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Open Q and A: How To Break Free of Fear, Help People With Excuses, How To Deal With Counter Pitches

Subjects: Open Q&A call, topics like:

  • How to break free from social phobias and fear of people.
  • How to help people who have excuses.
  • How to succeed with product shows and display booths.
  • Dealing with people who try to counter pitch you after pretending to be interested in your deal.
  • Techniques for increasing attendance at home presentations.
  • Best way to approach old leads.
  • How to duplicate yourself in your distributors.
  • Tips on placing an ad in a college newspaper.
  • How to talk to people without selling and talking too much.
  • What to say on a follow-up call.
  • Questions about running help wanted ads and where to get good leads.
  • Why should someone who has a lot of sales experience go to the seminar.
  • And MORE!


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8 replies on “Open Q and A: How To Break Free of Fear, Help People With Excuses, How To Deal With Counter Pitches”

This was another awesome call. The questions the people asked regarding presentations and people not showing, is the problem I’ve been having. Instead of me calling people and building a rapport, I was sending out evites and wondering why nobody was showing up….well…duh…lol…Dani, you are GOOD!!!

Dani I have a question I can get them to register for the Wealth building event we have for our Company but they always seem to miss the event they registered for, how can I get them to attend it and then how do I close them? my ratios are i get 5 to 6 to attend out of 25 i call. Could you please help me I am very eager and determined to help people succeed! thanks very much God Bless Shinola Ward (im a Male by the way lol)

hey dani, it’s june davis and i have a question, i have access to our local radio station, and i could go on air and advertise, is this something you would recomend cause i am just getting started,and what would i say? or how would i say it? i realize that this may sound like a stupid ouestion but my mom always said, the only stupid questions are the ones not asked. i plan to be at the next event,as i know this will help as well. thank you for all your hard work!!!! in christian love,june davis

HI Dani,
I just started making calls and I encontered a very sceptical lady. As i was going thru the script on page 16 asking to confirm her contact emal address, she interupted, said again that she is very sceptical, thanks for the call but have a good day and hung up.
My question is, do I let the autoresponder emails contact her or do i unsubscribe her myself and move on. I am concerned that she doe’s not report the email as spam?
Thank you very much for your reply,God Bless Rick

Is this for some one who is already in business or for someone who will be starting a business in the future?

What is the stay at home plan (where you make money from home)?

how do you build a rapport with potential customers when that customer already made it up in there mind that they dont want your services?

You cannot get people to do anything. They have to want to do something for themselves. People are led by their own goals, needs and desires. Through Dani’s training you will learn to discover their needs and dreams and through the techniques you learn, they will close themselves.

Wow Adeline Bart that is cool…right on lady….
Gday again Dani it’s me Bonnie in Australia again….I don’t like the confronting nature of this call because my Sapphire personality keeps popping up lol….discipline is so hard for me a lot….
Yesterday I actually spoke to a Sapphire girl (and her mother) who I met at the shopping mall who I didn’t know and I commented on her hair and gave her a business card…I overcome some of my fear!
Thank you Dani and all the team God bless and protect you.
Hooroo my American mates….

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