30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 17: What It Really Takes To Be A Winner And How To Succeed Fast!

Tonight, Dani will show you the difference between a whiner and a winner and how to become a winner! Learn what works for your business to be profitable starting today. How to produce maximum results and walk in the ways of a winner now!

Topics Include:

  • Do you want to be a winner or a whiner?
  • What level of authority do you have over your life?
  • Specific steps you can take to lead a great team starting today
  • What does a whiner look like? What does a winner look like?
  • What have you sewn into your business? What will you reap?
  • What type of person do you attract and which one makes your check bigger?
  • Does cheating the system increase your income?
  • Do you use the information you receive or lose it?
  • Are you committed to your business? Really?
  • What is the biggest reason for whining? How to overcome it.
  • How are professional skills developed?
  • Why you have had failure in the past and how to overcome it
  • What are the results of a winner vs. a whiner?
  • How do you get out of a self-serving mentality?
  • What do you do with the whiners in your business

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64 replies on “Day 17: What It Really Takes To Be A Winner And How To Succeed Fast!”

This new site is confusing.
I click on latest Monday night training call.
keeps on tells me the same thing.
I never get there?

I keep going in circles.


Excellent call!! The people in my business that had some reason not to be on the call will listen on the website. I will not let them miss this. Thanks Dani.

This was an anointed call.

I have had the attitude of both ‘winner’ and ‘whiner’ in my life, and I know 2007 is the year of the winner in me. Thank you for reinforcing this notion, which is going into permanent action.

Awesome call!!!!! I was taking notes like crazy! You totally named the game of the “way of the whiner” – I see it over and over: the blaming, the looking for the magic pill, and the lack of responsibility. I can honestly say that all too often in the past years in my business I was a whiner before I started learning from Dani. I am transitioning to a winner, working at it everyday. Thanks Dani!

Wow!! This hit home for me, I have come across so many people who have excuses and blame for their lack of success. I used to be one of them, but if those others were only on this call tonight to hear the reality you spoke of those 98 percenters would be a diminishing number. I am getting my whole team & personal friends to log on and listen to this call. I want movers & shakers on my team and in my life not whiners, it was great Dani!!

Thank you for believing in us Dani. I needed to know how a winner speaks in authority and you not only told us how but showed us how throughout the whole call. Even if you told us nothing, I would have gotten so much from just how you spoke to us. It’s time to step up!

God bless y’all for allowing the Lord to use you to help free people from financial and spiritual bondage! Your ministry is absolutely vital! God has used your team to transform my wife and my way of thinking for our business and our family. I pray Gods protection and blessing on you and your family and your staff. Your bro in Christ, Steven Fox, Midland,Tx.

It could not have been explained better. There was no stone unturned as to the difference between a winner and whiner. What an impact! Most humbling, and a tremendous soul searching challenge! Thank you.

This was my first training call with Dani Johnson and I must say it was the most inspirational lesson I have ever had. Really amazing information. I was inspired to lift myself out of the trap of whining and raise myself into the path of winning. Absolutely awesome call!

We just got off you spritual equiping call and are all ready putting it into action. Speak Life! Thank you for this call also, I have been putting of the loser and have been confiding in my husband the little “gremlins” in my head and confessing them as sin. And beleaving in the Truth! God wants me to succeed and He will design my path for me.
Thank you Hans and Dani for all your effort and Prayers.

Hello Dani,
your seminar tonight was just awesome. I can’t wait to attend a seminar in person.

Thank you, and God bless you!
Norman Croom

Dani, I felt as though you were talking right to me. I almost cried because you really hit the nail on the head. You have made me aware of the type of person that I am and more importantly the type of person I want to become. Thanks to you”waking” me up tonight on this call, I will go on to become the person I want to be. Thank you so much!!

God Bless You Dani Johnson!! I felt like this call was just for me. Thank you so much for letting God use you. I was slipping into the whiner mode but I refuse to be a whiner any longer I AM A WINNER.

I felt that she pointed out that their is no reason for excuses, and if were going to be successful we need to stand strong and committed and even though it was an intense call to duty it was still a very positive and effective call. A very good reality check.

Jim Barnum

What an awesome, eye-opening call. ANd I always ‘whined’ about my husband’s whining LOL Apparently I was whining too! Thanks so much Dani for giving us your heart and soul on these calls. You had my heart racing and it was definitely the call this whiner needed to bring out the winner within. God Bless you, Hans, your family and everyone at

Dani great call tonight, I would say I’m a winer, I believe it started from when I was a chid, It would take all night to write about it,but even though i am one, I have never given up anything that I start. It may take a little longer than some peplebut I will succeed. I to have lived out of my car, I do plan on going to first steps, but not to wine. Thank you so much for every thing you do for us.

I haven’t listened to your calls weekly and consistanly like a winner would. Tonight I did and I felt every word you said go right through me. I had chills most of the call and I thank you. I am a winner that became stagnant and turned into a whiner. Thank you for always telling it like it is. God Bless.

Sorry I just got my websites at my company and don’t know them by heart yet. This was my first time hearing you and I was blessed by the Holy Spirit in your life and voice. Praise God He still lives and moves today! I’m on the fense between winner and whiner but and really trying too get full over to WINNER. thankyou !!! I registered with your website but somehow the wrong province was registered it should be Ontario. Please everyone pray that I get this computer stuff down packed cause I’m learning on my own by trial and error. LOL or Cry Out Loud as it is sometimes. Continued success to all look forward to the next training sesson.

Dani, Thanks so much for your clear discussion about Whiners and Winners. There has got to be a Whiner in me because I see too much fruit! Mentor…videos/DVDs! Somehow that escaped me! I have so desperately needed a support team, a mentor – so I’m jumping into the DVDs and re-runs on your CDs and MP3s. This WILL work! Thanks again, Sondra

Hi Dani,

I just wanted to say that tonight over all was outstanding. I am 14 years old and listen to your call every Monday. Tonights call just blew me away because it taught me what was holding me back. Dani has tought me how to become succesful in business and in life. Being 14 years old and a full time student in high school, tonights call opened a lot of positive, successful doors for me to open.
Jeff Jamison
Age 14

Hi Dani:
Your call was simply perfect! I have been a 6 figure earner–
the deal went bad and I realize that the only people that were millionaires were the owners! Which they absolutely could not have done without us! Your call was like a kick in the butt! Even though I was not a whiner I let disappointed stop me from making the 6 figure I need to earn THIS Year! I literally stop working for 18 months! That stinking thinking is
As you know 6 figures goes fast if little is coming in!
Your Reminders that all of us— we need a mentor and we always have a invest in on-going training, in ourself and our business! What you put in is what you get out! You treat your business like a hobby you will get hobby money!
You respect it, continue to learn, invest, and work it you will reap the benefit–the 6 & 7 figure income you want!
Thanks Mentor!
You were strong and powerful–I love it–

Wow Dani! What a message- truth, power, strategic, tools to a $ 10,000 month if someone has never had one before!Our world needs WINNERS- they are the ones who change lives and nations… thank you for leading by example, for teaching us the truth and for walking BOLDLY in your faith! May God bless you and give you EVERY desire of your heart! MILLIONS SET FREE in JESUS NAME is our war cry! God bless!

I just saw your sweet reply on the boards here. Your humble heart is leading you in the right direction. Listen to Dani at least 3 hours per day, track what happens when you do and when you don’t. My biggest tool to success is listen to her at least 3 hours per day- no one else is doing it Sondra, imagine if you do! Listen, Watch, Listen and repeat! GOD BLESS YOU SONDRA! 🙂

First Off Dani Johnson, You need to slow your voice down and stop screamin at people. You have no need to yell and scream at everyone. You talk way way way to fast that I dont know about anyone else, but I sure as hell couldnt possiably write down any notes when you are talking 100 miles per hour. You get on my nerves, yes what you are talking about does make some since, but you need to lower the tone of your voice and STOP Dam Screamin at people, show a little dam respect to everybody.
I know you may totally dis-agree with me, and I know you grew up in a family with no respect and no love. As for me, my Dad and Mom Demanded RESPECT and LOVE.
Really Think About What I Am Saying. You just need to slow down your 100 miles per hour voice and I think that you will do 1000 times better, I cant get a lot of you, when you are talking exetremely fast like that.

Hi Dani

Whiners and Winners-at times I have been wishywashy around authority. This called clearly pointed out areas that I will work on around this issue.

This evening as I scrolled down the comments, very moved to see two of my team listen and get your message. Then have them step up with their comments to you.

Thank you, Dani



Thank you for giving your time and energy as a mentor like no other so willingly. I praise God for bringing your training into my life. I am going to be the winner that is inside of me and the winner my children are counting on. I will take step number 2 and see you in L.A. My first step was in Dallas and it changed my life forever! I love this new site. I feel honored and blessed just to be able to access it! Thank you to you, and Hanz and your entire team for your unfailing committment and love in seeing others succeed! Time to GET BUSY!

I wasn’t able to listen to your Monday night call. I received you e-mail and wanted to listen to the call; but now that I am in the program I’m not able to listen and don’t understand why. What’s the answer. Thank you.

The call was amazing, thanks. I have started logging on as often as I can to listen to what you have to say.

I have applied alot of what you said to my do not call pre-enrollers and those who submitted a stop sending me e-mails but remained on the list as dead weight that I had to personally contact.

In less than 10 minutes I received responses telling me they were not interested in their financial futures, and they thought I was being pushy and overly assertive in wanting to know what they wanted, why they joined, how could I help them move forward, etc.

Now I can now apply more energy to those who have remained on optin but taken no action.

Finally got to latest Monday call -permalink- keep clicking listen now. It is well worth the test. Absolutely the best as I’m all fired up! Your Awsome Dani, Hans and team!! You take the time to do this, and more every week, and just for us to take us to the top!!!
God Bless You….

Mrs. Johnson,
That was an AWESOME call and something I REALLY needed to hear. I am going to apply everything you said. I thank God that you have been placed in my life as someone who wants to help me. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do so.
Lajon Webb
Fairfield, California

Dear Dani,
First I must thank my GOD. I asked him to help me, he has given me what I have today, a great family and a new business and then he gave me you, and this great call. This is what I needed at this very moment in my life and in my business, I know that I am on the right road and I can only go up from here. My GOD works in such beautiful ways.
Thank you Dani,
God bless you, your team and your family

Hello, You may need to click on the “Read More” link. That will take you to the page where you can click on the link to listen to the audio.

Be Blessed.

We love what you talk about. my wife and I are coming to La. We are on most monday nights. Carman got us to call in and to join. Can not wait to see you and meet you in LA.

Dani: Your time given to me and my downline on the Pro Member call is unheard of in the industry. In 10 years of being in this business, I have never, ever had anyone do for me personally what you Dani, have done for me and my organization. Thank you and bless you.

I have talked to hundreds people and explained the advantage of joining us and have signed up O.
I have distributed hundreds of fliars, and still nothing.
I refuse to quit one way or another I will make it.

Dani you rock. I listen to you for hours on end. Especially when I cant sleep. I just started in Jan and am planning on going tp the top. Hopefully fast enough to be a part of your mentoring program in 2006!!!

You are amazing. I am always left in awe. Your training is doing amazing things for my real estate career. I will have an even better story to tell at the end of this year.

All of your training is so awesome. I have all of your tools, have been to 3 1st steps and one dynasty. Until tonight I’ve been stuck and so clueless I couldn’t even form a question but now I’m finally getting it. Not coming to 1st steps, dynasty, your calls, everything is like wanting to be a champion but not going to practice. DUH! If you don’t want to make any money then go for it. But if you do, then you might want to do what the champions do, go to practice and then get to work!

The Open Call was phenomenal. I just couldn’t write fast enough. Everyone I know that is on the fence about going “PRO” is going to get an earfull about what they missed tonight. The time flew and the call answered many of the questions I had for you. I still have a few, so I am hoping to get in the que next month. Thanks so much for opening up your schedule to work with those of us that are deadly serious about making our 2007 a year of completion, a year of results. I will see you in LA, and will have many people with me. God Bless you all.

I am commenting on the pro member call last night. Whew! Dani took us for a ride! There was an entire seminars worth of information. Each persons questions were so pertinent to all of us…and Dani’s answers come so quickly and are so right on. My brain feels loaded with a LOT of information, but I gained nuggets that are moving me forward today. Her constant emphasis on making more dials, making TONS of dials b/4 we flow with the script book, the incredible success stories of people who have stuck with her, the understanding of interviewing not selling, the advantage of her duplication plan…and getting people to her trainings!! All so helpful. My shift has occured and now i move forward one step at a time to implement her plans and ideas and system. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your wisdom with we, the lay people.


Maria Stokstad

WOW! It is really God’s intervention. Dani, it’s like God is talking to me through you. I have been praying and asking what’s been wrong with me. You have answered them. I have been having problems with your new website and today God solved it mysteriously! and allowed me to listen to this. Thank you! I cannot wait to see you again at First Steps in Australia. Time to become a winner this year!


You are just simply inspiring. And if someone doesn’t like the scream, well, don’t listen. I think is not the screaming that gets them, it’s the truth you are speaking from the heart, and hits them right in the middle of their whining and they don’t like it!!

Dani, I’m so bless to have found you…I have been praying hard for the Lord to guide me and help me stop whining, oh boy, was your call great!

I already recomended your website to a girl I met at a networking meeting. She couldn’t believe your “rag to riches” story. I realy hope she listens to you.

I have been listening to you just for a week, but I have already implemented what I have learned and it’s working!! I will be on the 2%. Yes!

Thanks Dani and God bless.

Thank you Dani for your help through these calls. I’ve never thought of myself as having whiner traits, but I see some areas I need to change. True Investment in ones self, wihich actually costs you something, made me see that I need to make that step. Another great help is to have a mentor who has been there and done that, to bring the potential out of us, and not just to hold us accountable. You have the tools to show us exactly how to get there.

One of the best yet Dani. Thanks again appreciate the knowledge I can apply right away. Did’nt realize I was a whiner. God’s dealing with me, I’m having a change of heart right now. So talk to you later. No pain no gain.
Stepin up ! Have a blessed weekend.

One of the best recording call. The best of the best is this is free. I think the value is priceless. Thank you Dani and God bless you.

OMG is all I can say. There are no words to express the power of this call. WOW!! Thank God for you Dani Johnson for speaking into the lives of so many and leading so many to success.

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