30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 4: Secrets To Making Money Your First Week In Business!

Tonight, Dani will teach you what you really need to know to make money your first week in the business! This call is a great call for new people as well as anyone who wants to be financially independent and live their dreams.

Topics Include:

  • How to stay away from actions that will guarantee failure and use a simple system to success.
  • Why does a doctor have the authority to earn 6 figures and how you can get that authority?
  • How you can easily tell which prospects will work and which will not
  • How to know when you should "NEXT" someone
  • Are you building your business as a professional or with a lottery mindset?
  • Learn how a mother of 11 made $65,000 – working part-time!
  • Discover what you could be doing that might be wasting your time and money
  • What Dani says about stepping up to the top package
  • How you can learn from the source and build your business fast!
  • Dani’s FREE GIFT for you!

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46 replies on “Day 4: Secrets To Making Money Your First Week In Business!”

GREAT call!!! Absolutely a phenomenal tool. Plan to plug 5-10 people into this call every day. Thank you Dani, Hans and staff.

God Bless.

Joy M.

Wow! What a blessing this call was tonight. They just keep getting better. I want to send everyone I will be talking to this week to this call. This is a step by step way to get involved. This call will help so many people. Thank you Dani.


Another outstanding call! Your message to prospective business builders in particular was exactly what needs to be said every time. I’m glad to be a Pro member so that I can download this message and replay it over and over. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your insights with us!

my name is tammy and i just wanted to say thank you so much dani johnson for all that you do. you have really inspired me and now i no longer have any fear of talking with people. i have rededicated my life to god and i owe it all to you. and my friend that gave me your website. thank you, thank you, thank you. i look forward to meeting you in person.

Wow — Dani, earlier this evening something told me to send all the prospects I was talking to to your call instead of to my website for my business presentation. I’m really glad I listened!!

This week, I will send 5-10 people each day to the call! And I can’t wait to see the results!

Thanks so much for everything!

This call tonight was awesome! I made the decision to start my homebased business a week ago and I could feel myself starting to get depressed today that my phone isn’t ringing. I KNEW if I didn’t listen in on this call tonight I could forget about ever becoming a success. Now I know I am still on the right track, I just have to bump things up a lot and take advantage of the tools available at and through my upline. Thanks for letting me in on the call!

We know that God has richly blessed your life, and blesses others abundantly through you. Each week as we listen, we are reminded of the truths we learned at First Steps in Dallas. We are encouraged to keep working at the business and trust God for the results to come as we remain teachable and follow directions. Just this evening we learned that due to a team member’s helping us, we will receive an unexpected check this week — one that we would have missed unwittingly without our sponsor’s help. We are just starting, and our business is still small. Thanks to your training and encouragement, however, we believe that it will grow as we develop the necessary skills and build a firm foundation of focusing on the needs of our team rather than an agenda of our own. Thank you.

Abosolutly great to hear and feel the presence of authority and enthusiam from you and the dedicated team being raised. I loved last weeks call and the best point tonight to me was what my devotions have said the last month—just plant the seed and He will grow the crop. We won’t know how but we will see it–Like the small mustard seed!!! I am bring 3 new so far and 2 repeats from Dallas…I can hardly wait and I’m looking for more..Great Call and Thank You for being on our team call – I was doing a home presentation party and after 8 of us watched the webinar…GOD SPEED!!! Blessings-Bill

Thank you, Dani, for your call tonight. It was GREAT!
Thanks, too, for the SPECIAL training call you did earlier this evening. Many teams were on this call and I believe Bob & I were placed at the right place at the right time to receive the offer for the call. We pray God will continue to bless you as you continue to bless others with your time, your energy and your knowledge.

This was such a useful call on the simple step by step, duplicatable program you built for all of us. The replay of the Dynasty call with the testimonials was inspiring. Thanks for all you do.

Dani, you did it again. I was kicking myself for not having 20 people on this call. You totally laid it out on the line. You know how to wake someone up, inspire them, give them hope, and direct them in a direction that can truly change their life. You tear down all the excuses and get people to examine what they really want and find out if they are willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Thank you for what you are doing. I will get my prospects and clients on this recorded call this week through your free training website. May God continue to bless you, open the eyes of his people, and give them the faith to act now upon the answer to their prayers.

Jodi Kruse

Wow, what a phenomenal call.

Not only was this a great learning experience in regards to the format of a prospecting conference call, but I now have a call I can refer prospects to so that Dani can close them for me!

We attended the Melbourne FSTS Seminar and were blown away by it. What a wake up call to reality. Everyone this is a must.

After 24 Years I have turned my faith back to God. My wife who has never believed in anything is has turned to GOD. That blows me away totally! Thank you Dani, for showing us the way from which we have lost.

Towards the end of the call, tears began to fall from my eyes because I hear all these people succeeding but yet I am not, I am so happy for all of you that are taking the step but I am lost as to what everyone is doing? Am I missing something? You say you go out into the street and pick up prospects – what is everyone doing? I love talking to people but just cant see where and when I make my move? Can someone please help us, my wife and I need desperate guidance.

My friends, if any of you wander away from the truth and another one brings you back again, remember this: whoever turns a sinner back from the wrong way will save that sinner’s soul from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins. James 5:19

Thank you Dani!

Last nights call was hugh! This not only reinforced what I already knew but is so valuable to those who have doubts about their business or just starting.

I intend to bring at least (5) people a day to this site to hear your wonderful message.

God Bless you,

Henry Woods

Dani did a full blown presentation last night- if someone missed that, they are CLUEless! Oh my gosh! I was thinking over and over again- we need that transcribed,
we need that in a Presentation Success System booklet.

I know you guys love feedback- if I were to ask you to create a product that would fill a need, it would be THAT! A booklet with a presentation completely transcribed out that one could use during a presentation. A booklet with the ‘getting a new person started’ script, and a booklet with the 3-meeting plan.

Dani CLOSED 2 people for me with this call! I can SEE why she closed 100% of her room with these presentations!

Hey, if anyone else wants to see this kind of book, LEAVE A COMMENT! Let’s see if we can get the CEO of Dani to consider this! A booklet with presentations scripted out totally!

Dani- you have taken home based business to a serious level of competition that I believe people had NO CLUE it could possess! Thank you is not enough!

Oh my Word! That call was totally outrageous!! I’m so glad I had at least 3 new people on it and their belief was so improved. Thanks so much!

Great call, first time listener. I was so amazed and most of it was confirmation that my business will continue growing. Thank you Dani Johnson!!!!!!!!

Awesome once again!! This call is a very big blessing to all of us in business, as is EVERY monday night call! The testimonies almost made me cry. We agree with Sandi about making a product that is a script for the home presentation success system!! Thank you always for all that you do for all of us that plug into your training Dani.
God Bless,
Monty & Danni

What a refreshing upbeat atmosphere for people who are striving to be better and to get out of a rut. Its just a simple joy to get that much excitement and pass it on and know its GODs will for all those of a good heart to be the very best and succeed.. Its changed me to a higher place.

AWESOME CALL!!! Your team needs to hear this!!!

Dani covers every objection in the book in such a smooth and professional manner that it is just straight, matter-of-fact conversation and if we take the authority we need to speak with conviction regarding these matters, people will naturally feel led to follow us!

Learn to use this and it will pay you huge dividends!

Wonderful call for people who are trying to get started and brand new people. Enjoyed this call as I do all your calls! You are the Best! Thanks!

I have to agree! This was an amazing call. I second what David Abbot said. It’s one of the few calls Dani talked directly to the prospect.

But if we paid attention, she was also teaching us how to over come objections from new prospects joining our business and even objections from team members getting to First Steps.

Thanks again!

WOW!! What an awesome call! It gets better and better and I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us next.
Thank you once again, Dani and Hans!

Everyone. Let’s remember to pray for Hans and Dani. When people are on the front lines and doing so much for so many, the enemy would love to knock them off. Please pray that God would bless and protect these great people and everyone who works with them. Thank you, Lord, for Hans and Dani Johnson.
God’s blessings in Jesus Christ to you all!

Hi Dani and Hans, I finally got to listen to last Monday’s call and it was fantastic!

I would love it if there was a way to keep it on the free site for all the future clients that I send to your site!

I am wishing you all life has to offer…

from my heart to yours

Peace, Light And Love

Take Care and God Bless

Sylvia Svihel

I have always been inspired and motivated after listening to a recorded call. I realize that the new site is wonderful but it’s not in my budget at this time. Since the pro version came out I’ve been unable to listen to any of the calls so hopefully I’ll be able to do the pro version this year. I sure appreciate all the assistance I’ve had with this business and hope all I’ve learned can be put to good use.

Incredible call. I have listened to you for over a year, own almost every one of your products and have been to First Steps. Thank you for all you are doing for our industry!

Oh my Gosh! That’s one of the BEST calls I’ve ever heard from your company. This call answered so many of the concerns that I had when I got started and I KNOW this will help a huge amount of people step up and start to take control of their future. Thanks for being so real and so professional at the same time. LOVE IT!

May God continue to bless you Dani and Hans and all your staff, as you work so hard and give so much to helping others. I too, know without any doubt, that God answered prayer by first introducing your site to me. I praise God for both your script books and showing me in Dallas that I am a Ruby. I can’t wait to see you again in Los Angeles. I took 4 pages of notes from tonight’s call and cried and raised Holy hands through the last 10 minutes of testimonies from Melbourne! I can do this! I have made the comittment. “I am not asking for it to be easy, just worth it.” Just as I have heard you say before.

I love you Dani. Thanks for believing in me!

Hi Dani,

I am new to this business and I brought my tix to my very 1st First Steps to Success Seminar…See you in LA. I can’t wait to be blessed. This call like all of your other ones are awesome!!!

This call was so awesome! There is such a humility and helpfulness in your spirit and a sincere identification with people who are taking a leap of faith out of fear into a new prospect in life… YET you also in humility hold us to personal accountability for our lives, our decisions, AND the results or outcomes of those decisions. My request would be: PLEASE include this call in the free member’s area!!!! It is a POWERFUL call for new people!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Becky Mohr

Dani & Hans,
My husband & I just got back from 1st Steps in L.A. We are so broke & in debt that we had our water cut off last month because we couldn’t pay the bill. We didn’t have the money to come all the way from Virginia, but we borrowed the money and came anyway!
It was the best business decision we’ve ever made! I became a ProMember at the event, and just listened to this call for the first time. Hearing you talk about all those who need help because they are in abusive situations brought tears to my eyes, because it reminded me of WHY I need to get out of debt and get wealth!
My background is very similar to yours, and God has called me to offer hope to those in abusive situations. I strongly desire to do more of it, and now I know I will be able to, because you have given me the tools to make the money I need to make a bigger difference in more lives.
On our way to the airport, I left my jacket at the restaurant
where we had lunch before catching our flight home. When I
got home, I found the number on-line, and called the restaurant, asking for the manager. When I told the manager that I had left my jacket, but I’m back in Virginia, and asked her if she would send it to me C.O.D., she said, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” I said, “How did you know?” and she answered, “I can hear the joy in your voice,
so I just knew you were.” Wow! My new confidence and the joy of the Lord came through the phone line!
We will see you in Baltimore next month, and in Minneapolis in May. I can’t wait to share what’s changed with you! God bless you both for giving so much!

Kathy Mason

Dani & Hans,
Wow!!! WHAT an uplifting call!!!!. What incredible testimonies from our friends in Australia!!!!!. Thank you Dani for the overflowing excitement that is sent over the phone in your voice. I can just see the smile and your eyes looking at people with expectation of seeing results of greatness happening in their life. I’ve gotten two compliments at work from customers appreciating how nice and helpful I have been on the phone. I get to practice, “what(pause) can I do for you” It motivates me to continuely pursue ALL that I do with the spirit of excellence.
I agree, this should be made available to a new person just getting started. If not made available permanently on the free members site, then could it be made in an mp3 formatted cd that could be purchased to be given as a gift to those who sign up at the top package. A one-two kick the rear, top package and next step. We could give this mp3 cd with an application for the next First Steps to Success Seminar, thus, exposing, involving and then upgrading! And Hans thank you for creating the best training website for us all. I thank God for the hedge of protection around your whole family. Thank you for being the man of God that you are…a true servant leader.
Bernie Kim

I’m a new member what I’ve been able to hear and understand has been quite an experience. Excuses are well planned lies.

I’m not sure if I aM going to get a reply from this but, I started a business and 5 months into it basically quit. I didn’t even get to the 1st level. It was a real let down since this was not my first business venture. I thought I sought God and that I was on the right path. There was this thrill and excitement I can not begin to explain when thinking on the possibilities of success in this business and 7 months later I still remember exactly what that felt like. I haven’t given the business a second thought till almost 2 1/2 weeks ago – it persisted and I knew it was God.
I gotta tell you there is nothing my flesh wants to do more than run as fast as I can from this and never look back, but my spirit inside is telling me to move forward and I am fighting fear of failure to get to the place where my faith abides and know that I can never fail that He is always with me and that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strenthens me.
Thanks for your commitment.

This was a great call for the 4th day. I already feel like I am learning so much and this is only day four. Thank you Dani,Hans and staff! I want to go to a First Steps and as I was not able to go to one last year, my goal is this year when one comes to my area.

You know that God bless you to bless me and others… I thank you so very much Dani for this call. I am rewinding Day #1, #2, #3 over and over so I can really get what you are saying and for me to root it in my mind so I can have the skill and to know how to talk to customers…I started with some phone calls and emails. So thank you Dani with your help. God continue to bless you with great health and spiritual growth….Sincerely Meri.

I just got started in network marketing last summer 2013. Aside from the training provided by the company I joined, I love the fact that Dani Johnson and other successful network marketers are willing to help us newbies. I am not someone who has handled change very well for most of my life, and I need things to be presented simply to me, but I find Dani does a great job of making things simple and coherent.

Thanks from Toronto, Canada!

I have been really blessed by this teaching and training by Dani I would love to come to a live event when I’m able to come to USA. Thank you for all you do Dani Hans and all your staff God Bless as you are blessed!!

This training by Dana are GREAT!!!! I feel accomplished already and everyone I’ve talked to yesterday and last night is totally interested and sold without any distribution!!!!

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