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Prospecting The Cold Market

Topics include:

  • How not to “provoke” objections from your prospects
  • Why you should master the art of asking questions and how NOT to “blow it” once you’ve built the rapport
  • What to do and say to someone who hangs up in the middle of your phone presentation, conference call, web presentation
  • What message to leave when someone flakes on your follow-up appointment that gets them to call you back if they are a serious prospect
  • How to rebuild the rapport on the follow-up call so you don’t lose the connection that was created on the initial call with a good prospect
  • 2 types of people prospecting and working leads
  • What your focus should be this first week of the month
  • What to tell the new people/prospects your are talking to and how to create momentum going into your fall season and more!


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9 replies on “Prospecting The Cold Market”

Thanks so much for this call. I have had lots of people hanging the phone on a presentation and your script is just perfect to see if they were genuine in their interest. Once again, a great call.

Thank you once again Dani! It’s so nice to know that I am not the only one who loses people that you thought you had really connected with. We have a saying in our group, for those people that you just know they are going to be great but then you can’t ever get them back on the phone, we say “they have joined the witness protection program”, cause it’s like they have totally vanished! The trick is to bless and release and move on, learning to sort and not to convince. Your phone message is great and if they respond to it, it gives you a chance to find out what their issues are. My goal is to get good at helping people get passed their objections and start working towards their dreams. With your help, I am getting better.

Thank you for your information. It is reinforcing what I have been learning to do but with a new energy behind it.

Dani, you are soooo good! I had a two ladies hang up on the presentation this week. I gotta get that script book. I also had a lady say oh this sounds exciting and then when I called her back to get her on a confernce call to get more info, she didn’t answer the phone. Dani, thanks for this call.

Dani. I have to say that i love you. thankyou so much for these calls. you always say something that sticks out to me. Especially about the closing objections if the person hangs up in the middle of the presentation.

Dani, Thank you for reminding me that it is necessary to rekindle the rapport when I begin the follow-up/closing process. Tips like these are invaluable.

I have made $80k since December 13th because of your calls and your CD’s. I thank god you came into my life. You were a God send. You are amazing!

thanks again Dani I keep listening to your call over and over trying to get it all down in my mind what I am trying to do and what not to say. Thanks and God Bless

Dani’s Broadcast was great as usual, I’m sorry I was gone last monday evening so listening tonight was great, however it would have been better if the phone system would have functioned correctly. So I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to listen again at the later time and may God continue to bless you both.

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