30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Quick Start – Day 1: The Most Important Secret For Your Success

If you only listen to one Dani Johnson call, THIS IS IT!

From brand new prospects to seasoned veterans, this call will impact every area of your business and your life. You can’t hear this message just once. This literally could be the most important audio you will ever listen to!

Tonight, Dani reveals the ONE THING that stops us from having true success.

Topics include:

  • Discovering what the most important secret to success is and how we can achieve our greatest potential
  • Find out if you’ve been infected by the sneaky little habit that kills most people’s chances for success
  • Learn how to become the “do what it takes … get it done” person who always ends up leading the pack
  • How to avoid being a negative people magnet so that you only attract quality individuals into your business
  • Gain the skills to quickly handle “situations” that hinder your growth and success
  • Master the art of FINDING A WAY instead of bowing to excuses

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454 replies on “Quick Start – Day 1: The Most Important Secret For Your Success”

Thank you for another awesome training call. I am really glad God put you back in business to help me and so many others.
I am going to take everything you said to heart and turn my business into a SUCCESS. You have given me so many reasons to put the passion back in my life and in my business.
God Bless you today & always,
Tammy Bartlett

I find immense value in this call. I have listened to it at least 10 times. I make it a point to have every new person I enroll on this call. I have an email that I send to new people which directs them to listen to this call on Excuses.

This call will either prove them up or get rid of them
I absolutely love it!!!

I am at the new site right now. I Love it. I just got back from Dallas, flight cancelled because of weather. I am so excited about the system and the new web site. I am currently in 2 home based businesses. One lead me to the other because I was failing at one and started in another to some way find a way. I was so blessed because the second one plugged me into Dani yes I got plugged in in Oct. 2006 went to Chicago on our 23rd wedding anniversary brought my husband. Came to Orlando came to Dallas and brought one person from my first business. I am believing Hans and Dani when they said when we plug into their site and system we are under a funnel of blessing I am putting all faith in that. I am bringing 10 to L.A. in March.
Thank You,

Lynn Laramore

Dani you are awesome, you have touch my life in so many ways. I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know I had in me( Oh my gosh) not only do I have more confidence in myself to talking to more people everything seems so easy to me. My business is exploding because of you and I just want to say Thank you.. I pray that God will Keep blessing you and your family and touching more lifes. by the way this is such an amazing call and I love the new website… I am getting the new script Book this week :-). I cant wait to see you and take picture together.

Titania Marshall

wow, this is absolutely great…I’ve been reviewing the Script book today, used it for the first time, awesome outcomes! THANKS Dani…Love this new site layout, will be great for all my new/old team members.

Just wanted to say ” Thank-You ” for all that you’ve done and for all that you’ll do with Dani I am now sending all,,,,,,,,,,of my downline to your site and encouraging them to go to your Training Seminar’s. We have 3 so far who ar registered to go to the next 1rst Step’s to Success in LA. CALIF. We are excited to learn as much as we can and then put it inot effect. We are listening to your calls everyday,,,and this stuff is great! God Bless You Dani & Team! Sincerely: Teja DeWitt

Hello Dani, I just listened to your quick start call #3, excuses. I have to tell you that it really helped me to see the errors of my ways. Now that my mind body and spirit are ready to go and I do not have any reason not to persue my career choice. For your amusement I have a “but”. So here it goes but how do I instantly show people that there is no excuse? on the part where you said that excuses are just a well planned lie, I totally agree. Before I came to your website I had a sales manager ask me why I didn’t do something surprisingly I told him the truth and he said that that is no excuse, I told him I know because an excuse is just an elaborated lie that people are willing to believe. He looked at me funny, and I told him that I prefer to tell the truth and you can take it however you want but the truth is the truth. Thank you Benjamin Senatro.

For most of my life I had settled (comfortably) in my life with the excuse that I was satisfied with what I had now. Then I listened to this Quick-Start #3 Program about excuses. Oh man! Everything you say is so true! Those excuses were me. My excuse with marketing with my family members is: “They don’t think I can do this. They won’t want to listen to me.”

If and when you do have another Boston First Steps To Success….I AM GOING TO BE THERE!! I live about 40 minutes from Boston so I will find a way to get there. I’ll take the train if I have to. I love you Dani. You’re the BEST!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jayne Cambra

I have listened to all of the quick start training. I want to tell you that you are amazing. I am thrilled to have found you thru my new home business company. I have settled most of my life and not so comfortable I might add. I have always struggled to make ends meet. I have always worked but there was never enough money to go around. I now am getting the tools I need to succeed. I am not going to make those excuses anymore. I know I can succeed. Thank you so much for the opportunity you give to people like me. You are truly a blessing. May God continue to bless you and your family. Patricia

I am glad that i am focused enough to start my own home business. It is what i have been wanting to do for a long time. And now having a child is making me work even harder to do that. I know I can do this with the help of God 1st and than some wise expertise from you and others. May God Bless you and your family and everyone that is trying to make it through.

Hi Dani & Hans,
I just listen this … OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!
I do have alot of obstacles right now, I have a disable brother who can’t be left alone, a son who dose all he can to help, but does rely on me for transportation, a husband say to say has no faith in me or himself and really has a problem with my business ( his problem ),and it’s not me putting it off but out and out fear of what he would do if I told him I was going away for the weekend for a seminar for something that he all ready has me failing. I have no credit card, no family that I could borrow money from that my heart is just pounding so hard because of all this and the fear that I know I need to be there that I can hardly breath. But I heard this call and I’m telling you ….. It has been so long since I have felt the Holy Spirit touch my heart like He did while listening to this call. That I have 1 hope of doing this and by golly I will find that $4000. Please keep me in your heart and prayers that God will part the waters of obstacles.
Thanks you so very much for being there for myself and everyone else who are here to learn.

God Bless you More

This call is the FIRST thing that you should turn every new rep on to! I have even used it with prospects that were “on the fence.” WOW! Every time I listen to it my excuses are thrown right up into my face all over again, and I come away with a fresh perspective. If YOU need a shot in the arm for YOUR business, listen to this call NOW! Do not delay…do not wait til later…click play NOW!

Thank you so much although this call had me in tears! I have only been in business for 3 weeks and I don’t have money but after listening to this call I am going to have the money tomorrow to be a the first steps siminar this coming weekend because something in my life has to change NOW not a year from now! See you soon! I am going to get the money no matter what! My vehivle is paid for and is all I really have, and I have bad credit but the payday loan stores are always open for business!! Thank you so much
God Bless

Love your straight foward way you give it. And the spirtual imput into your desire to help others. You sound like a passionate person, and we need to get passionate about our life,buisness,and relationships. Bringing the principles of God’s word to the way you teach the way you do, is something I never heard anyone do. It is so encouraging to here, you are trully blessed and I can’t wait to meet you at you next event. The urgency is there. We need to do the things that unsuccessful people don’t do, in order to get the things successful people have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are trully an instrument of the Lord. I know without a doubt that He has brought you into my life, to help me to finally become the person that He created me to be. To be able to get past all the excuses that have kept me from being the successfull person that He has always intended me to be. Right now I don’t know how I’m going to get to Seattle…I just know I’m going! The Lord is faithfull!!! Thank you Dani, you are a blessing!! I pray that the Lord will continue to give you the strength and the courage to be the person that He created you to be.

Brenda Armstead:

I am definitely a person who has made many excuses in life. I have found out just why I am in a rut. Thank God for allowing me to listen to your quick start training so that I can get back on track and make something happen
in my life! May God Bless you for what you are doing to help people like me
change their lives for the better! Thanks a million!

Dearest Dani,
How inspiring! You have created the desire and fire, however, I don’t believe going into debt worse than I am is the answer to anything. I have things I can hope will sell to get me there (Seattle is so close to Olympia, where I lived before, and my son lives there. I haven’t seen him in ten years, but if I can make it to the seminar..)

God has blessed you, and you’re right…I will myself not to anger him with more excuses! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. God bless us all.


Great, inspirational, and motivtional.
I have heard a lot of speakers, you push forward, this was a great listen and I intend to let others know of your site. Thanks a million.

Praise GOD! Thank you Dani! I am committed to making my business succeed. I will do what it takes! Thank you for showing me that I do have success in other areas, I just may lack the skills for this venture. I am not a failure, I am a success in training!

GOD Bless you and your family


Thank you Dani! I have said I am determined to make my business work but ..your right stop the excuses and go forward so praise God you are here for those of us who are trying to find success and I thank God you are a Christian. I do plan on passing this on to others in the same home business I have committed to, I will do what it takes and thank you for showing me that I am capable of being successful and fulfilling my dreams too! God Bless and many more blessings.

Barbara Saylor

Great Call – LIVING w/ NO EXCUSES is LIVING in POWER!!! I’ve achieved my wildest *DREAMS* when I’m living and moving in the “NOW” and LIVING withOUT EXCUSES!!! Thanks for this call Dani, i’m going to get send this link to all my people for them to hear and get empowered from.

Blessings to you,
Matthew C Layman
Austin, TX

This was my first time hearing you speak, Dani. I know and feel in my heart that this is just the beginning to a prosperous life for my husband and I. I know that God placed the person who referred me to your site and I am greatful that God brought you out of your situation so that you could share it with the world. God bless you, Dani and I khow that I’ll be the success that I want to be.


This is an AWESOME call. Listen to it as often as you need to. If you don’t feel like making your list of resources, listen to this call. If you’re afraid to pick up the phone, listen to this call. If you know you need to go to First Steps and don’t know how you’ll get there, listen to this call.

Thank you so much for changing this to the FIRST Quick Start Training call. I’ve sent people to the quick start training and some have made excuses about not listening to all 3 calls. Now they are immediately confronted with their excuses and it makes it easy to weed out those who say they are serious and those who actually are because they aren’t buying into their excuses!

I realize that I must make an honest evaluation of how many excuses I make- so that I can predict my future better.

I totally believe we attract what we are.

I am excited – because I am attracted to Dani Johnson.

Great call! It should be a pre-requiste for new networkers. When we eliminate excuses from our lives, we only ourselves to be honest with.

This is great! It made me think about all the reasons that I never went into business. All the excuses that I would tell myself and the negative comments from family and friends that I allowed to kept me from starting. It made me remember this saying’ ” those that use excuses are masters of nothing, they build bridges to nowhere”.

Wow – I’m living a life of excuses. Thank you so much for showing me how to look inside myself and live a life of results. Great call!

This is my first time to listen to one of your calls. It has inspired me and made me realize all my excuses. God has led you to help people like us believe in ourselves and our goals, where their is a will, there is a way. Your call and through God has lifted me up. Thank you so much with your convictions, God bless you and your family.

Cynthia Reece

Today, I have decided to live an excuse-free life because of the call I listen to today. In doing this, I hope this one step will change my life forever. I thank you, Dani, for enabling God to use you to show me this dangerous error in my life. May God bless you and keep you and your family.


Awesome archive training!! I have not slept much tonight listening to your
incredible advise,i will apply these nuggets tomorrow.
thanks alot.
your future success story(Rudy Cruz)
helping others get what they want ,will let me get everything i want.

good night Dani,Rudy Cruz (Houston Texas)

Hi Dani
I ma every satify with the call that i had just finish to listed. Aya ipou is a wonderful person and she love you so i now love your training evry much

thank you

Dani’s stuff is the BEST!! My company hired it’s own Director of Training so for the last few months I’ve been doing the ‘company thing’ and have gotten away from Dani. BIIIIIG mistake. Just finished going over Prospecting and Closing Your Way To MILLIONS and I am back in the fold! I’ve ordered EVERYTHING Dani has for sale and can’t wait for what she comes up with next!

These weekly training and conference calls are what got my business off to a great start to begin with…and it will yours too! Any given technique…if you master it…is worth your weight and more in GOLD! Thanks again Dani…for all that you do for humankind! It does NOT go unnoticied.

Love 2 U…

Fletch Rainey (Los Angeles, California)

God answered my prayer when I saw you on a christian TV program. I have been praying and searching for the right MENTOR to teach me the correct way to become the Successful person God intends me to be. I am so excited right now and the training on EXCUSES is wonderful and has been an eye opener for me. I will be attending a First Steps conference in the near future but until then I plan to order as many of your products as I can.
I thank God again for leading me to you!
Marcia (Pensacola Florida)

Great session. I have been full of excuses. During the call idecided NO MORE EXCUSES.

Thank you.


The comment that most impressed me and deeply ached my heart is that we attract who we are. How absolutely true! How can I lead others when I myself am not convinced. That’s the first step. I need to be sold on the opportunity that God has presented me with before I can share it with anyone. Thank you for this revelation. I’m ready to make some calls.

West Palm Beach, Fl

Dani, we become what we think about. I make an effort to replace all bad thoughts with good thoughts. Excuses can only lead to little or no production in life and in turn makes it very difficult to acheive our goals.
That was a very good call that helps me with my future goals and achievements. Thanks Dani! NO MORE EXCUSES!!
Kathy Breaux (Houma, La.)


Thankyou…. Thankyou …Thankyou…
We all do it in our personal, business, workplace all the time well most people and everyday. For the most part we all subconciously now that there is a force deep withing that halts us from moving forward.
Well this first step ‘No Excuses’ is the key to realising what that halting force is and also recognise it in our coleagues.
It is to me one of the single most important keys to success..WOW

Johnny Greco (Rowville, Vitoria, Australia)

Amen Sister…. You don’t provide a path, you gave me a mirror, you made me SEE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you and oh by the way, Thank you!

Dani, this is the first lesson that I have listened to by you. I am new to the network marketing (I’m 8 days old). So to the say the least, I do lack the skills and experience. But just as a child would, I will learn and mature. I did put off starting this venture. If only I listened to this earlier, I would not have put it off. That excuse would have been beaten down by your voice of wisdom. Thank you. I look forward to more words of wisdom and faith. Donna Tucker Hendersonville, TN

dani this is the second call of yours i have listened to and your awsome and give a whole new presective to life thanks great work

Hi Dani,

I thank God that I was introduced to you.. You are truly an inspiration to me and the thousands of people you have affected…

This recording has been just what I needed… A tremendous slap to the face.. I plan on becoming the Leader that I was called to be… I have registered and will be attending the first steps to success in Seattle…

Keep up the tremendous work.. You ROCK!!!!!!

God bless,
Jon Dunn
South Lake Tahoe, CA

My friend referred me to your site. I love it. Absolutely incredible–This training is just what i needed because i am IN TRAINING TO BE A SUCCESS. I committ my plans to God every day and i know his will is for me to succeed. I plan to buy every product for training that you have available. May God continue to Bless and Keep you and your family.
Addie Raper
Maryville, TN


Thank you for this wonderful call. I can’t wait to share this with my team and put into practice myself. I’m so thankfull I was referred to your website by another leader in my organization. It would be great to have you come to speak at our Showcase sometime. I’m going to recommend you to our training staff.
Debra Gibson
Fresno, CA

I, like Marcia of Pensacola, FL., knew God’s call to mlm, but after 1 year I was flat on my face & burned out. I saw you tonight on a Christian program and God reaffirmed He called me to this to bless me and make me a blessing. He has sent a sister to show me the way. Thank you!!! I know now I am going to learn and make it… no excuses & no doubt! Thanks!

I am just plugging into your training, and I love it. I believe in what you are teaching. I also believe most know what excuses are holding them back… more than anything else…they just don’t want to be reminded of the truth. I too have used the excuse “I don’t have time” until I started to realize the habit is more powerful than the amount of time. One can always work on the time factor. So thank you Dani, I want to follow your instructions to succeed…I want to be a 10….Sadie Breen-Wurtz, Scarborough, Ont. Canada

Thank you Dani for your help. I really needed to hear what you said today. I want so much out of my life and never seemed to do it, EXCUSES was always my problem too. Truth hurts and most people don’t like to hear the truth because they can’t face it. But, if you really want to succeed, then you need to just do it, take a leap of faith. The faith in God to help you through any of your trials or anything you really and truly ask of him to help you with, he will be beside you if you just have the faith. God wants us all to be truly happy!! Thank you for showing me the truth Dani. Maria Mendoza, Oregon City, ORE.

Great call ! Thanks, Dani ! You touched my heart & motivated me to no longer accept excuses from me or others ! Me especially !

I am on the verge of loosing my home and all I own (which isn’t much, but still all I got), I prayed to God for a way out of this mess I am in for myself and my children. I am a single parent and work a dead end job. As I was praying, my phone rang and this guy who I don’t know called me and said go to this site and listen to Dani Johnson, and here I am. As the scriptures say, step out in faith and test the spirits to see if they are of God.

Dear Dani:

I really like your motivational talks. I’m glad to know that God is a part of your life because without him we would not have a thing. He is to be first in all that we do and with him we will have a successful business without him it will fail every time. My motto is “Without a Vision We Shall Perish” I have a vision and the dream to be an entrepreneur and I’m going to make it happen and to listen to your demos and talks it is a help and an encouragement. Keep on putting God in all that you do. Thanks and God bless you.

I was just telling a friend last night, I wish I knew it was God’s will to go forward with this business. What an excuse! God doesn’t care what we do as long as we honor him. The best advice I received today is rise up and honor your God! He works through people and I’m glad I found this site. Thanks for your help.


Thank you for all your love and support, God truly has blessed you with the ability to connect with humanity. When a friend of mine referred me to you, I thought you were going to teach me on how to be a great sales person, but instead, you are a person who teaches people on how to change their lives for the better. I look forward to meeting you in Seattle. I have no excuses not to go to an event where I know that I can not only change my life, but be able to change many lives in so many ways, as you have. Les Brown and Zig Zigler are fantastic motivational speakers, but you teach people how to be succesful in life step by step. God bless you and see you eight days at First Steps To Success in Seattle, WA

She is definitly right excuses can make or break you and I do not seem them breaking me. Thanks Dani for the help. Tonya

Dani, This is life changing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that you are not afraid to give God the glory and include His truth in your presentation.

God Bless You,

Bill Purdin

Dani: I have just spent the last couple of hours on your site. For the first time ever, I signed on, ordered products, and started listening to everything available because I know I need what you have to offer. I am the first person to admit that I make excuses for not getting something done, but knowing that my excuses are what is bringing others’ excuses to me had a great impact on me. I have also been a terrible procrastinator, and I know that with regular visits to your site, my businesses will all take the upward turn that I desire. I will certainly be sending others to your site.

Lol wow very powerful call that really opened my eyes up to see the excuses that I made that stopped me from furthering myself. I have whole new outlook now thanks to you but I have to say the using God for an excuse part was really funny amazed at such ridiculous excuses. But I really enjoyed the call very life changing and motivaional I don’t want to live a life that means nothing there has to be more to life than this…God bless you!!

I got a good look at myself and I know that any excuse is a good excuse.
So if want to change it starts today. Now with no excuse and being responsible for where I am in life.

This is the first call of yours I have listend to, and I am SO GLAD that I did. It made me realize all of my excuses that have been holding me and my husband back all of these years. Always wanting to find and do something better, knowing that our lives really shouldn’t and NEEDED to be better than what it was, but always thinking to ourselves….”no, just don’t have the money, no just don’t have time…don’t think I can do that, I don’t know how to do that, it just won’t work, or yeah this is all a scam, something like a home business can ever work.” Well, Here I am, I have started a home based business, and even though I have sales and telemarketing skills, I was still feeling that I really needed to do something to prepare myself more for what I was about to start in. So, my Team Leader, and team, are always talking about YOU!!! How amazing you, and I finally stopped making excuses and came here, and listend, and what a difference even this first listen has done for me, and my confidence. Thank you so much Dani, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Bless you
Julie Tackett

Hi i can relate to what dani was saying in the excuses segment i see myself
there i have always made excuses not enough money when i go to bingo and spend the money i could have used to buy the program to get started. so i have said to myself that this time i am giong to do it and go all the way to the top.


Great motivational call! I have owned a retail business 2 years ago and told myself I would never go into business for myself again. I lost thousands of dollars which I could have spent on a home-based business and been way ahead. Thanks for making me realize that excuses don’t make you money but your effort and determination will.

Thanks so much Dani and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

I needed that!!!!! No more excuses!!!!! I want the possitive changes in my life and I commit to that cause not only for myself but also for my loved ones and friends and who ever else God leads me to touch in a possitive way.

Dani, I have heard many excuses from the people that I have tried to encourage into the many businesses that I have been in and believed them because I use them myself, NO MORE ! thanks Mike

I’ve been living with excuses all my life. I’m 80 now and I want to live with total success for the rest of my life, whatever it is. Thank you, Dani. I will do it and let you know. Dwain Porter

Dani, the training audio on the #1 Excuse in America is….”Excuses” is so awesome and you hit the nail right on the head. We are so guilty of making excuses even when we don’t have anything to do, for fear we might have to do something. Thanks for the stories you shared; they too, were awesome. I would really like to attend one of your Seminars soon. I loved your passion when you speak. You are truly a dynamic individual.

First Steps to Success in Seattle has changed my life, my marriage, my mind and my heart. Dani, I know that you have been called of God to raise people up. You so over-deliver! My husband, another couple in our business who also came, and I all believe you are brilliant and inspired….and you totally blew us out of the water with what you taught us ten days ago. This Quick Start training is awesome! Thank you so much for opening our eyes to specific ways to learn the skillsets we need to live our lives to maximum potential. I’m ordering “Live in North Carolina” tonight. Can’t wait to hear it! I feel like a starving woman who’s finally found the right food to nourish my soul in this business. No wonder I’ve been moving along so slowly these past 10 years! The excuses are G.O.N.E.!!!!! Bless you and Hans. Annie

Hi Dani, i THANK YOU for all that you are doing.I hope I will be a Success in this business .Dani, once again THANK YOU.


Dani, you really put the dagger on our heart with this call. I have to listen to this again and again and again because I want to get rid of all my excuses. Thank you.


Hey Dani, I’m listening to your quick start #1 phone call on excuses… it reminded me of what I determined just a few short weeks ago before someone thought to tell me about your site. This is a poem I wrote which reflects your comments and thoughts on the problem 98% of us live with day to day… thanks for confirming for me what is truly holding me back from having a champion spirit.

Contented come what may…
Right now is simply is good as it gets.
Forget the dreams, the goals, the plans
Instead simply grab on, hold fast.

But what about the other road?
The higher one, less traveled on?
Maybe there is something there
That simply needs my grasp.

Change of plans, lost my way…
Detours, sidetracks, fast tracks, dead ends.
It doesn’t matter what they are called,
it simply may lead to nowhere fast.

Hi Dani,

Thank you for the information you gave me. I really feel that the Good Lord directed me to go into this direction in my life. I have prayed heavly about where he wants me to go in my life. He answered and showed me the Ecoquest opportunity which led to you. I learned much about excusses. I do know that prayer is not one of them. As Christians we have a very powerful tool called prayer. I have seen many prayers being answered. Everything happens in his timing not our own. I am glad I have waited for his timing and will continue to pray everynight. And also do what it takes to be successful. Thanks, and may God bless you greatly and we learn together.

Jennifer Woody
Greensboro, North Carolina

It’s so Amazing how Timeless your message of truth and hope and love can endure for. It is July 3 2007 and I am listening to this for the first time.
It contains all of what I deeply wanted to hear. Someone who cares deeply and understands and who knows a way forward. Someone who loves people and burning with compassion to connect and to show the way.
Thank you for your Dedication and committment to the welfare of your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. Thank you for the courage to dig deep and bring to realization your own leadership qualities so that I can also recognize and reconnect with the risk taking life of joyfullness of being of service to others and living richly, fully, abundantly and with passion.

Dani,. you have become the wind beneath our wings. I’m 75, a widower for several years after raising 8 kids (and I’m a retired dentist) but 15 years ago God sent an another angel wife into my life. We are now going through a serious legal and financial challenge but we’re survivalists. Thank God for this Home Based Industry. It is becoming our vehicle to help others and hopefully lead us through this eye of the needle. Your coaching is beyond reproach. Please pray for us, as we will for you that merrily and together we too can lead and help others through our experiences.

Warmest love and regards,

Bill Plinck

Amazing how true this is, I’ve use those exact excuses myself so many time. Thank you Dani for opening my eyes. I hope to be successful in my new career.

Thank so much

Thank you, and thank God for you and all that you are doing to help people to change their lives.All that you said has touched me so deeply in my spirit that I’m going to commit myself to change and step out in faith and be the man that God has always intended for me to be. One way or another I WILL be in Atlanta in August, I need this and the only way that I can see myself coming to a possitive change in my life is NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! Thank you again and praise God for people like you who are willing to help others.

Dani thak you for for this and what you are doing. Hopefully I sucessed in this buisness and I love the xample about the doctor its great well Thank you once again

As in the movie “Facing the Giants”, the coach taught the team to get over their fear of failure and to quit making excuses. The coach (Dani) is shows us how to face my giants and how to succeed. Just as she said, God wants us to succeed in all areas of our life and when we limit ourselves we limit Him. Thank you, Dani, for words of wisdom.

Thank you ,Dani for reminding me for a WHOLE hour1 w. this call that is about time for me to do what I promissed myself to do – to succeed the way I always pictured myself to…!!! I think “excusses” go along really well w. “procrastination” – and that’s my other “desease!” Thanks again for the ‘kick in the butt” w. this call!!!

Awesome!!! Thank you so much for your willingness to always be in and speak the truth. My whole life of excuses is passing through my mind right now, kind of overwelming and a much needed and welcome awakening! I am so ready to transcend and rise above into action and results!!! I appreciate all of you so much and send you my love and gratitude every day for your wisdom, inspiration, love, honesty, knowledge and gift of service. As I hold all of you in prayer I ask that you also hold me in prayer for my courage to succeed!!!
Thank you with all my heart!!!
Robyn OFlaherty

Dani, I enjoyed listening to the August 29,2005 video. Those are some powerful words and so true. Thank you. Caroline.

Hi Dani,

I want to thank you also. I’ve never listened to one of your Mon calls Live (here’s the excuse) because 10 PM was too late. I do have a call with my company that starts at 9PM, but as soon as that one ends I will be on your call.

I was in a real funk when I went to the profit zone website. I went there to listen to something to get me out of my funk. I’m struggling to reach the next level in my company.

I held a VERY successful local meeting a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying to organize a 2nd meeting, and I’m not getting the response for this meeting as the last. So by this evening I KNEW I HAD to get on one of your calls, and LOSE this bad attitude.

So as soon as I write this next sentence, I will be working on a flier to put on EVERY windshield in EVERY PARKING LOT I CAN FIND!

I will be GOLD by JULY 19th, the END of our next 4-week period.

And when I see you in Atlanta I will PROUDLY SHOW you my GOLD PIN!

Again, I had all kinds of excuses as to why I SHOULDN’T go to Atlanta.


Thanks with much love

Johnette Mc Inerney

Wow! after well over 9000 dials i knew something was wrong,i did generate $4000 within 5 weeks of getting going on phone based business but then the sky fell in. i just finished another call fron 23 january and heard about not the situation but the response to it, and it validated my response to the situation –i kept going —-i was a calling cripple and i knew it wasnt fear of calling —so what the heck was it ??? lord my Excuses on a scale of one to ten im pretty proud (not) of the fact i closed it out at at around an eighteen ////my condo looks like a tornado hit it and thats the good news you should have seen it three hours ago before i decided i would NO LONGER NEED the nice nap i was planning on taking after just one more audio. I just took out four 30 gallon trash cans full to the dumpster THATS IT!!!!!!.. LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME !! YOU! YOU! YOU! MADE ME CARE!! i’ll write back in a year or two with great results when i finish cleaning “THE KITCHEN”!!!it may take that long. anybody got a jackhammer? how bout crow bar to pry the dishes apart? All joking aside it really is that bad! me gottom widdle work to do but the passion is rising.OH YEAH THAT WAS THE EXCUSE (GOTTA WORK ON THE PASSION) no time for anything else. Dani you can reach out and slap me anytime. It feels great!!!!!
thanks Phil Jones
I guarantee my departed mother is smiling at you

Thank you for the eye opener everthing that you said on this call is so true. You made me see how many excuses I have and that I need to stop with all the excuses and find a way


I used to not ever use excuses, but life, or let me say satan knocked me around a little. I was diagnosed w/ MS which has left me unable to work outside the home. For too long I just accepted my situation and did nothing. But I am not using that excuse anymore. Thanks Dani!

This was a confirmation from the Lord that I have just been ste up by the Holy Spirit for fulfilling my purpose and destiny in life. I’ve been delivered from the powers of darkness and brought into the marvelous light of God’s dear Son and the exact things you were talking about are things that were already in my spirit and it just blessed me so much that I can’t really explain. All I can say is I have been there living in excuses and now am serving the Lord with diligence and have cut off all my sucker relationships and began to surround myself with people who are where I want to be spiritually, soulishly, financially, and even physically( because of health). I thank and praise God for you and blessing to someone outside yourself and I pray that God continues to bless you in Jesus’ name!

I was a business owner for several years and I had huge success. I was one of the top sales offices in the United states for several years but I thought that I knew too much. When the business started to fail I made every excuse in the world why it happened. blamming everyone but myself. I lost the work ethic that got me there the hard work that got me there. I lost it all my house, my cars and my multi million dollar business. I have no money, but I do have my family. Starting today i am going to stop making excuses and I am going to get it all back and even more. Thank you for for showing me the light. Alan Young

Wow! So heartfelt and warming. Just what I needed to kick start my business. Thank you with my whole heart!



I just listened for the first time and I’m going to change the way think from now on i have also forwarded this to some business partners and friends and family so they also can change so thank for your time.

I know I will listen to this time and again and can hardly wait to invite someone to listen with me. Tears and aha moments like I’ve never thought possible. Somehow, some way, I’ll be in Atlanta. Thanks Dani, the breakthrough has begun.

I just listened to this call for the first time and I never thought I would admit that that’s all I get anymore is excuses. I have two people that want to but they either want to save money or don’t have the money and its so sad to see that I have let this happen. I’m gonna try to change my way of thinking and starting doing things a different way. You are totally awesome dani.


Thank you Dani for this call and for the work you do. Learning that “an excuse is a well planned lie” is a wake up call for me. I have listened to soo many excuses from my friends in my networking business and have accepted them. Your story is incredible and you are blessed beyond measure for the work you do to inspire and help people to change their way of thinking and most importantly their life style in a positive way.

Be Blessed

Hello Dani

myself jigs . Dani you are awesome. This is the first call of yours I have listend to, and I am so glad and lucky that I did. It made me realize all of my excuses that have been holding me. But now i feel better and now i work on to remove my weakness. Thank You very much..


Thanks with much love


Ouch! Thanks Dani,
That “hurt so good” the as pop/rock song used to say.
I’m reminded of the this:
Free enterprise is not on trial.
Professional networking is not on trial.
My chosen company/product is not on trial.
No,… the only thing on trial (i.e. being tested) is
my commitment, perseverance and desire to get
over MY OWN daily, weekly and lifelong excuses,
as I press on toward the high calling of success in
all areas of my life.
Awesome call, worthy of monthly review.
See ya at the next conference!
Fight on!
Upward and onward!
Scott Common
Las Vegas, NV

Awesome call. Personal responsibility is the key to success in any industry and eradicating the excuses from our lives is absolutely essential to taking responsibility. I had about a dozen different audios I could have listened to today and I know it was divine appointment that this would be the one I would hear.

Thanks for all you do.


You are so encouraging and inspiring to me. Thankyou. I look foward from learning more and more from logging on to your knowledge. Cannot afford to come to Atlanta next month, but after listening to your call tonight… WILL BE THERE!!! Thankyou so much again. Laura from BigLake,AK

What a dynamic indivdual Dani is. She is definitely one of a kind. I get what she is saying and believe I can use her training to build a successful business. Keep up the outstanding work Dani. God has truly blessed her!!!!!!

Dani, thank you for this dynamic message on excuses. I think I actually experienced a “revival” of my passion for life, and I wasn’t even in church! You made me realize just how deceptive excuses really are. Excuses cause many malfunctions……low commitment levels, not doing our best, causes apathy, causes us to quit a worthy cause before we get the hang of it (victory). Their is no excuse for an excuse! I love your training! May God continue to bless you!

Hello Dani and Hans: I have just listened to my first lesson on excuses….boy does this hit home. Excuses by myself and others around me have kept me from doing my best in life, but NO MORE, I have no more education than the next guy, but they seem to get it all……now is my time to shine……THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and a big shout out to the person who introduced me to this series.
Lynn T. Port Perry Ontario Canada

Good afternoon Dani, I just listened to my first lesson as well. It was very inspirational and I had to really say the truth does hurt. I’m am that person that makes excuses for myself. This was a conversation that I need to receive to help me get my thought on the right track and I thank you and people like my friend Yamina Hall who is vey persistent and would like to see me geet my business started from this day on I will be focused and get the business started. Again thank you and I would like to make it to one of your conferences.
Plainfield NJ

I didn’t realize that I made so many excuses. Why I can’t lose weight, why I lost my job of 32 years, why I didn’t get the close on that sale, why I haven’t been able to do whatever….. I am gaining experience in a new venture, I have been working with people that are very supportive and I have been taking SOME risks, but after listening to your lesson, it’s time to quit making excuses and make it happen. Thanks so much for the wake-up call.

Kathy S. Goshen Ohio

i want to be able to spend more time with my kids and not have to work 10 hours aday so i can have money to pay off all my bills and be able to spend more time with my husband and my kids also beable to get out of debt so please help me get out os this life and have a better life thank you dani

im a stay home mom with 2 boys and i hope this an oppertunity to make money while im home and i work weekands as part time. thanks its a life saver

I could relate to so much of what Dani had to say about “excuses”. Prior to listening to this call I had already started to make some major changes in my life. This call seemed to go right along with those changes, kinda of like a next step. Im grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in not only my life but in the life of all those around me! I can be the DIFFERENCE!

*****The minute you settle for less than you deserve you get even less than you settled for. Don’t be afraid to Dream and remember that when you Dream to DREAM BIG!******

I really enjoy hearing the cold truth…it was shocking to see myself using some of these excuses…but an old proverb said…sweet are the wounds of a true friend…for a real friend will tell you it even if it hurts…so thanks you for being such a good friend. Your honesty is refreshing. Thanks…

WOW! What an eye opener. Dani was totally on the mark. I do have to listen to this more. I am going to give this link to everyone I sign up because they truely need to hear this. Thank you so much Dani for this you are an inspiration.

No More Excuses!! Thank you Dani. I will Rise up, Step up and Go Forward to make it happen, just as you say.

I was always told that i would never do any thing and i would not amount too anything. Well i’m tired of listening to that i want live a life full of finacualy free
I want to prove to my family and to myself that i can sucseed in anything i do
And i will do my best to build this buisness up to a billion dollar buisness. I look at my self that i can suceed at anything i do.
Thank You Charlotte Brown

I feel revived to live today and tomorrow full blast and I will refused to accept or make excuses again after this i am AWARE of myself and poeple now that an excuse is a well planned lie. so either do it or not.

Next time a lead tells me she has no money I will let her know this is an excuse that will keep her from changing her life and when she is ready to change her life to call me back and I will help her …..bottom line.

I always thought I would be one that would not take an excuse for a answer. But after listening to this phone conference, I found out that I have used an excuse most of my life instead of making a decision and going through with the way to change my life now. I will make a change in my life and will start not taking excuses for everything and everyone.
I will become a person that will not make excuses anymore. I thank Dani Johnson for showing me I was only using excuses against me, and I only want to help myself and those who I meet to become better and stronger than what i was.
thanks Dani. from Rick Bowman

thank u for letting me listen to u on many things,i’m deciding how i could go from here,now i relize that i can do what many people are doing today and for ever on how to make money easy!I am new to this and i do want to do doing what i can to get started…thanks again.

Hi Dani,

Thanks u for letting me listen to u. That’s my first time i decide to do a kind of business and i hope everything gonna be fine. Thanks again.

Victoria, I feel your spirit. Some of us has obstacles that are unseen.
I have listened to this call more than once. I have not been able to sit through the whole call…. I know what Dani says is true. I also have this call on CD. I am in awe of how She can present a program for an hour or more in speech. Thanks Dani!

wow! this call is amazing! dynamic Q & A! i am soooo glad my good friend, lorraine avila (qns, ny) reccommended you!!!! no wonder she’s doing so well in her biz! you are really great and thank you for taking the time to train us after you have done so well yourself.

OH MY GOODNESSS!!!! You hit the nail right on the head! I was that person with the excuses. But not anymore. I made a promise to God and myself today to not make anymore excuses. You were right it is not Gods will for us to live in poverty. My team leader has told me to listen to you and I put it off until today, I used the excuse “my computer is not working right”. Well today I got it to working just to listen to you. And I am so glad that I did. I am ready to stop with the excuses, so I will stop getting excuses. I will let you know of my SUCCESS!!!

Thank you so much for the encouragement. Because I want my life to be different from this day forward. I will not make any more excuses for why I have not reach my full potential in being a cChild of God. I know that I am already blessed, now I need to be a blessing to others.
Lashell Schrock

Listening to this phone conference, it has made me realize that I NEED to be and STAY motivated!!! Also, knowing NOT to accept the EXCUSES that individuals always seem to come up with. Realizing this has made me aware of allowing myself to not FEEL motivated–no more and I thank you for this!!!

Just finish listening to your call. Wow that’s me, making the excuses, it time to STOP! I know I need to get trained and go out there, and just do it. Dreaming does no good if that’s all it is, but if I make the effort I know that God will open those doors. I just have to take thoose first steps. Thanks so much.

I just finished listening to the cofrence call and I just want to think you
for the motivation that you gave me to live my day to day life and i promise
that one day I will stand before you, interduce myself and shake your hand,
my name Is Derrick alan pittinger , Im 18 years old and thank for what your doing in peoples lifes.

I am “So Happy” to hear a professional motivational speaker as Dani Johnson give God the glory for what has happened to her.
I am tired of excuses in my life and I am willing to go the extra mile to STOP!!!!! This is going to help me in so many ways. I know that finances are a hugh part of my battles with my husband right now and through making “self” changes he too will do the same and we will see our finances soar with my work at home business. I can not afford to let it pass me by this time. There are too many things a risk this time.
God Bless you all at You are a God send to many people and I am going to tell everyone I know………..
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sheri Greer-Yake
Zephyrhills, Florida

hi im derrick pittinger and Im 18 and Im broke ,
Im not sure if i should or not but im thinking about selling my car to get to
the creating a dynesty simenar , but im asking people if this is a good idea to do this, but im also really motivated and excited and prepared to do whatever it takes to make this happen, tell me your thoughts on this pleaze , am i crazy???

I enjoyed your call. For a long time I wanted to take control of my life, but I didn’t know how to go about doing so. I want to enjoy life without worring about ;I dont have the money to do this or I dont have the money to do that. Its time that I start doing things that I will like to do! Thank you Dani

Dani, Thank you so much for being you! I went to FIRST STEPS, GOING AGAIN WITH COLLEAGUES AND GOING TO DYNASTY! You are great and are showing so many people the way to build their dynasty by helping others find their clear vision and realizing that God is the way! He has put within our sole the way to live and be a servant! You and your teachings are awesome!

There are no excuces that can make me quit. thank you Dani for these calls Thay are so awesome and very inspiring to me. I am very thankful that I was introduced to you. If I can get up early every day and make someone else money why can’t we do it for myself.

Thank you Dani for sharing your testimony with the world .To me , it is so awesome that not only have you found your calling in life , you have used your gift in such a powerful way . By not living in fear , you have shown to the world how wonderful it is to be a child of our most high God and how having faith not only in God but in yourself through God can be so uplifting !Thank you so much for being who you are and for being so passionate about sharing the truth . It is a blessing to us all to hear and feel the messages you bring to our lives ! Respectfully and Sincerely, Dena Caruso ~~~ Spring ,Texas

Thank you so much for being who you are and for being so passionate about sharing the truth. I am ready now to get this dream started in the most profitable way. God is truly blessing me. Thanks for your message.

Dani, It is so wonderful when you hear someone that you know, that They know GOD is real . And can make a difference in peoples lives . You know that it was GOD that made you who you are . I can hear the LOVE that you have for your fellow man . Looking to meet you soon .


I am, and always have been a skeptic, filled with many of the typical minded, disabling excuses.
Our excuses become our security and set our boundaries so we feel safe…BUT, it is a false sense of “all is well”.
I know God did not give us the ability to communicate so we could set so many limits to how we live our lives – I want to my children to see that life is full limitless possibilities and adventure. It is a challenge I hope I’m up for!

It took listening to this a second time for it to sink in, you are sooo right about excuses..
Out of my “comfort zone” I go – why is this called a comfort zone anyhow?
It is anything but comfortable!!

Thank you Dani for following the path god set out for you and sharing with anyone who is willing to listen 🙂
Mary Doppenberg

Very ON POINT and the timing for this message could not have come at a better time. THANK YOU. Great examples to drive the point home. I going to apply the dentist and doctor story immediately with new associates when promoting from event to event. Straight Ahead, and I WILL SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!!

Dani Thank you for the eye opening excuse confrence call and it is true that we make excuses and we need to stop this and get over it and start to live our lives to the fullest. Eddie Peralez Donna, Texas way down on the border. See you at the top.

THis was great it was exactly what I needed to stop making excuses and get about the business of taking my life to the next level and get out of my comfort zone. thanks Dani!

This was so awesome and opened my eyes to some of my problems. My thinking is changing towards properity thinking and getting rid of the excuses around me. I am going for the next level in my company. Going to suprise my uplines.

Hey Dani and Hans, You just rock my mind out what an amazing called. I learn so much from you than anyone that’s in my life right now. Not even my own family I learn so much from seriously. Gosh Dani the information that you give us is priceless. People take things for granted, when thing been taking away people start to whine. All I know is that I refuse to be a whiner and step up to the plate and starts leading people to believe in themselves to be a winner. Thank you God bless you and your family


I too was homeless and for over a year I had lived without a roof of my own and was led to a homelss shelter where I later became the Director. I’ve since been laid off from that job, lost my car in an accident the same week, mortgage is 32 days late, bills are due, debt is piling up and the wolves are at the door. The one thing that remains however is my faith. I know who I am in God and that he loves me. The blood of Jesus Christ coarses through my veins and I am and heir to God’s promises. Thats all I need to know. If God be for me than who or what can be against me! I am faced with the decision to join with a company right now with no money and no credit. I do however have the elemental ingredient to generate the money and the favor… and that’s my FAITH. I believe that the business opportunity through this company is an answer to prayer. This is the season of atonement. Restoration and deliverance is due. The enemy has to return 7 times what he has stolen plus the substance of his own house according to God’s word! Thank you Dani for leading the way through the wilderness many of us face. I am on the same trail were and I believe that if I maintain my resolve and focus… I will meet you at the pinnacle of my life experience soon. You have climbed the mountain which I now face. I am focused on the peak at which you now stand. You look really good up there! What a great experience the wilderness is. After all, it was in the wilderness that God spoke to many in the bible. Thanks again for calling down to us on the trail and leading us through that which you’ve already come. You are a true leader and a success. One can’t be a true success without a successor. You obviously have many. Thank you for your love and compassion. You have brought a statment to light for me. The one that comes to mind is this: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Thanks teacher. We love you. I’ll be up to join you soon on that mountaintop!


Hi Dani

Thank you for allowing me to listen to your Quick Start call #1 for the first time on your site. I didn’t notice until now what was holding me back and that is excuses. You are so right about that and I’m going to use your info to get over my fear and excuses. I will not quit and I’m getting out of this comfort zone that I been in for a long time. I’m so glad I got to hear this from you because if I have not listen to this I will still be in the same situation I’m in now. BROKE!!!!!!!
Thanks and God bless you

Thanks for opening up this Audio Vault! It’s a tremendous help and you have really made a big impact for all mankind! You’re truly helping people to be able to go home and spend time with their family and become empowered – they become who they want to be instead of who they were conditioned to be. I highly recommend your Monday Night Calls and your First Steps to Success training to everyone. I can’t wait to meet you in Los Angeles along with the team the I work with. Dani Johnson for president!!!

Nam Do,
Houston, TX

Thanks for a great presentation. This was the second time in two days that I heard a similar message. The other speaker admonished “blame no one, make no excuses, and do something”. I would add “don’t ever quit”.Thanks again

Thank you for letting me listen to your Quick Start call #1. You are so inspirational. You are a great motivational speaker. You’ve motivated me more to succeed in my endeavors.

This has given me hope for not only staying in my business, but taking it and myself to the next level. I have been praying to be totally committed to becoming a VP and I know that God led me right to this site. Thank you.

Hi Dani,

I just finished listening to your Quick Start Call# 1. I agree with you 100%. Excuses get in the way of so many GREAT DECISIONS in our lives. Some are so powerful to a point where we start putting those excuses at the top of our list on why we won’t better our way of everyday living. I want to thank you for focusing on that particular subject. It sure helped me realize what I need to do to better my future.

Thanks again

Hi Dani J,

Your program is so motivating, propelling, and uplifting. It truly gives focus and direction, a hidden anointing that shines through, echoing through the channels of the mind, will, and emotions. This is my second time listening to your Quick Start Call #1. It’s so enlightening and empowers a can do attitude that prompts action and causes the subtle, subliminal excuses to dissolve and disappear.

God keep you and your work centered, safe, and in good health.

Bishop C

Hello Dani,
You make some very valid points that caused me to look alot closer to the excuses I cling to. One example is from a friend I have in Half Moon Bay, CA.: “If you hang around a barber shop long enough, you’ll eventually get a haircut.” Well, I thought that was great for a while, however it may well be that we will never get away from the barber shop and it is up to each individual to utterly DECIDE to move BEYOND, & THRU the barber shop and not look
back until sufficient strength is built, as not to digress to help those left behind.

Thank you very much!

Hi Danny

Great stuff, nothing like the truth getting our life on track. Thanks so much. Blessings to you in all you do.

Great stuff! Isn’t the internet awesome! Thousands of people are touched by you. I’m glad I was one of them.


Hello Dani,
This stuff is so true. It is all over in my life, my family’s life, and my friend’s life. I’m glad I could listen to you and gain some experience.


After 20 years of successful business and then in a blink of an eye lost everything I have, my life become the most negative of all, negative, failure, excuses have stop me to move forward in the pass 7 years. Thank you Dani, you have give me a reason to believe that TIME lost in the pass, it is still there waiting for me, because I was capable to build up a multi-million dollar business with only $1000.-, there is no excuse why I cant do the same again although this time with no money at all, thank you one more time and I look forward for success.

Dani, Thank you so much for your inspiring messages and building my confidence. You make me feel like I can suceed. Laverne

Hey Dani

I just listened to your call on excuses and it truly hit home for me. I will definitely be at your First Steps to Success Training Seminar……NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!

I am going to sell my dining set for $400 dollars and I paid near $1000 for it and im going to go to my first steps program because I’m tired of going no where with my business because I know it works. No more excuses its a done deal.

Dani, Heard you for the first time. I know what it’s like to live out of my car, from one place to another. lost a custody battle, had no money, no degree, no home of my own. my ex took it all and made a life with someone else. Now ten years later, I am remarried to a wonderful man, and I am now searching ways to collect the money to get plugged in. by June of next year I WILL have custody of my daughter, I WILL be debt free, and I WILL continue to reach ever goal I have. I look forward to proving to everyone wrong, who thought I could not succeed financially. My Brothers are already there and set an amazing example for others. I love their confidence and their drive to help others get plugged in and involved. Jackie has answered every one of my questions and helps me understand so much every step of the way.

Dani you are right on! This is an awesome training call! You really made me start thinking about all the excuses I have. You are right satan is a lair God does not give us a spirit of fear and that is where the excuses come from. It would be really great if you could come to Michigan this state is really depressed in every way you can imagine. I understand that you go to the big city but this little city really needs you! You are Gods vessel and you will continue to be blessed! Thank you so much for being who God wants you to be.
Wendy Severn-Davis

Thanks so much for the wondeful training- I am building a networking business and have already changed the way that I think about people in my business and my prospective business partners. I am so looking forward to booking a seminar with you and know that I have found the right person to guide me to personal development and business success!!! I look forward to hearing more from your calls!

Dani is so real. Everything she says makes sense. It hit me right at home. I do a lot of these excuses, and accept people with all of those excuses; not knowing what they’ve been doing all along. I’d like to change that, today!

WOW! I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I can see so many ways I’ve let excuses hold me back and I feel sad about that. However, I am so excited because I know I have the power to change it, to move forward, to let go of the excuses and find success! Thank you!

Dani, you are awesome! I love your approach, direct and truthful. I absolutely have to stop the excuses and realize my excuses reflect on my team. I’m ready to take the Dani challenge and listen every day for 30 days. You rock, thank you for being an inspiration!

i have my own cleaning bussiness, and its going good i have no excusses for my bussiness. i have listened to your audio called excusses, and sometimes i have excusses not to do personal things for my self, but then, i do it on the weekends when i have the time cause i work alot and weekends is the only time i can do my personal things, i am looking to make extra money with this program, its a great pogram. about ten or 15 years ago i was homeless but i got out of it by working at a work force then getting a real job to get a place to live so i know where your coming from as being homeless and i have lived in my car as well, it was the shits, but atleast i got out of it on my own. i thank god that he lifted my spirits to go on. your very spirited yourself, god bless you always.

my main goals are: someday have enough time to take a vacation and to bring my mom and sister on a cruise that i have never been on. and to get this bussiness off the ground and to be a team player and to motovate my own personal team to manage their own team and to make enough money where i can buy a home and a new car , and to get my mom her dentures, i have my own bussiness so im pretty much motovated to do just that. so theirs no excuses their.

After listening to this call I have now changed my opinion on life and have made a decision to make a change. I want to now be that person that does not have to worry about what I am going to due in the future to supply for my family. I want to change my life for the better by being successful at what I do and support who and what I have today. I want to be that person that does not have to struggle with debt or worry about losing things I hold dear. I want to change my life for the better and I am willing to do all in my power by giving 110% to make that happen. I am willing to commit the rest of my life to being success and worry free.

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are absolutely right! No excuses!!! Your call confirmed alot of things the Lord has shown me. Right now I am in probably one of the worst financial struggles I have ever been in. I had a successful past as a character animator working for just about every major studio in the Los Angeles area BUT all that changed. I can relate to the events in your past because my situation is almost as bad. However, through these times it seems like God always shows us things.God showed me that if I am going to have financial security, it is up to me to do what it takes to achieve it –and not depend on a studio who can dump you in a moments notice. I had been praying for God to just fix everything and make all the money problems go away –well I have found out that He didn’t or isn’t going to “magically” make the problem go away without me doing anything BUT that He has provided the answer and it is up to me to take the action necessary to end these money struggles once and for all. Are there excuses why I might not want to? Yes. But I am not going to let them stand in my way–or more importantly, God’s way. I know it is not His will for His people to be crushed and have a life of defeat. He wants us to prosper and be a help to one another. The money struggles have turned into a blessing because of what He has shown me through them. I am anxious to start my home business and will not let excuses stand in the way! You are truly doing His will by helping all of us who are running a home business and inspiring us all to succeed! God bless you!

I just listened to Quick Call #1. Awesome! I appreciate you sharing. The call is such a reminder to live life to the fullest and take the limits off. I am so reminded of the life that I desired to live and how I have taken my dreams and put them in a little box so that I wouldn’t be reminded daily of what I know I am capable of. Thank you. I have made a commitmet to take my dreams down off the shelf and allow God to utilize me. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Though I am not able to attend your upcoming Steps To Success Seminar in Dallas, TX, it is my goal to attend the very next one no matter where it is in the US. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you….

As I listened to Quick call #1 I remembered all the excuses that I have given in my life why I did I’ll nevr know all I remember is that I made excuses for just about everthing I did.Now I have to shut the door on my past and begin a new life. When we walk down the path of life if we’re lucky we meet someone that changes everything for the good, and that someone was you. I don’t know why I was on my computer that day or why I clicked onto a web I had never seen before but God knows and I feel that I was ment to get in toutch with you and you would bring me great happiness. My door on my past is shut and locked and your help will pull me out of the hole I’m in, and I to will acheive a new goal. THANK YOU DANI AND THANK YOU GOD for making my fingers toutch the right keys. I may never be great but I will never open the door to my past again. THANK YOU THANK YOU and may God Bless.

I guess I am pretty pathetic. I really want to make home business work for me but have had a series of sad set backs over the past 5 years. I have so often spoken with the LORD about what He wants for me. Due to a sad divorce and illness, I am deeply in debt. I’ve borrowed from every possible source and don’t know where to ask for the money to start anything. It’s probably just an excuse but it’s keeping me from going where I want to go. I am not well enough off or physically well enough to travel either. I don’t want to give up. I want to claim the blessings God has for me. It is my choice, but no matter what I have been doing I just can’t get the $4000 or the hand mixer. I’m feeling rather discouraged but I am not quitting. I plan to listen in on some calls on Mondays to keep my courage up.

I saw you interviewed on Morris Cerullo and you are very inspiring. This recorded call shows me that indeed there is still something God has planned for me that is good and prosperous.

great msg! i also haved lived in a car for a week, it totally sucked, but if i could do that and still be here today and laugh about it i am a better person for it and plus it is in the past and the past is gone but not forgotten, only to make me a stronger person today and in the future

im new to this program and at first thought it was a little overwhelming cause i didnt know what i was doing, but today i listened to one of dani johnsons online recorded phone calls and it really made me think and say that that has been my life and i want to change it for the better, so im putting everything i have into this business that way i can better myself and make things better for my family and feel proud that i accomplished so much. I want to first thank my mentor Suzanne for encoraging and helping me, and thanking myself for finding the information online.

Leaders achievement are great. Dani’s lectures are very informative. Excuses ar out the window. I have a lot to learn and willing to work to achieve the goals that are needed to put myself on the fast track to success.

This was the greatest thing I’ve done for my business so far. I can’t wait to listen to more and find out how to get past other people’s excuses as well.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet, but I know that I am going to do it somehow.

I’m new to this program and to this blessing from GOD who is Dani, I was once a person that had excuses for everything that is negative in my life. I now know what it going to take for me to move forward in life and my new business. Thanks to my mentor Wayen Jones for encoraging me.

I would love to get the script books ,and be on my way to a great career THANK YOU DANI FOR MAKING THIS SIGHT AVAILABLE. GOD BLESS YOU MURIEL

Dani I think you are one of the paths God have shown me to be successful in my business. I’ll stop making excuses. God bless you!

thank you for being the inspiration i need… i hope with all my heart that i can afford the tools you haveoffered in the near future

You are one of the best people I have listened to and you are so right about excuess. You have shown me something new and I will take it to heart and never forget. I WILL do whatever it takes to make it. Thank you..and bless you.

Hello Dani,

Thank you for the inspirational message!!! I too am a “born-again” Christian, so I very much appreciated the way you presented your talk.

I have recently become involved in a home business. Karim Premji recommended your web site to me. I am so glad he did.

Lord Bless You,
Ken Hirsch.


Hi Dani,
The hour I spent listening to your call was truly well worth every minute. Your presentation is awesome!This will be forwarded out to everyone in my business to also listen to your call. You are a true blessing and inspiration. Thank you for all you do, Connie Demetriou

Hello Dani, how are you doing, I just wanted to say that this was a good idea for me to get the information that you are providing and it ios a great dael of a help and a learning experience.
I just started this and i an trying to get it down pack, but the way you break it down it seems that i will learn more and more. I am confident that this will be a lead that will help me and working with you will be a good learning experience. I am going to tey to make it as much as i can because i am not going to give up, think positive and know what i want and if this is the lead to a better future for me then this is where i am going to get it.

thank you dani johnson. and your training calls are super it really narrows it down and you give a great talk. from you i can and will learn how to be successful. thank you.

Hi Dani
I just have to say ,you are an inspiration to all. I have recommended that all my team listen to your call. I have already made that leap in faith and quit making excuses. I am determined to make my business profittable.

Dani: You had the guts to step out and tell the truth. Wish I had done that years ago when the Lord gave it to me. Now I’m in your learning arena and building a business and will never again listen to others when I know the truth. Thank you

Wow, this audio was exactly what I needed. I hear all sorts of excuses when I talk to people. So I am going to think seriously about what excuses I am making that are holding me back so I can attract more positive attitudes out of my prospects.

And yes, I think I will even take a risk in the process.


I am taking this call to heart…start making my calls with more confidence and skill….your such a inspiration…watch out for me….thank you so much…see you in Atlanta…

First Steps in Dallas was my first step in finally *doing* my business seriously. I bought leads there and can’t wait to make a few calls just to hear the excuses because then I’ll know what to work on in myself! Muchas Smooches!

I just started going back to church and getting my children involved in the church as well. Listening to the things you have to say makes sense in many ways. I used to have an excuse for everything and when things went wrong I always blamed someone else. It’s time to make a change in my life and find solutions to my problems instead of excuses. Making excuses doesn’t solve anything it just puts your problems on hold. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me. I’m on the right path now and the information you provided me with helps put things into prospective. Thanks again!

I just wanted to say thank you. I am sick of hearing excuses,I never thought that maybe the reason was because I was giving them to others. Carpe Diem.

Dani, Thank you for the voice that so many of us need to hear.I belive that i was drawn to you and your call because i stopped my excuses before i even heard about you.Reiterating what i already knew had to happen has given me new strength to succede. Bless you



Where did you learn these stuffs?… I really like your presentatin the way you conduct. It’s not only encouraging but it’s not boring at all! I have been to many well known speaker presentation but this is the best one!
Thank you


I am so glad that my Mentor gave me your information! I definetly make EXCUSES, but NO MORE!!!!!! I look forwarded to the First Steps Course In Atlanta January 2008!!!!! I will also be on the December tela seminar!

Woodburn, Oregon

Dani ~

EXCELLENT CALL!!!! I’m meeting today with a young lady that “quit” the business we’re in together and she has decided to shut down the excuses and make this work, because it can. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s making a difference in so many people’s lives!

Thank you so much Dani for your call. I too have played the game of excuses. It really has to stop. It was even an excuse to finally listen to your call. Thanks “Mentor”. I just said, enough is enough. I knew that I would like to attend your trainings when a team member returned as was so excited. You could hear the passion in her voice, and I’ve never met her, this was a conference call that we had. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your training in the ATL. Thank you again and I will see you at the top..

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!. Living a Life of Excuses is not a Way of Life. I have been living there for quite some time. This call has made an impact on my focus. “NO MORE EXCUSES!” Life is too short and filled with way too many opportunities to let them pass me by: with friends, with family, my relationship, those with who I work with, but most importantly with ME! I am READY for a Life of Success, a Life of Passion, a Life of Prosperity. You are truely a Leader with the Courage to rise from your past, the Compassion to lead others, and the Confidence that you instill in others. It is a VERY BEAUTIFUL thing. I THANK YOU over and over again! Your Desire has led me to make a change starting NOW! Time to make a DIFFERENCE!

Thank you Dani for being willing to listen to God tug on your heart on that beach! God has truly blessed you with a gift! The rest of us just need to be willing to step in front of the blessings He’s already place before us. Thanks again for helping us all dig deep to seek out the gifts we’ve already been blessed with!

Dani, You have so encouraged me and I am so excited to cut the excuses and negativity and start living again. As I was listening to your call, my boys were listening as well, and I could actually see a more positive attitude in them after. You are truly a breath of fresh air and I really need the inspiration and encouragement to break free, and build our future.
Thank You So Much!
God Bless You and Yours

HI Dani ,
I am from Poland ,now I starting in network bussines but I have problem
I don t understud all your first step program, becouse my English is not very well but I have been lerning first step program evry day . I think this
program is very good for me .


tHE testimonials and the call tonight, mon 11, 07 sound great and yet, I just don’t figure how this can apply to me. Presently, unemployed, and mostly lacking in skills, and yet, I have the intelligence to do more than the jobs I have done. I have several of your CD’s and listen to them, or did listen and now I will again listen to them constantly.
When the wonderful increase in income and people skills happen to me, then and only then will I know.

I recently joined a direct sales organization and was referred to your website as a result of that association. I will listen to this again and will try to have a mirror when I do so that I can recognize the biggest obstacle I have to overcome. Thank you

Paul Beethe

Thanks for the good word. I have been trying to think of things to do to get to the seminar in Atlanta in January. I am sure I can figure out something.
Thanks for this wake up call.

Theresa Smith

The first time I listened to this call was perfectly timed. I finsished listening to it and had another 10 minutes before calling it a night. I decided to look into the details of the next First Steps To Success, which was in Dallas that coming weekend. Since I had just finished becoming aware of my own excuses, I acted immediately, got registered for Dallas, and purchased my airline ticket and hotel room for the weekend. I found the timing of listening to this call to be very ironic, and it positioned me to take the necessary steps to start growing as a person and in my business!

Thank you for ALL of your awesome tools, including these audio files!

Thank you Dani. This call help me make the final decsions and that is I am going to go into business and not listen to what anyone thinks. in the past I have stop myself from doing this because i didn’t have the money or someone said you’ll never make it. I am currently living with me finance in my parents house with two kids and I think it is time that I do something about this.

I have been one of those people who use excuse after excuse. I’m tired of that and ready to move on. I feel truly blessed to have been introduced to Dani Johnson’s system. She is remarkable. Thank you and God Bless!

Am a single father of 3. Your recording has really given me inspiration. There has been a mental mindblock that the devil has tried to instill in me for soo long concerning tatking away my optimism and pride. You have reminded me of that and that the excuses in my life need to go so I can live my life and give my children the future they deserve. thanx

This past year that just ended has been very trying and found myself in like Dani was saying, alot of “excuses”. I believe this year 2008 will be the year I will overcome.
Thank you Dani for being a survent of God and doing what he has had planed for you.
Can’t wait til Atlanta, it will be my first seminar and I also believe that my life will change because of what I’ll be learning and taking back with me. And it’s taking everything I have to get there financially. Pray that I find a room!!

Renee Pulver
Alta Loma, California

The next time a excuse pops up , I will be more prepared to confront and recogonize it for what it is …… a well plan lie .

Dani, I will and I will thank you for makng me cry, I feel like a real man again, one that feels LOVE. I needed hear what you just said, which is nothing but the truth. I was nothing but an excuse, but now I understand you. Before I go sleep tonight I will and I will thank my heavenly father for you. I simle so large right now because what I heard come from a women like you! One who lived an unperfect life like me, mistake after mistake! That’ came from a snake, which will never be heard again. I will and I will live to my highest potential and have lots children! GOD BLESS, “Amen”.

Dani, I truly thank God for your committment to integrity. This call has transformed my thinking. As I was listening to your examples and experience, I began to see all of the times that I have allowed excuses to rob me of the success that God has always intended for my life. Thank you again so much from the very center of my heart. Just this call alone is going to have a dramatic impact on my life, relationship with my future wife, as well as my business ventures. I honestly can’t say thank you enough for not bowing down to the destructive forces of excuses that the liar presents daily.

Dani, I had to relisten to this call again. I began to fully understand the mistakes that I have made and you have made me realize that I have been in denial all this time to accept the fact that it is me who need to change so that I can help others. I went to you to teach me the skills on network
marketing and do not regret that decision to seek your help. This call was a reawaken call for me to get my act together and this time make a full committment to myself, family, business, and prospects. Today I vow no more excuses to deny me the success my ohana and I deserve. Mahalo nui loa for your kind spirit in sharing your knowledge and talent. Aloha nui loa.

I am at the point where I needed to be push to keep going at the vision to become what God put into me to become. I want to motativate people and Christians to seek their visions and train their gift to until they are ready to present it to the world.
I do not have a business. I tried many online businesses, multi-level business and a store front buiness that all have not got me any success. I now bring home less than what I need to pay my bills. And I have a divorce recently which made me more in debt. Borrowing money to pay off more debt. I have reached my bottom. But through this I started to wright a book called the “Psalms of LIfe” a pocket dairy for succesful life for believers on non-believers. This has come through my walk in life after getting involued in Christain Ministry for the last 17 years.
In those businesses I was chasing money instead for chasing the reason for the money. I had really not chase God, but putting God on the side. I sad to God, if you make me reach I will do this and do that, but God said to seek him first.
After all had felled me and I have come to the bottom where all I have to do is seek God. I have been put in position at this new church to work with the youth. With this church I can see the opporntunity to grow and gain wisdom and knowledge working the ministry to put what I have learned and written to the test.

I, too am in agreement with Elva. I have been the biggest giant in my own way. It is not important how I got in the way. I will not analyze any of it. That is getting in the way. Dani says to go to the root and kill it there. I thought I went to the root already. There must be off shoots of this deep root. I will go there. Thank you God for doing this with me. Thank you for Dani Johnson. Thank you Dani for your obedience. I am learning from you in all areas of my life. I am here. I am willing. My trust is in him. I forgive and release myself for having unforgiveness toward those who are unwilling to forgive me. I am obedient to my God to stand still and listen. He never leaves me nor forsakes me. He speaks to me gently and is loving me always. He is the father of his son Jesus and he sent him to die for all our sins on the cross. It is written.


I’ve read in the word of God where it says confession is good for the soul, and to confess our faults one to another that we maybe healed . Well tonight I can truly be honest with God, myself and with you and others who my see this . I wrote down these words and I said to God I don’t want to live a life of medocrity. Today I’M STEPPING OUT ON FAITH. I’ve had enough EXCUSES! I must tell you God through you spoke to my spirit. Thanks for your obedience.

i love it. i am ready to get up and stop making excuses. if i can survive through it all now, i can make all things possible for me. write it down, say it and act upon it until it is done. i am never going to settle for less again.

I was caught in a loop hole that kept sucking me in. I have many qualities that have been challenged and outmost tested. In-spite of it all my love for family and friends stay intact! I guess when I’m set to who I am no matter what obstacle comes my way it won’t interrupt my outgoing way of life. When life throws me a curve ball I’ve learned to stand firm and strive for a grand slam out of the field and straight to the depth from where it came from.

“True happiness will forever be mine…”

Run with me with joyful laughter and love for life within our hearts.” I will firmly hold your hand as we go through the journey together.



Hey, Dani just wanted to say i really enjoy listening to your remarkable success stories and you really help me to overcome lots of fears as well as, answered lots of questions for me. I’ve did telemarketing for about 7yrs and i just started with a fabulous networking company. This is my 1st time in Network Marketing, and its been a major, major personal development for me. I just wanted to say thank you, very much for helping me with my goal and making the road so much smoother. Dani keep helping people and you will trully stay blessed…. Tay

Hey,Dani wanted to say,I really loved this success stories.Thanks for the opportunity.NO MORE EXCUSESS!I love it,I’m so ready.I’ts important for me to be succesful as a mother/women.You made me realize that I can do it.I have to learn,let go,and move on.GOD BLESS US


Thank you, Thank you, you are awesome I’m looking forward in meeting you, I have been in sales for a long time now retired, and I said to myself Oh I can do this, I have the expertise in selling, (cable service) when I heard your tape talking about the person that thought she could sell, because she had been in the sales, you told her she was trained for her business, you do need the trainning in this business. So bless you for putting me on the right track, I believe I will do will, in this business with your training.

stay blessed…Rachel

Thank you Dani, you never cease to amaze me with your passion and boldness. I can’t wait to hear you speak again in LA. See ya soon!

Thank you Dani. I saw you on TBN tonight, February 1, and after spending part of the day looking the new structure of the business I have been for last few years. I know it was God’s will that I see you tonight because I turned the television to look at another show when TBN was on and I stopped to listen. I will go forward to not listening to those excuses and press on. May God continue to bless you.

Thank you Dani. I saw you on Benny Hinn this morning on TBN, February 4, 2008. I had asked God to send me someone to help me with a home business that I am starting and there you were speaking with him. God is good! Yes, my excuse is that I am not a seller – it’s not me. I enjoy your enthusiam and I hope I get to be as passionate as you do. I am on my way. May God continue to bless you.

dani, wow i feel like a blind has been lifted from my hole life was one big excuse after enother….i will start that diet on monday so now i can eat that huge cream bun.well no more.thank you for your honest was a big kick in the butt for me.just what i needed.i will be listening every day and looking forward to growing into the person i know i can be.thank you again. andria simonsen-barrett.

I also saw you an Benny Hinn yesterday and today. I thought “thank you God “for allowing me to seea person who you blessed in business and I ask him to bless me also in my efforts to build this business and that it be to His glory. Thank you Dani for being His vessel.

I to have been a person of many excuses, but now after hearing the call I no longer will make excuses. I saw you this morning on, Benny Hinns program and I had to write your website down to find out more. I was glad to hear your story and was truly bless.

After listening to your call I realized life is too short for excuses. I do not want to live the rest of my life giving excuses and listening to excuses from friends and family even business associates.
Thank you very much for making me realize what I have been doing.
God Bless you,


Thanks for sharing simplicity with us. I look forward to reporting the increase in all areas of my life.

For His glory.


I am a mother of 11 married and on welfare. My goal is to be off of welfare in 2 months time, paid my debts in one year and have my home based business productive and my kids see how important it is to do nothing alone but All You Can put you effort in through GOD leading you. I can tell you with this accomplishment in my life it will be another testimony of what God has done in my life.
Thank You

God Bless you Hilda Pinzone

Dani I am a 58 year old failure at home business. I didnot have the training I
needed. I am not working because of a back injury. WCF settled with paying my bills. I have not been able to work. The disc’s in my back will not let me sit or stand for long periods of time. I need 83,000 dollars for an operation.
I have plugged into your teaching. I am with my company just starting. Your first messages give me hope. I am ready to start to work. I will see you in LA.
I am from Utah, out on a ranch. God Bless You Dani. I will be under Richard

Feb. 08, 2008
Dani, this is the first time on welfare. I am not working because of a back injury. I was in a car accident that total the car out after flip over on the concrete wall. A disc’s in may back is keeping me from getting a job, standing and sitting for a long time put me in pain. Before this I already had hit rock bottom and had no income coming in. I have a daughter that is depend on me too. I want a home based business. So I am listen to your teaching. Hopefully I can get a business start. I live in northern Ohio. Hope you will come to this area soon. I know God had a plan for me. I saw you on Benny Hinns program and thank you so much.

I first heard you speak on Benny Hinn’s and another TV ministry. It is awesome that you are offering the Quick Start recording free.

Since you were on Benny Hinn’s broadcast and seeing the title of your book “Spirit Driven Success” looks like your principles are spirtually based which I am extremely excited about. Because, I’ve believed my purpose was to make my business a success based on biblical and spiritual principles to serve others. This is my desire. I’ve invested quite a sum of money in other motivational and start-up concepts. I’m believing this is it.

Trudy L.


Hello Dani,

I really enjoyed your Quick Start Call #1. Yes I like the rest did see myself with many excuses because of fear in general or fear of success. I was already feeling that I wanted to go to Los Vegas once I seen you on Benny Hinn. You were so empowering until I just want to move to Los Vegas just to be a part of your company and be around this 24/7. I know that I must plung in 110% and this time quitting is not an option. Why? I have an innocent son who sits on Death Row and I was told by a lawyer’s associate that he’s there not because he’s gulity but because we did not have the money to pay for a good lawyer. Why am I telling you this, because quitting my new business is not an option. I could never make enough money for a lawyer on a 9-5 no have the life that I desire for myself, my children, grandchildren, family and friends. I know that God has always given me the desire to be an entrepreneur. I MUST change my life and the legacy of my family. I beleive God will use me to retain a new lawyer for my son. A new lawyer starts in the $130 thousands. I like others don’t have the money to come to Los Vegas, but I know I must, therefore, I must trust God. My son and my grandchildren are depending on me to make a difference. I’m depending on God to make a difference. I know I must be there no matter what. If only just to show myself that I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.

February 8th, 2008. Wow! Yes, its’s true I have heard from just about every “self-help” and “motivational” speaker talk about many topics. I’ve been to many retreats, advances, seminars and on dozens of conference calls to hear from top performers in my company. I have made up many lies in my mind and allowed the enemy to run rampid in my life long enough!! I deserve the best that everything life has to give me and I’m going to get off of my duff, work hard and do whatever it takes to succeed in my bussiness and in every single area of my life!! I thank you for being so bold and saying things in a way that only a few people are able to say it, while conveying it in an urgent, convicting and yet loving and practical way. I have no more excuses from this point on and I’m am so happy that I was watching Benny Hinn today. I can’t wait to give my testimonial!

Hi Dani

I not very good speaking English as a English language my second languages.This evening I started listen to you Quick Start call,I guess I still alots of thing need to learn.

I really trust you as a sister In The Lord.You really give from God,awesome teaching.I in very poor finiacial not much of debt but I am widow with two children,I live on Widow Benefit I just go one day a week to work because of my son after school,and we have had join mlm many times non of them succesful.

Right now I still join one of MLM kind of Natural Product but I not going anywhere.

I like to buy your Book one day “Spirit Driven Success”.

God Bless

I first heard you on Benny Hinnn because only TBN you can watch all christian program, that channel is very educational, I was surprise to see that there is an opportunity for a break through in business which i long to get started with out having to pay to get started thank you dani and thank GOD for TBN. I can’t wait to get started on my buniness.

I am very motivated by the words & wisdom that Dani Johnson has displayed about excuses. I have been looking for a home business that I can start & be success. I want to enjoy life, have more time, & be wealthy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Veronica Pearson:

Dearest Dani:

I can not even begin to thank my god and you as well for doing what you do. I have just completed the 1st Quick Call and I am so full and I can’t speak. I am so excited in my spirit because I know God is answering my cry for help. Help to become financially independent and properly take care of myself and family. I saw you also on Benny Hinn and God was already starting to work in my life towards a new dimension in my life. I took a leap of faith and left my job because of verbal abuse and other things that were causing a breakdown in my health, trusting God that this will be a new beginning for myself and my daughter. I know that this is it – my new beginning is here. Thank you again and God bless you again and again. I am looking forward to a life God always intended for me and my family.

February 12,2008-Thank you so much for the call concerning excuses, I have made those my stumblingblock for years and I’ve decided in 08 that new beginnings would be my lifestyle. I’ve recently started an event planning business in NC and I can’t wait to share my testimony from your training sessions. I’m so glad I watched Benny Hinn this week, listening to your principles will change my life.

God Bless!
Rochelle Saddler

wow that was amazing and a real punch in the stomach. all my excuses can’t hold any more. interestingly, while listening to it, i decided to take a leap of faith and start investigating more about my business. i had no money to buy a book that i would need to acquire the skills to start my business. but i got rid of my excuses and called up someone to pay for it. and guess what it was as easy as ABC. i am now on my way to start a business where previously i have been stuck in the paralysis of analysis zone and having no money excuse bracket. thanks. i have already listened to this twice in a row, i need to listen to it again. thanks and GOd bless

I am desiring a first phone call script. Love the follow up and closeing scripts. Can’t wait to use them.
I have most all Dani’s CD’s and have listened to them.

Thanks a MILLION
Carol Wilcox

Thank you for this call. I didn’t realize why I wasn’t moving forward. It was in the back of my mind, even though I have a positive attitude, I didn’t know I was making excuses!! You have open me up to why I have not moved forward after all the hard work. I didn’t make it a priority. Judy Clossin

Thank you Dani Johnson for give me the opportunity to listen to this call, I agree with you about the chances everyone has to do something important in our life. You are right, we need to get up about the excuses and follow the goals we wants. God bless you!
Thank you;
Carmen Figueroa

A real awakening, thought i had real reasons, all i have had is excuses. Now i am excited to make my home business a great success. Thank You.

Wendy Lamblin

Dear Dani, I have been trying to build my business and my biggest draw back is that my sponsor is quitting, and I am afraid to introduce my business because I feel that I don’t have the right system to plugg them into.
todays call gave me a lot of hope. I can see my self building my business with the awesome training you have, And have only listened to one call I am looking forewad to the rest. I already ordered your training materials and I am very disappointed becuse I will not be able to atend to your seminar in Los Angeles, I have a big Family event, on that Saturday.Can I come on Sunday? or let me know where you are having the next one.
I think you are awesome and I ma looking forward to meet with you and build my business with you as my personal training.

Dani, Thank you for highlighting the fact that those of us who are new in the network marketing business are like the dentist in the emergency room. It’s really important to learn the new skills that are required for success. Also the need to be fully committed to success otherwise you are bound to failure. The mind-set shift to positive determination is key. Thank you again!

It looks interesting. Hopefully it will help us realize our dream of making more money and paying down our debt. We need to do so as we are trying very hard to adopt children so we can raise a family. We have been married 20 yrs and have been unable to have children of our own.Adoption agencies can charge up to 40k per child for fees. We want to help these children if we can get ourselves positioned to do so. I will keep reading site and may go buy the book at the Christian bookstore.

Thanks for an inspiring word… This has lifted my motivation and im glad that there is someone like yourself who is willing to help others in need. How good is it that people can talk so highly of you. You must be stoked 🙂
That alone is a blessing no money can buy… Top stuff Dani… GBU

Dustin – Sydney Australia

Thank you, Dani! What an awesome call! I am going to listen to this one over and over again! I am so thankful that I found you! You have such a God-given gift to spur people to action so that they can live the life that they are meant to live! Thank you for all you do! God bless you!

You are a God-Timed connection. Excuses are pre-meditated lies. This is Feb. 28, 08, I’ve just returned from Illinois and afted listening to the call I am going to search out every area of my life where this lie has halted my God given potential and KILL IT!!!! I first saw you on Benny Hinn and your passion connected with my spirit, the rest is about to prove itself out. Thank you for loving people soooo much.

Thanks for the new awakening and reintroducing me to my inner self. As you gave to me so shall I give to others.

I would like to start and new Business that makes real money I try everthing but have not found anything that works from home if you can help I will thank you for it . Rhonda Blunkall

God, does indeed, work in mysterious ways.

Humbled now at what I am learning.

It’s time I applied it.

I want to say thank you for opening my mind to make me thank. I always thought that I had an open mind and now I realize that I really don’t have an open mind because it was only open for the things that I were visible to me and the things that I could touch and the things that were not visible to me I made an excuse for them. with your help I thing I maybe able to get past my excuses. and my biggest excuse has been that I can afford it. I don’t thing thaty I will be saying that anymore. another excuse that loved to use was that I’m not a salesperson and I must say that just said that this morning before I listened to this call, I don’t want to make more excuses and I want to be successful in my business. I am newly divorced and I have had to file chapter 13. I have allowed my ex to be an excuse in the decisions I have made in my life. So Dani please help me to be successful.


I am very impressed about how great is God!. He uses persons like you to give his message of freedom to whom allow be guided.

God blesses your life and your ministry!

Thank you for awesome training. I will do what it takes and it’s time to fulfill my dreams too, dreams for my kids and people i love .

Thank you,

Vera Novakovic

Hi Dani,

Your insights are on point, timeless, & biblical. The first excuse given was Adam blameing Eve for His on act of disobedience.

Since the blind can read because of braille, others can walk & run track with artifical legs, and countless of other individuals can over come hopeless situations then surely ” I ” can manifest all that God has made me to ” be ” & gifted me to ” be “, without ” excuses “.

Thanks Dani


Hi Dani,

Thank you for the rich message. This has given me an opportunity to look internally and really identify what has been stopping me from having the kind of success that I have envisaged for my business. Will tune in the other sessions.

Anthea Walcott

Dani you were talkinf directly to me when you were speaking on excuses! You are definately a God-send to people like me who would otherwise be still making excuses instead of making progress. This is the first day for the rest of my life!! I pray to God to help me keep the momentum going. Dani, always be there , for people need someone like you to shake their very foundation!!!! Again thanks. now let me put it to work!!!!

Hi danny im a freshman onboard and ive just listened to your call amen sister thatz right what man cant do go can do im happy to have god in my life becoz he strengthenz me when im weak and helps me through trials and tribulations and yes my life was all based on excuses oh but? what if?
thanks girl 4 your words of encouragement it has made me realize that there is more to life than the situation that i am right now and if i dont stand up and do something about it right now im going live with excuses and failures for the rest of my life from this day as i write this message their are things i need to change in my life that is firstly building my relationship with god for i have distance with him all because of excuses and to ask him to stengthen me and help me achieve my goals and to live a successful life according to his will . give thanks to the lord above that he has blessed u in so many ways i pray that he will continue to bless u and your family abundantly and may u always become a blessing to others god bles sista keep up the good work luv u heaps in jesus name!

It is hard to accept that something I never thought important turned out to be my biggest downfall – excuses!!!! Thank you for naming it, and exposing it.

I have gone through almost identical circmstances as yours but at a much later date in life. However, listening to you is jarring me back to reality. We live with the choices we make. The tragedy is that we let the low-life’s action destroy us instead of the other way around. Like you, I lost all my self-esteem{not that I ever had very much}. The lack of self-esteem was probably the reason it was so easy for him. Thanks to your insight, I may be an old broad but it is never too late to bounce back.

I am going to succeed. I do agree with some of your views and I thank you.

I do not appreciate you putting down anyone for “praying about it” god wants you to pray about it!!!

John 14: 12-14 verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also: and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto me Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name. I will do it.

So although I do understand excuses. I am offended by your comments on prayer!!! I believe in God, I have faith in God, and I believe that prayer is the most important thing in my life and should be in everyone’s.

Above jobs and monitary success!!! If you first have success in God you will have success in this life and after!!! IN JESUS NAME AMEN

Now please do not take offense. I understand you have your own opinions I just feel compelled to share mine.

WOW! My first time listening to this call and i am blown away. I have listened to many many calls and this call compells me to take action now. There is a fire in me again to win and win big for my family and others. I feel like i have comeback power. Thank you Dani for not aborting the call on your life. I will see you soon at one of your 2 day event.

This is my first time to listen to your call and I am sure that it will dramatically change my life pattern. I will have my wife, children, bothers and sisters listen to it so I can also help them change their life patterns.

Thank you very much and may God continue blessing you with His wisdom and strength.

I’ve attended Dani’s “First Steps to Success” 3 times in Jan.; Feb and March and it is THE coaching I needed to be successful in life AND with my home based business! My family is thrilled with the changes! I was a “banker” for 20 yrs. and “fundraiser” for 5 yrs. and “dabbled” with network marketing all my life! Why didn’t I think of training for that since I had professional training for my other professions!
I am talking to part time and full time new and interested business partners now, not selling product. I love and enjoy talking to people more than ever and value my new relationships as well as the old ones more! God Bless you Dani Johnson! THANK YOU!!! I know what to say with confidence now!!

Thank you Dani. I was referred to you by Steve in MI who is assisting me with a home-based venture. This is my first time listening to you. No more excuses. I have the faith that God will and does supply my every need. I have just been lacking the faith in most instances to fulfill my divine purpose within His plan. God has always placed individuals in my life the right time for me to do the right thing and your voice was it.

Having listened to you and the way you revealed the #1 Cause for Failure, I am content with the decision I have made in stepping out on faith and being my own business. As you have said, too many have done so and too few are willing to try.

Thank you again and may God’s richest blessing continue to be with you and in all that you do.

Dani, you have been such a blessing to me and my family. My sisters and I have had a poverty mentality. Your training has changed our way of thinking to be all God created us to be. Thank you for being all God created you to be. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks you Dani, I can only say God bless, I was losing my hope in myself. You know these are the things say 80% I knew but thought no body would be interested and why will they listen me, and I cannot do it. But excuses and sense of urgency i learnt from you today.
I came to know about you through Benny Hinn’s Ministry.
God bless really apprecaite. I myself has an expereince of coming out of debt which was 15 times to my income in almost a year. I am learning a lot from you although its just third time I am listening to you.
Thank you for being a God’s Person!!!!

Thank you Dani. You made me see life in a brand new way. I used to breathe excuses… This will change, starting now!

Thank you Dani and my sponsor who referred me to you which i believe is all in Gods grace and provision. Have looked all over and have lost hope due to some failures but your words have power and life and I agree to my stumbling blocks and excited to give it all my best and time and watch the results.

I am so confident now and looking forward to a great year.

May God continue to bless you, your family and your business for being very generous.

Thank you Dani for your God given insight about how the secular world needs to wake up. Stop listening to those whispers, those lies. If you’re a born-again believer, Jesus paid the price. We shouldn’t have excuses. Jesus said, “It is finished”. NO MORE EXCUSES. I liked what you said, “My past doesn’t matter. I am going to live according to where I want to go”. Hallelujah!! When was the last time we believed God for something the world considers impossible? The world needs to begin ridding their minds of the world’s misperceptions about what is or is not possible. Every day we need to remind ourselves there are no limits to what God can do and wants to do through us. There are no boundaries or limitations to what He can do through us if we are willing to obediently surrender to His sovereign will and His Holy Spirit. We need not be content with ordinary, second best, or third! Thank you, Dani for being obedient to the Lord. Thank you for seeking God for how He wants to raise you above the ordinary and do something new through you that you could never do on your own. Thank you for going above and beyond. Your friend in Christ Jesus. May God Bless you and your family and keep you in His loving care.

OH MY GOSH, I love your personality!!!!! You put everything right out there and give people real life examples and the strength to suceed!!! I really enjoyed listening to this call. Your Great!!!



I don’t understand how you could have gotten out of that taxi cab without trying to help that hopeless taxi cab driver! In your call, you said you got out of the cab and that was it. It was over. You have the gift of hope, and you didn’t share it?????


Dani thank you so much for opening my eyes to the the truth in how often we live our lives in the number one failure. As i listened to you tonight i know realize the main reason of why I’m at the spot in my life that i don’t like. this was a real eye opener!

I just have listened to this Quick Start #3 Program about excuses. Everything you say is soo true!!! I just can’t wait to hear the next call. I really enjoyed that hour of,how to get over your excuses it makes soo much sense this was a real eye opener REALLY!! I like to thank you very much and god bless you !

You truly have the heart of a lion Miss Dani! I’m soo looking forward to designing my future with the help of your trainings and WITHOUT EXCUSES!

Be blessed!

Dee Bautista

Hello Dani!

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I think you are amazing!

Keep up the great work you do helping others to succeed.


Adriel Yapana

I recently asked God to be my business partner. Now I know I can not fail. He will be by me to guide me, coach me and cheer me; to concil me and correct me. It matters not what my present situation appears, why should I fear if I can not fail. Thanks to God who gives us the victory, through Jesus Christ our Lorld.

I have been using excuses and NOT liking my life. Hearing the story of the cab driver made me do a LOT of searching… He turned down a strawberry and it wasn’t the strawberry that was important it was the blessing. How many blessings do I turn down every day. Thank you for sharing your life lessons

This sure made me think about the excuses I’ve been making, it’s not a habit I want to pass on to my children. This is a real eye opener……..Thank you!

This is going to be the first day of the rest of my life. It is time to take the first step and I am going to make this work. Thank you for making me see that the drive is really inside me, I just have to bring it out and now I will do it . You have opened my eyes.

Looking forword to learning all that i can. I’am open to new idea’s and i have a website up about 8mo. i give 200% to what i do, whatever it takes.

How bad do you want it? How much is it worth to, to get the structure to become successful in your life. I would have lived to have had this type of opportunity at your age, with the awareness that you currently have. You see, I’m 58 and still looking for the opportunity for my success. I see what this opportunity represents to my future, so
I’m doing what it takes to be the person of wealth.

Wow such an awesome message. We have to get it together. No one lse can do it but us. We have to believe.Great motivational messages

A woman of power I love it. Girl tell it how it is. the principles are timeless. she speaks universal truth. right on.

You are truely amazing. It is so good to see a woman of God lead by
spiritual principles. I have changed my way of thinking, no more excuses.
I am looking forward to tapping into your awesome training.

God Bless!!

It`s truly amazing to know you care enough to want to see others make their dreams and goals come true, I know God will continue to bless you and your family with many, many more blessing.

May God Bless !

Hi Dani. You are a remarkable woman. Thank you for opening up my mind and heart to what my set backs have been. Excuses Excuses!! Wow I was sitting here thinking and listenting to talk about how to be successful and to stop making excuses and get results. I tell you I am ready and willing to make a change in my life now. With God in my life and stepping out on faith there is no limit what I can achieve and be in this world. I will pass this on to my children that excuses get you no where in life. Results and trust and God and having faith and being determine to get what you want in life is the key to success. Thank for allowing me to listen in on quick start call #1. God is good and God bless you and your family. Can not wait to meet you in person.


One of my negative behavior has been to leave everything for later. I have felt very frustrated because I always wanted to be an achiever, but I knew I was not. Since I listened to your presentation, I am determined in not giving myself any more excuses; and to be prosperous in health, relationships (family and friends) and financially. Thank you so much.

Tanya Perez

Dani, I have been living in so many well crafted lies. Excuses are deadly. They steal the life out of me daily. Truly they make me hurt inside with such regret. Knowing I should be doing this or that and not doing it. I keep asking myself how long is this going to take?
No more. I am tired of excuses. How foolish they are.
Thank you for you straight forward approach. You care enough to tell it like is.

You made me realize that when they say “birds of a Feather Flock Together” that it doesn’t mean that you all are flocking because he’s nice or she’s nice, it can be one particular thing in there spirit or personality that pulled you all together, so I sat back and and analyzed my life and my friends and associates to see where and why did we flock together. There will be NO MORE Excuses!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Dani Johnson
Sareena Saulter

I have made a commitment to God to stop making excuses and become the man he created me to become. By the grace of God, may I be an example to others to do the same.

Your Brother-in-Christ,

Ed “H.O.P.E.” Heemink
e t e v
l h o e
p e p r
r l y
e d

Today I said I was going to do something great for myself. I am going to listen to the well planned lie call! Thank you if not enough.

Dani, I just listened to your Quick Start Call #1 and I was almost in tears. I know my skills but was so afraid that I was not good enough for anyone to see them. But you have given me the confidence to sucessed.

Very inspiring definately got me thing about my life and the limitations i have allowed to be rubber stamped on it. this has got to reap good fruit in me.

How can you get out of that cab and not offer to help the guy if u are soo good at changing peoples lives? What was he supposed to do, sell his cab that he didn’t own?

Powerful, powerful message!
Made me think about my own excuses for not moving forward. HOw easy those excuses come into our minds. The negative self-talk that holds us back. I grew up with a negative mother. Now when I see or talk to her
she’s is worse….just waiting now to die. (She’s 84). Very sad.
I want to rise above my parent’s put downs, my ex-husband’s abuse towards me, physically and emotionally.
I am happily married now and happy. I help in my community, my neighbors, my family. I rose up out of the muck. Now my excuses are done. I will succeed. Thank you, Dani.

First I want to thank Sergio who led me to this website and encouraged me to listen. Dani, you’re great. You have such an insight into people. I have failed at alot in my life, and when I think about it…you’re absolutely right.
No more excuses. I see this in my kids and I hate it, but what I hate even more? I know where they get it from…me. No more, and I am going to have both my boys listen to this first step. Thank you so much for being the person you are and for helping others.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. One day I will thank you in person.

Shelly Harvey

At the advice of a colleague we ordered the script book and accompanying CD’s. We cannot tell you the difference that it has made in my business and life. I enrolled two reps within 72 hours. The book is excellent but the CD’s really make the difference Dani’s passion, her heart and her Christian faith have triggered a real revival in our lives. We have been searching for a coach for sometime and “WE HAVE FOUND HER”.

May God Bless You in this very important work!

Larry and Becky Durr

Dani reinforces the concepts of the laws of attraction when she states that the people we recruit into our businesses will only mirror our own level of excuses. Something shifted within me for the better after I actually visualized the use of my own excuses on the one to ten scale, I am sure that I will think and do things differently from now on.

Simply Outstanding!!! Thanks for making the point… My excuses have clearly limited Gods power in my life. Thanks.

this was the TRUTH!!! i am a new parent and keep finding blocks in the service and i am getting out in september. i kno i need a change and got about three-four investments in areas in life but hearin this is a unbelievable mirror. i am pending a possible write-up because i feel God had me forget my keys to do this and get started because i cant do much and im already not doin anything at work but showing up! so thanks for an uplifting, motivation call like this! i dont like bein wit the crowd because i start pickin myself out and see more though i went and im proud of what im doin now! im ready!

I’m speechless! Its very true that people have been known to make excuses for almost every sceptical situation,but we all have and all i think it take is a little faith that this program is the blessing they been longing for all this time……….Dont turn your back on the one chance to be successful.


My husband and I have listened to you for the first time.
We certainly agree that excuses keep us from living a close to our Saviour,
one another and succeeding in our finances.
We plan to continue learning so that we can prosper in our hi-tech marketing business.

Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Hi Dani,
Its awesome – you are great carrying burden for the people. Its marvelous experience for me to avoid excuses and do what is required right now. I am determined to earn good income very soon. Thank you for helping me to understand the God’s will.

love u

South India

I wanna thanks Nancy for showing me this website,Dani Johnson i love your speeches,these speeches will change every one life who follow your steps.

Hi Dani,

Listening to your speech has changed my life for the better. I have to admit that i was one of those type of people who would give an excuse 40 percent of the time, but i don’t anymore. I stepped up to take full responsibilty for what i can do and I sincerely thank God for your gift of knowledge to success and continue to be a blessing toward others. For i believe that if it is to be then it is up to me.

Thank you for reaffirming that the thing that i am doing is the right thing. left and right people giving me excuse why its not going to work be careful its a scam but I have faith in me because I know the lord wants this for me and my family thank you again Dani god bless you and your family going to audio 2.

Thank you for being real and for re enforcing the way that I believe is the only way to go, which is up. awesome message very motivating, God bless you. Just loved it.!

This was an awsome call. I never thought I was so full of excuses. I know what direction I will be going with my life now. I know what I want and I’m going to go for it. You are an awsome person! Thanks again

Dani, Thank you so much. I’ve listened to this series twice and I appreciate all that you share. The Truth the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. The truth is what makes us free. I realized that as positive as I may (attempt) to be I was still not satisfied and know that God has so much in store for me and my family. Thank you for reminding me that I do have Dreams and Desires which will be manifested as I build my skill set and walk by Faith into what God has Destined for me. God Bless you and Hans and all that belong to you. I will see you soon. Priscilla

Everything that she says it true. I believe that we all get into a pattren of just making it. I want to be something that my children can respect and look up to. I want to give them a life of not wanting for anything. I want the same for my spouce. I would love to beable to put both of my children through the college of their choice with a respectful job that they can be proud of.

Dani-all i can say is wow! you really are amazing at what you do and when you talk about past things that have happened to you i can relate in a lot. I am 20 years old struggling to put myself through college and own my own restaurant someday. I have been on my own since i was 13 and the one thing you talked about was excuses, which sometimes i still have, but that is the one thing i realized i had to get rid of 8 years ago or else i would have never made it through high school or even now getting through college. God has a plan for everyone and one of mine i think he has for me was listening to you. Thank you so much great inspiration!

Dani –

Thank you so much for the inspirational advice. I feel that this will come to help me as I apply all that I have learned from you hear today. I appreciate all that you do and will continue to look for more inspiring words from you.

Tammy Leonard

Thank you so much Dani, I’m done with excuses. I’m going to step out of my comfort zone. It’s impossible to listen to you, and not feel that I can succeed. You are a Godsend to my life…

Dani..i like your chats.builds courage to keep going..keep positive and believe in this product and yourself..success is within reach thanks

Alphonso Thorne

Can’t wait to hear day 2, thanks. I am a new home based business owner and I have a big goal of replacing the income from my old job while taking care of one year old miracle baby, husband, and 16 year old. I look forward to making that happen. I am now trying to figure out how to get to Dallas at the end of January. I live in San Antonio, so I can drive and I can get a discount on a hotel, just need to come with the money to go the training. Pray for me!

Hi Bonnie- Thanks for your comments and we will be praying for you. Check out DJU Dormatory on Facebook for cheap accommodations. – Brian

Great site aud info. Quit making excuses and become the person that God intended you to be. God has a plan for me and for you. Its time.

god’s helper:Dani thank you for keeping me positive and hopeful that I can acheive any thing that I want, long as I stay positive which is godly, and showing that negative is that of satan. My skill are from the lord and I know I can do the Impossible because having the will to gain wisdom from a god fearing teacher of confidence,in making the person see the light which is good for business and a better life.

Thank you so much. I am going to take control of my life & make my business grow-no more excusses! I can’t wait to listen to day # 2.

Thank you!. I am going to get over my excuses and make things happen! My major excuse has been procrastination-I dont like it-I feel ever so much better having accomplished what needed to be done. Why do we wait? Excuses, like you say.

Does anyone know what the second rule for helping yourself get over other people’s excuses? I know #1 is to get over your own. Missed the second one somewhere….

Thank you!

Feel like I just simultaneously received a kick in the butt, a pat on the back and a big “you can do it!” Thanks for all three and looking forward to this 30 days of equipping!

This was right on time! I came back from FSTS with a new “no excuses” mindset, so this was perfect to keep that commitment going. Also, I have insisted my team plug into Smarter Networker, and they are already changing their attitudes! Thank you Dani and Brian!!

Warm regards,
Samantha Parent

I needed to hear this message today…. After hearing this just now I don’t need any coffee this afternoon… GREAT MESSAGE! I will surely point all my friends to the 30 day boot camp..

Wow! My very eirst time listening to this,I felt like Dani was speaking straight to me. Just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Very Inspirational and motivating wish I knew I about this when I returned home from my deployment back in 2011.

Awesome!!!! I like Dani’s DELIVERY !!!! the enthusiasm in her voice, and the honesty that is felt in her sincere words. Words of Truth…. Words of wisdom to “live according to where I want to go!”… and to be reminded “I cannot buy back yesterday”…. therefore, “Am I fully maximizing my today?” Good words, Dani thank you!

Juanita Johns

Just hearing this call motivates me to do a whole lot better. I have two girls and I want to make the best life for them. The only way I can do it is if get out of my excuses. AMEN!! Thank you so much for your motivating words.


This has been impactful. There is so much more than I’m living. I think I’m looking for a larger stage, I’m ready. Nice to feel like there is a focus and a pathway.

I decided recently to start my own business, 3 days ago actually and I agree I have made excuses for years not to do it and now for a GREAT future!!
Roll on my money and freedom!!
Thanks I appreciate the push and watch this space!!!
Heartfelt and grateful

Oh my gosh. I am so glad I tuned I and took 2 pages of notes. Don’t be in place where you’re distracted. You’ll want to block everything out and NOT miss anything. Thank you Smarter Networker.

Okay so I finally kept trying and was hell bent on listening to the first audio and typed a comment which was an excuse. I can actually succeed because I overcame the first excuse. This was so awesome to hear and understand what was happening to me. Thank you Lord for telling me to keep trying, and leading me to this site.

Hi Dani!! Hi everybody!! 🙂
I overcame my biggest excuse: I can´t afford to come to DJC in LA on July 2013, because I live in Germany.
I so thank GOD that I went!! Dani was awesome, I´ve learned a lot, I experienced inner freedom and I met bunch of people who also want to succeed. On Saturday at lunch, I met 2 people, they talked about their businesses, I was just listening and paying attention. And they were also talking about 30 days boot camp. I asked them where can I get that? They told me where and that´s why I´m here. Today is my first day of 30 days DJ boot camp!! So I think GOD led me to you and to those 2 to people too!
1st day: NO more excuses and get myself equipped with skills that I need.

I so have my boots on!! *determined*

I am 65 years old and just started a new business one week ago. Last evening I stumbled upon Dani Johnsons 30 day bootcamp and I am so very grateful to be part of this gift.

I am 79 going on 80. I had an open heart surgery that has left me disabled. I knew I needed income and that I needed to find something I could do from my home. I asked local businesses for telecommuting work and looked at hundreds of online work. Three weeks back I found one business I could do with my phone and computer but I am having trouble getting conversions. This 30-Day boot camp first audio has awakened me to what I have not been doing that I should have . . . years back I can recall being taught these principles. A heart-felt thank you.

That was my wake up call,I have a full time job a small cleaning business and two home base business i can not get off the ground ,no more excuse its time to get back on the ball. Thank You, Dani

Dani this is my first time listeneing to this audio and i must say I love it becuazse you are honest and you know GOd and what he can do. You are so right people thrive and feed and l.ive on excuses. God Bless you girl becuase you are somebody!

I “stumbled” on this while checking on my own YouTube videos…I already ordered the Scripts to start with! I think I have seen this years ago but just this time sunk in…and I am so glad it did.

I can not tell you how much this has touched my life brought tears to my eyes and opened them up wide. I have had a home based business for four years now and it has been full of excuses and guess what all I got were people full of excuses. I refuse to Quit and NOW I AM STOPPING ALL EXCUSES! I am going to make this business work at all costs. Thank you Thank you Thank you for changing my LIFE!

Teresa Price

I’m so inspired by your words of wisdom. You make me think about my life and where it is going. I have made so many excuses in my life time. Been on my own since I was 13 years of age I come from kind of same situation as yourself. I am now 31 now I’ve listen to you and the words that you speak are so true I have always said that life is what you make it. But now I’ve realised that I really haven’t truly lived by those words. But you have open my eyes and I thank you and God bless.
Trevor Clark

I just told my mom today that someting BIG will come along my way, and this BIG OPPORTUNITY comes. It’s true, when you claim for the success and work for it, you’ll have it. Thanks Dani for this opportunity that I will work on and make change in my life with my family and my mom.
Thank you so much again for changing peoples lives to success.
God Bless!

I love the factual way you teach but even more than that I love the way you teach God’s way. He really can empower us to break our habits of excuses! Thanks, Myra

OMG!! I just finished listening to you Dani and you are absolutely amazing! GOD BLESS! You are helping me get closer to my dreams and putting my excuses to rest. Thank you!!!

Great training call and i’m looking forward to succeeding. I definitely want to prove to my wife that you can make money online. I have a fulltime job and work in my hometown. I don’t make much money and need extra money. So, I want to succeed and start making money to prove to my wife. We have debts to pay off and need it badly. So, I pray that I become totally financially free some day.

thank you for my first free 30day bootcamp… i really appreciate… taking the time to train me for this awesome program you have im learning alot.. i need that uplifting confidence just to know that you can make it in life..
take care and god bless!!!

Thank you, Dani, for your straight-forward way of instructing us to deal with our excuses, to rise up, step up, go forward, and do something extraordinary. It has been a long haul for me in the excuses area. I am coming out of the wilderness of bondage from my past; and I thank God that He has put several different Spirit-filled Christians in my path including you. Somehow, I will make it to one of your meetings. In the meantime, I will feast on the recordings that you have made available. Thank you again. God bless you and your family.

AMAZING speech !!! Sooooo true !! it is hard to do the change out of the habitual routine of excuses in life Dani. BUT, with your motivational help and with the help of this team, I KNOW I can change and achieve my goals that I have set out in life from now on.

Thank you Dani !!!!

Dear Dani,

Thank you so much for having an opportunity to listen to this call.This call essential to us all for I have created so many excuses for my life but as of today rating where I am and making change. May God continue to bless you. Powerful words to self awareness.

Thank you Dani for putting into words, and into perspective, so many things I have been half-aware of. This has really crystallised some important issues for me, and I am looking forward to the next instalment of bootcamp. I am a champion excuse maker, and NOW is the time to stop, to learn some new behaviours.

this is my first time doing anything like this. I really do hope and pray it works out for me. As a newbie i will need all the help i can get, and i believe i am getting it so far. If any one has any tips please let me know. So far everything seems to headed the right way.

thanks for your help and support,

Dale Horchler


I do not know why people do the things they do; why they do the same things over and over but still complain about their lot. The idea I found from this call was that the creativity bump must be stimulated to tip people out of that sinking boat. Thank you, Dani!

Thanks Dani for telling the truth as it is. These are great words that tell the truth while they motivate and encourage at the same time. The bible is true about knowing the truth and being set free by it. I pray that these truths that are spoken by you into my life will set me free. To everyone that read this comment by me let us pray for one another for strength to overcome and defeat our excuses and procrastinations. God Bless you Dani and your team as you continue this good work. Amen.
Josephine Taylor.

I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to do these trainings and to offer so much information and wisdom for free. God directed me to you when I needed someone to guide and help me, with my MLM and I’m so happy he did. It was one late night in April 2014 I came across your First Steps To Wealth e-book free offer, read some of it, ordered a copy, took a tour of your web-site and signed up for FSTS in Baltimore.

Today I restated doing the 30 day boot camp and I’m so glad you have this for us.

You are a woman with wisdom and a passion for others.

I know I have to get over my excuses and I’m working hard on that. I’m asking Jesus Almighty to help and guide me on my way. While listening to all your cd’s I’ve purchased and reading everything I have from you along with the BIBLE and How to Win Friends and Influence People. I haven’t read so much in my life and I’m enjoying it.

Can’t wait to get to Atlanta for Dynasty and then to Texas for FSTS.
God Bless!


“Only been there can tell going there how to get there”!

Thank you Dani for showing us the way to the top!

Antonio Vincenti

THANK YOU!!!!! This has REALLY spoken to me!! I KNOW there is something better for me, and I am now on the road to achieving it!!!

Dianna Chase

Aloha! Today I got my seventh day, but only today I started on my first day on Boot camp. It made me think that even I had an excuse: I don’t have a business now, so I’ll do it later when I get money to start my business. Thank you for training me and many more people, Dani Johnson.

Mahalo nui loa, Cindy

Humbleness is recognizing who you are and what your doing. God I want to be humble and teachable! No excuses, no more “maybe’s”. Like your Word says: “May my yes be yes and my no, no”.

I’ve searched and searched for this call after “pressing play” for a long time after listening to Prospecting and Closing to Millions. I truly wish I had found this earlier but HOLY MACRAL.
Thanks so much for this 30 days program. I’ve been stressed out all day because of the calls I want/need to make hearing her say “if that first guy hadn’t called her where would she be. Even though I’ve been to FSTS and DYNASTY this might just be the most powerful call I’ve ever heard.
Brian and Dani

I am at the end of my rope, but I have not lost hope. Thank you Dani for sharing with me. You spoke on everything that I am dealing with and have dealt with but I am so looking forward to hearing more and getting involved.

thank you sooo much. im a college student trying to get by, by myself and every word you said was just amazing and so true. thank you so much. I can wait for the next 29 days.

Thank you so much for this call. I have been hiding behind single parenthood for 14 yrs, that has been my main excuse. When you have been down for a while, you get stuck there and begin to identify with that low position. Not any more!! Looking forward to the next 29 days. Thank you

Thank you, Dani, for sharing yourself “wholeheartedly.” I discovered a very important part of my WHY while listening to this first session: To become ALL that God created me to be, utilizing ALL the skills, talents, gifts and abilities He has entrusted to me, AND to empower and encourage others to do the same – just like you are doing now. I thank God for giving me this word through you today. Many blessings on you, your family and your ministry. NO MORE EXCUSES!

Thank you, I’m challenging myself to listen and attentively to all 30 days! I’ve done day 1 now on to Day 2. Thank you very much for this information and encouragement, Dani!

I’m sorry but motivational information isn’t what was described! I want to get the “meat” of how I do this business. Steve

I just wanted to thank you for the chase to put away my excuses, and to add that where i come from things like this comes once in a life time and i am honor and thankful that i have chase to make a change in my life also in the lives of my family. i also have five kids,four girls and one boy doing will teach them that no matter what life throws at you keep going with the will power to success in life and to do so with all of your heart give it your all and never settler for nothing because we all is worth more than what we accept. GOD bless you and i look forward to pushing toward my success.

I have just done1st day training! and I’ve recognized that I’m currently in an excuses
with a lot of things. but not any more. I will do what is need to be done and make my life into a success. and I look forward to the rest of the 30 day boot camp training.

Hello Miss Dani, I LOVE your passion and enthusiasm you show as you are providing such invaluable training and mentorship. Thank you.

brand new never realized what excuses were doing in my life thank you for opening my mind to see. no more excuses.

Awesome information…right on point with me! Signed up for Pro and am anxious to move along with it.

Donna Long

Enjoyed the information that was given. It’s time for me to get my buttocks moving forward with no excuses.

Many thanks Dani.

Bellina Hart

This is my 2nd time listening to Day 1. I’m going to play catchup over the next couple of days. I’m currently starting a new job tomorrow, and it’s going to be a 2-3 hour commute, so I am going to be listening to these days while I’m traveling to work. I absolutely need this workshop.

Thanks Dani,

Thanks Dani. Loved the First 30 day training Video. Waiting on the second. Look forward to all the training.
Samuel Jones

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