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Marketing 101: Squeezing Profits Out Of Your Existing Social Network Pt.1

In this Brand New video, success coach and relationship marketing expert, Dani Johnson shows how you can leverage resources available to you right now in your business and your job to create a larger income for yourself with less effort. If you are in this economy today, you absolutely MUST watch this video.

You will increase your income by applying just one of the principals of marketing taught in this video.

Topics include:

  • A simple method to use free resources that you have available to you right now to increase your income.
  • One small tweak to use in your everyday life to become a “go-to” person to everyone around you.
  • Getting a raise in your job!
  • Advertising and Marketing (and what not to do)
  • The one resource that you have that can make you millions of dollars over the next 5 to 10 years (it’s not what you think).
  • Setting yourself apart from the rest of people in business today to legally, ethically harvest profits right from under their noses.

13 replies on “Marketing 101: Squeezing Profits Out Of Your Existing Social Network Pt.1”

I purchased one of your products Dani and have listened to the audio set once through. I am now on my second time and am amazed at the things I missed the first time.

I will be keeping you on the “list” for sure!

I purchased “Live in North Carolina” and it really lays the ground work out for you. I listened to it many times over, and will continue to do so whenever I need to. I also purchased both Script books and I wouldn’t do without them. They give me the word to say when I talking to a prospect in any given situation.

Thanks Dani for all of your wonderful training!

So true!! Everything Dani says!!! Dani, what do I need to do to get you to come to Richmond, VA? I’ve been following you for over 2yrs now….your videos help me train a womens online organization of Real Estate professionals…I find they need EVERY BIT OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! That industry alone is what controls our economy….the real estate professionals of today have a major value they have to rise up and bring to clients now….804-814-4556–call me–I need your help! What a wonderful video, thanks for letting God use you…it’s an honor 🙂

Thanks for sharing Dani! Great stuff as always. Love listening to you on Heartbeat Radio on Monday and Wednesday!
God bless,

Dani, you are phinominal. Your messages are always on key. Thanks for letting me watch this video.


Christiane Guignard

Dani, you are the resource that helped me build a 2000+ organization of customers and business builders in less than 18 months! For the first time in my life, despite my advanced degrees in business, I am earning 5 figures in a month. You are such a blessing. I plug in everyone that has ears to hear. Thank you for what you do!

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