30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 10: How to Remove What’s Stopping You From Success

Tonight call is geared towards those of you who are new in the business as well as established leaders. You can make millions by simply applying the information provided in this call alone!

  • Which of the 5 types of brand new people are you?
  • Why haven’t you taken the next step yet… what is stopping you?
  • What is the only investment you can make with a guaranteed 100% return on investment?
  • If your business is hard on you can how can you make it easier to increase your check
  • Are you willing to give up your chance at success because you are afraid?
  • Where you can learn exactly how to execute prospecting scripts professionally
  • What’s the best way to know if your business will work for you?
  • Your business will work for you as long as you…
  • Are you choosing to succeed or fail?

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36 replies on “Day 10: How to Remove What’s Stopping You From Success”


You do it again. Yes, again you have helped move my team to a greater level of success through tonight’s call. I simply love the simple format you develop and after the call I reviewed some key areas with my team members so that I could see if we were all on the same page.

Thanks again from the bottom of mine and our hearts, we are moved to further action because of your Powerful Motivation.


Hi Dani

Thanks for an awesome call last night.
I’m 19 years old. And With Your help
I will Be one of your success stories.
I it is my goal to be a millionaire in
the next 3 years. With Your help I know
it is very possible. Thank You for accepting
the challenge to bless the masses with
your knowledge of this Industry.

Ryan Tate

Hi Dani,
You are just………… AWESOME ! and your teaching is just something we love and
highly beleive in ! 🙂 We share your site with others that are tryly trying to be
successful in this great industry!

You are simply the best!

Greg in Solon, Ohio

Dani –
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had the pleasure of meeting you in Atlanta and you are a phenomenal person. This call was for ME. I was listening to this call and as I was taking notes, I saw myself in everything you were describing. This is the nudge I needed to get me working on my Warm Market and stop being afraid of what people will think and afraid of failing! I agree this should be in the free zone for new members! Keep doing what God has blessed you to do.


I am looking forward to seeing you in one of the seminars, so I can become a profitable business owner from home. I would like to know if you will be doing a seminar in or near Nashville Tn. or somewhere near Southern Illinois? I am looking forward to seeing you soon and enjoy listening to you on your website.
Thanks very much.
Rick Bowman

What a great call to share with the team. What a great shake ya to wake ya.
By the way, you can scream and yell and get all excited anyday in our ears.
I can’t imagine listening to a calm and so called professional voiced Dani.
God made you YOU. You ROCK!

All I can say is my goodness, I need to listen to this when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I will comment again next week to leave my numbers…

Dani Thank you for tonights call. I have talked myself into making many excuses this week.It is the shot in the arm that I needed. You are awesome

Hi Dani,
Thanks for the fantastic meaty free resources and training. You rock! I will be sure to share your site with those I prospect and also encourage them to invest in your script book and other tools that will help teach them the skills needed to be successful as well as myself. I am presently helping my husband promote his business and have been afraid of rejection and calling new prospects, but after listening to you, I know I can do this! Thanks again!

Hi Dani,

I know if I do everything you teach I will attain the success I so desire. Thank you for everything you do fo your members. I look forward to hearing our “Power Plays”.


Awesome Call, Dani, How many people do I have thinking of me now? Awesome Call, I appreciate all your calls Dani,

Merle Miller
London OHIO

Whoa, Dani, I’ve been a sideliner, whiner, loser, much afraid, uncommitted.
Your focus, energy, fire is breathing life into me and my future. I wasn’t at the bottom looking up, I was beneath the surface, and I see a strong light shining high above the hole I’m in, and your voice is reaching me in the deep, dark pit, calling for me to “Come out.”
Thank you for believing in folks like me, giving help and hope. I thank God for you, that by delighting in mercy as He does, your free message is grounding me in commitment.
How can I thank you enough? (By changing!)
Susan Sollenberger,
Fort Collins, CO

You absolutely hit me right over the head, you had me in tears. You are amazing and I am
so looking forward to hearing from you everyday!!!

That call was very powerful and thought provoking.Everything you said made alot of sense to me an I will make sure I not only apply them but get my team in on it as well.God Bless you,your entire family and the good work that you are doing.If someone listens to your calls and doesn’t acquire anything then they have a serious problem.


That call was great! Things that I have let stop me from being who God has made me, I will break free from! I cannot wait for First Step for Success in Dallas!

This call was just what I needed. You are exactly right about 7th graders, I have one right now and her grades are slipping because of this mentality. I don’t want to put my life on hold any more because of others’ opinions.
Also, my husband is frequently telling me that I have enough information and to just get started already. I am stepping up and using what I have learned from you to make calls no matter whether I get it right or not. I’ve spent so much time listening and learning, but not applying. Surely I’ll get more results than I have been.
Thanks for having these calls, and especially for making the new calls available in the free audio vault again.


Dude, i am so amazed at this site, that you have put forth from OUR heavenly father. I could not listen to the whole call, but now i am back and i am listening to the end call. It’s like my eyes have opened.


You really stepped on my feet. Fear is my biggest problem. I call people but am afraid of working on objections. Now I realize that I really must diligently work very hard on that area.

This is what I needed as I sit her listening to this on Mother’s Day Sunday 2013. It is insane to keeping doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This lesson is awesome and I will hear it again and again. Listening to it once is not to say I got it. It is so important that if you have been stuck in a particular mindset, you are going to have to go beyond normal and average. Like now I could be sitting around looking at TV but I need to work on my personal development. This is a must have Boot Camp for everyone who is serious about their business, vision, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.


After listening to all of this it is almost fightening. All you have to do it follow the plan.
Wonderful call…..I am learning so much!!! Takin lots of notes and already see that light
at the end of the tunnel. All you need is YOUR team and I am learning so I can teach my
group…This can go international too. I am sure it already is so I am going to PERFECT
that which concerns me …..Thanks very much!!! You are amazing!!!!

Hi Dani,

This call is powerful and motivating. It’s not about perfection, it’s about getting the job done with results. Thank you for that. So many times we want to get all the information before we get our feet wet by testing the market, and so we go on and on and on, forgeting that implementation is what will get us there. Thanks for that powerful and truthful reminder.

This is amazing and simple. I am adding this training with my business and I will have testimonies coming up soon. Love the training. Thank you Dani, God bless you for what you do. I am in Canada and I cant attend the next event because I am in a separate convention. Again grateful for what you do.

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