30 Day Bootcamp Prospecting

Day 23: Start Your New Prospect With 7 Simple Strategies

Dani Johnson will be role playing and outlining a step-by-step plan you can follow to get your new prospect started and making money within the first 48 hours.

No one can go it alone in a successful business forever. Whether you’re home-based with your business or operating out of an office, at some point your success will lead you to bring in new business partners. But how do you get them up to speed?

Dani Johnson to the rescue! In her new Training Call, “Simple Strategies to Starting Your New Prospect,” Dani role-plays and outlines a step-by-step plan you can follow to get your new hire started and making money quickly. Because when they’re making money, you’re making money!

In this call, you’ll discover:

  • how to qualify your new prospect before they start
  • 3 specific things to outline on your first meeting to set up a recruit for success
  • how to cut 6 months off their learning curve
  • and how to assume the posture and attitude that will earn a professional income level

Dani Johnson was the featured guest millionaire on ABC’s second season premiere of “Secret Millionaire,” and has recently made guest appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The View” and “Good Morning America.” And Dani knows what she speaks of: Raised on welfare, pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21, Dani became a millionaire at 23 – and knows what it is to start from the bottom, overcome adversity and rise to the top. So set aside a little time, and plug into her latest Webcast, “7 Simple Strategies to Starting Your New Prospect” right now – it’s a prime opportunity for you and your team to learn how to duplicate her success in your life.

Ready to learn how to start? Then start!

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Once you listen to the audio, post a comment below and let us know how this helped you get your new prospect started making money immediately.

15 replies on “Day 23: Start Your New Prospect With 7 Simple Strategies”

I had been going through withdrawal, haven’t heard from you since LAST YEAR- LOL!!! Great call to kick off the year 2008!!!

Dani I have been listening to you since the new yewr I saw you on Behind the Scenes and immediately plugged in and this is the best call I have heard since I have been here. Thanks for inviting the world to this info for free online and I am going to be at the next 1st steps to success in Chicago. I am believing God to get me there as well as my husband and oldest daughter.
May God bless you more and more.


Hi wanted to say you have changed my life. I also wanted to put a bug in your ear to come to Albuquerque New Mexico or Elpaso Texas.
Take Care,
Ruth Ann Walker
Carlsbad New Mexico

Unfortunately the call has stopped at the third minute of Dani’s recording of the introduction and none of the 7 steps have been recorded. Would it be possble to re-download the entire call??

Hi this I Laquita Williams my life have not change yet but I have been lineing to your story everyday and thanks for telling me how to talk to people.

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