing.

Topics include:

  • Starting on the right foot when meeting or talking to people for the first time.
  • How to create the kind of energy that is just like talking with your best friend.
  • How to get others to be interested in you and what you have to say.
  • The proper mindset to have when talking to people.
  • How to discover their needs, strengths and goals.
  • How NOT selling will give you MORE results.
  • How to be professional, but not a “corporate stiff.”
  • How to speak a language your prospect or new “friend” will understand.
  • How to get rid of your “network-eeeze” language and increase your attraction of others into your business.
  • Why taking notes on the phone with a prospects will help you earn more money.
  • How to control the conversation by asking the right questions and how to get them to talk about themselves.
  • How to respond to common questions you may be asked by a new prospect about your business model.
  • How to instantly get someone to trust you and want to follow you as a leader.
  • How to instantly break the ice and create positive energy, even if on the phone.
  • Much more!

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29 replies on “Day 28: People Skills To Prospect And Close”

I will continue to listen to this series, lightening up will add to the sure foundation that you are equipping me with.

Thank for the tean effort Hans & Dani

Hi Dani,
I’m sorry, but your call was great I just loved it!! But…
To me I didnt see were what you taked about had anything to do with the topics that was listed.
If you have time lol I would love a bit more information as to how what you talked about on the phone applies to the topis listed
Thank so much for all you and all your staff does.
God Bless you and your

Hi Dani,
Thank you for the tips.I’m in five different MLM’s,two of them are direct marketing.And making a friend first and helping them makkes a lot of sense.
I love your Christmas gift ideas.

Thank You,

Hi Dani,

You are an awesome spirit, which God continues to work through, to deliver the most simplified and clear instructions on how to succeed in this business. Your 13 steps hit right on target for where I am at in my business and with prospecting. I know exactly where to humble myself when talking with a new prospect. I do alot of cold calling, seems natural to me, but with the steps it has become easier. Helping others change their lives allows us to be a blessing to someone else, its never about us, and then God will bless us for doing what is right because its right. I will continue to listen to your audio vault – God has directed me to the right place.

This is your calling, keep doing what God has blessed you with…….
change isn’t change until you CHANGE!!!!!

God bless you, Diane

I’m so glad that I was lead to your training you have helped me so much I want so much to go to First steps to Success in LA but being a pastor we are in Revival at that time. Am looking forward to your next one. Thanks Tim

Dani, when are you going to hold another “First Steps to Success” in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (it has been a couple of years since you were here)? We need you here and would LOVE to go!!
Lee Ann

I am so glad you decided to make all your calls free. They are soo good as a supplement to what we are taught in our business as well.

Just wanted to thank you and say I am looking forward to meeting you one day.

With gratitude,

I truly emjoyed this training session with Dani Johnson. I have been in MLM marketing before and only found frustration. The people that encouraged us to come in were the only real people making money and we worked hard just to pay out money to stay in and not really make a dime. It is something about the new company that I have partnered with and the wonderful friend that I have found who brought this to my attention that makes me feel that something good is about to happen. It may not be today,it may not be tomorrow, but in time all things come to pass. Whatever blessings GOD has for me it is for ME. Let it come in it’s own time and let it be appreciated as I work towards making it happen. Again, this training session was very powerful.
Thank You Dani Johnson for your inspiration

Hello Dani, As always you give me inspiration and confidence. Just about the time I feel like saying the heck with it, you say just what I need to hear in your Monday Night Call. I am coming this weekend to the First Steps To Success Seminar and I can’t wait! I know I will learn soooo much. Thank you for all that you do and for caring about my success!

Gail Arnold

This was my first time attending a call and it was awesome. I took a lot of notes. I guess I still have a few questions and it would be great to hear from Dani directly. It’s more than just how can I? It’s how can I with a whole list of what seem to be roadblocks or you might say things that need attention. But the things get attention with money but then what money will I have to invest in the business? I feel trapped. I pray and I tithe and I do believe and trust God but I also know that sometimes there are things that He requires of us in order to claim our victory.

No doubt Dani you are the best…and I believe for all the right reasons.

One disappointment that I and many others I’m sure, who don’t have time to sit infront of a computer and listen is the dropping of the Pro Members flat fee, and their ability to download and take you with us. In all honesty, I’m here a fraction of the time I’d prefer for that reason. Bummer!

Love your faith Dani!


I always love your calls if I dont get to make it on mondays I always go back and listen to them later.. I need all the help I can get and boy do you help….Thank You!!!!

I highly suggest get completely plugged into all of Dani’s training and get yourself to one of her 1st step conferences!!

Keep praying! Keep believing!
Gary Fredrickson

If i miss the Monday night calls i always listen to them on the Computor the next day. Can’t wait to go to a First Steps to Success training when it comes to a location near me. I just finished the Spirit Driven Success CD’s and was blown away. I have changed the way i feel about my business and have a deeper relationship my Jesus Christ. Thank God for Dani’s training.
Addie Raper

I am so grateful that your calls are archived because I am not able to call in on Monday’s. I have my organization conference calls then. By having your wonderful training on an archived call I can get the information any day 24/7 – no excuses.

Thank you. You are a blessing to keep me motived.
Shirley Davis

Dani, Hi from New Zealand.

I love the “fire” you have! And it’s wonderful that you serve our wonderful Lord.

I’m 60 and have had 5 home businesses and I’m stranded!!

I’ve set so many goals which I’ve never achieved that my subconscious just laughs at me when I set new ones today!!

There’s gotta be a fix . . . and I figure you must have it!!! H E L P ! Please!!

Bless you heaps!!!


Great call Dani! I now understand what areas i need to improve on with prospecting. I’ve basically been running my customers away with trying to sell them on the products. I’ve been in my current business for 5 months and haven’t been able to recruit one person and I was getting frustrated until I started to plug into your calls. I will be purchasing your script book.

Good grief, Dani, you are the best thing that has ever hit business building, relationship building, team building and/or network/multilevel marketing. I am totally blown away.


I cannot believe the personal growth that is happening in me since I went to First Steps in Dallas. From my finances, to my daily habits, to how wonderfully I treat my little house, to how much more I love my husband, (I cried when I realized he is a Pearl and am already better equipped too appreciate him although I’ve just scratched the surface of understanding).

I am out of the cage I built around my heart. I am daily falling in love with people over the phone even if they don’t join my business team…’no’ doesn’t offend me…gosh, so much to say and I know that I know that I know this is just the beginning.

See you in Atlanta.

This call was a GOLD MINE, Dani!!! You addressed a lot of my own issues and I took SO many notes. Now I think I’ll pick up the phone book and start calling! LOL

By the way, haven’t been to a First Steps since Feburary of 2006. But every time I listen to the MP3s I’m amazed at how much more I get out of it. I keep asking myself, “Why haven’t I heard her say that before?” I know the answer is that I wasn’t ready to hear it. All in God’s time.

God bless you, Dani!

I tried to submit a comment and got an error. I hope you dont recieve this twice, but I want so much to tell you thank you for coming to Chicago. It was an answered prayer to me and I now know why I was meant to be there. You confirmed so much in my spirit and I was truly blessed. This call was a great “get the day started” call and I am getting ready to make lots of friends. Praying to see you at Dynasty and I am determined to Follow directions! God bless you and your family for your obedience.
Krystal Richard

Hi Dani and Hans-

Awesome call, and I so appreciate EVERYTHING you do for us! I am so glad I found you and your heart to teach me the areas that I need to improve on. God Bless you and your staff!

Keep up the great work!

Carol Ervin

Hi Dani:
I have to say that this is one of the BEST lessons ever. I have listened to many other speakers in my day but you are so clear, easy to understand and to the point! I see this training was recorded in 2004 but here we are in 2008 and the information is truly TIMELESS!! Thanks Dani
Betty Pipia

Hi, Dani,

I listened to your clip just now. Within two minutes, you illustrated the WHY people will either join us or not!
I haven’t met you yet, but I feel your power. It’s exciting, and shows me that my consistancy is weak.
I’ll be on Monday evening’s call!

Marilyn Wade

Thank you, dani,

You and your team are a special gift from above.Thank you for everything that you are sharing with others to be all they you can be.

God bless

Thid was one of the best training calls ever. This is truly the foundation for any home based busines or even ministry. Its sad that this isnt taught especially in the home based business industry they teach to have recruiting and selling in the forefront of the mind even though they teach to FORM. Ive seen it plenty of tumes it just isnt taught well. Everyone needs to listen to this call. This kind of stuff will seperate the amateurs aka ignorant manipulators from the professional.

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