30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 14: Frustration? Discouragement? How To Overcome And Succeed Now!

Tonight Dani talks about seven reasons why people quit and the solutions to ensure that you overcome and succeed NOW!!

Topics include:

  • Industry secrets that can help you make your monthly income bigger immediately
  • How your mindset can lead you down the road to success
  • What determines your success from the very first second of you starting your business?
  • How to stop the frustration, discouragement and disappointment in your business
  • What is a guaranteed way to increase your confidence and in turn increase your sales?
  • What skills to develop if you want to make money
  • How you can get people to follow you with looking at one aspect of yourself
  • Who you should be around if you want to be successful
  • Where your focus should be to grow your business exponentially
  • What you should set your mind to in order to be successful

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11 replies on “Day 14: Frustration? Discouragement? How To Overcome And Succeed Now!”

Thank you for this information it really helps to self examine, get back on track and focus.Today I shared your website with a visiting friend, She wants to teach people in Cosa Rica what you already teach . I told her she needs to go to the pro. first, she liked the book list I gave her. Now I’m waiting for the nexted step. Just getting out of your own way and just do it . That really works.

Great information !!
The seven steps of failure is a fact and the truth.
I am determined to succeed and I am ready to build my skills and apply what I have learned from Dani for me to succeed .
I have a “Big Vision”. To build a Learning Center in the Philippines beside the church I built in 2010 in memory of my daughter “Rayma”.

Hi Betty- Please let us know how we can help you hit your dreams. I love the Philippines, especially the people. What city do you want to build the learning center in? – Brian

Thankyou Thankyou. I sooo appreciate you dedicating your time to teach us. This is
what Discipleship looks like. You bless me..thanks all of you

Dani. You are the best. I have learned more from you than any training information I received from my home business training system. I thank God for you every day and I keep you in my prayers. You are a true woman of God. Thank you sooo much for giving back what God has blessed you with.

I had been to 2 Dani Johnson events and my world changed. Then I invested in material like the script books, Prospecting and Closing, and many others. But I made many excuses for listening to the boot camp Smarter Networker material. I guess because the calls were free, they were not good. I WAS SO WRONG> now I am thinking long term and listening to the calls. I am so glad I did! I am building my belief in the system and putting myself on the right path! Thanks Dani.

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