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Vital Information On Prospecting, Closing, Personalities And More!

Tonight Dani covers a variety of topics from prospecting and closing to personality types to working with professionals. This call has so much information you should listen to it many times over!

Topics Include:

  • Learn how to create an eager want in people that will lead to success.
  • How to communicate with your prospects to form trust and build relationships.
  • What resource you can tap into to build any business.
  • How to overcome objections to your business just by changing the words you use.
  • What to say and how to say it to make your presentation far more powerful.
  • How do you “get good at it.”
  • What you MUST do to be successful.
  • How to get over your fear of talking to your warm market.
  • Why you should not be afraid of talking to professionals about your business.
  • What to say and what NOT say to increase your closing ratios dramatically.
  • How to position yourself to be the top seller in your company in just a few months and much more!

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9 replies on “Vital Information On Prospecting, Closing, Personalities And More!”

Wow….I never knew I was an emerald. Dani, you really gave a huge nugget regarding the 4 personality types and how to speak their language. This was another great call. Thank you for continuing to expand my thinking. God Bless!

I especially appreciated how you stressed using a professional, accessible language to promote our business and the network marketing industry as a whole. I now know how to avoid using language that will trigger the “is this a pyramid scheme” objection!

dani is the most incredible people I’ve ever been blessed to meet. I just started a new business, and now have more confidense than I have ever had in my 48yrs of life, she is not only a great speaker of business but a minister of life,love,poeple, as well as finance, on a spiritual level through God. I can’t wait for Philly Bless you Dani

Dani you are so awsome! I thank God for you! I found out that I am a Pearl and my husband is a Ruby. Can’t wait to get to First Steps. God Bless!!!!

I’m blown away with your testimony and God given ability. It gives me hope. Your a blessing to us that know there is “No” separation between Gods Word and Prosperity. Also to know and to realize that there are others now free to walk in their God given talents, outside the four walls of the church building. Even though I operated in the church with what God gave me for years, the time came when those doors closed and we were wandering in the land without answers, only and dream. It was always a deep desire to reach people away from the four walls of a so called church building. In other-words, stop playing church, be the church and operate a successful people business (building up people) to love God, and to to become successful as well. With your help and people like you, we have hope and freedom for the future. Thank you for being faithful!

I have been introduced to a few home business before but not like this. I’m so excited. I really do believe that this was no accident with my coming in contact with this wonderful God sent business.

I could not finished listen to the training video, for the first time listener I could hear only half way, Is there a problem on your audio? I would love to finished listening to it.

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