30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 18: Dani’s Personal Secrets To Creating Momentum

Tonight Dani talks about a brand new subject that she has NEVER talked about on a Monday night call. Creating Momentum! How Dani has created momentum in her personal businesses to maintain a long and sustainable business.

Topics include:

  • What is Dani’s secret to creating momentum immediately
  • How can you maximize events to build your business and increase your check
  • What can your new prospects use as a fall-back plan
  • How to triple your income in 2006
  • Words that you can say to create momentum and how to say it
  • What should your first priority be during an event?
  • Learn the quickest way to get the most out of one event
  • What you need to establish with your team to create momentum
  • How to maximize events to turn customers into business partners
  • Who you should count on to fill your business presentation
  • How to create momentum in your home presentations
  • What you should ALWAYS be doing
  • How to get your new prospects to beg you to be in your business
  • What will increase the sales in your business NOW

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27 replies on “Day 18: Dani’s Personal Secrets To Creating Momentum”


Have been to many First Steps. Have listened to this Call before did not hear what I have heard this afternoon on this Recorded call.

Now I have got it. I now know what to do to create momentum daily working towards First Steps, Dynasty, etc

Thank you


I wish I’d listened to this call several months ago. The tips you presented will absolutely help me and my team. I am so grateful for the resources and tools you provide to help others. I’m more focused than ever on creating this kind of momentum and now I know how to make it happen without spreading myself too thin. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Momentum is something I lose track of regularly. I create the inspiration but, lose it by not sustaining the momentum. Little issues like this totally ruin many of my business efforts. I couldn’t figure out why people simply walked away with all my efforts and invested it in somebody else! Now I have a firm grip on momentum. Off I go…

I have been working all leads with a great desire to be a leader in this industry to honor my friend who has plodded along for so long and also for this area which is so cold in innovation. I am struggling financially greatly and I have my four children but my God has not forsaken me despite myself and I was led to this call at 4:00am this morning. I got off track action wise but not head wise with exposure, upgrade, and involve. My plan is to have a summer of exposure but I have been allowing “analysis paralysis” due to the impending circumstances. What sticks out to me in this call is when you said ‘are we leaving our childrens future in the hands of someone else who doesn’t care?” It is now 6:00am and I have a targetted list to begin building momentum with. God Bless you!

Hi Dani,
I absolutely LOVE the work that you do! I admire who you are & your unconditional love for everyone – even though you don’t know them. I want to be just like you. I want to do the work you do, & bring this unbelievable support network to thousands here in Australia. I currently have my own network marketing business & I am aiming at the biggest picture to be the next ‘Dani Johnson’ of Australia. Thank you so much, you are my idol & my inspiration, keep up your fantastic work! God bless you.
Renae Legge
Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia

Hi Dani,i listened to your oct 2005 cd and it was owesome,and i can’t wait to see you in august 2007 in Atlanta.

Dani is Absolutely awesome. I have heard many methods of creating success, but her methods work the best for me and my personality. I feel confident my business can now blow up!!! See you all at the top!!!

Hi Renae,
Felt the compassion & energy within your comments and I was interested in learning what NWM program you have aligned yourself with?
I would love to hear back from you and I do hope & pray your wishes comes true with your dreams & desires you have stated.
We live in Canada and consider you Ausies as our distant relatives.
All the best & God bless

Dani, this is the first conference call I’ve listened to. I heard you speak at a convention last month and signed up to take your Dallas event. I’m SO EXCITED to be able to attend, and am bringing my 87 year old mother to this event who has a new home-based business to promote. She at her age is STILL committed to making money and getting out of the low income housing she is in. So be looking for us!

The most important gift I received from you tonight is about promoting my own events. I’m teaching a seminar in 5 days, at the request of a woman not even in my own downline. It is not being filled up as fast as she thought. I do have lists of people with thousands of names. I just GOT that I could see who is in that area in MY downline, and invite these people! WOW! Thanks!

Thank you so much for making me/us a part of your team/business. The call tonight was so good. I am going to choose just one tip, that’s so hard for me, and start implementing it immediately! One facet the tip is for me to agressively work to develop a closer realtionship with my leadership during an up-coming corporate event! So, I am calling them and asking for a pre-event meeting together!

I am so grateful for the relationship you are developing with us. You will miss me in Dallas, TX and I will so miss being there with you and the TEAM! See you in LA! Sondra

What an amazing call. I always think the call can’t be better than the one I heard last week but it just blows me away! I can’t wait to run tomorrow with one piece of info that I got from the call tonight! I can’t wait to have a testimony about it too! Some awesome secrets!

The reasons why I don’t miss a call it’s a $1000 coaching call on Monday that Dani gives away for FREE, 1 not because it’s FREE that to me is like a DUH. 2. Because it is absolutely strategic to help you build your business, even if you work a JOB her calls are so right on the money if you want to grow whatever it is that you are doing WHATEVER IT IS. If you are missing out on these calls she is blessing us with proven techniques not something out of a book you are hurting yourself if you are missing Monday. If you think you have got it going on so much you want to stop growing poverty awaits you. Especially leaders we can’t ever stop growing what about when your new people ask you about what Dani was talking about what are you gonna say uh uh I don’t know great duplication they aren’t on the calls then I guess I don’t need to be. She is taking an hour out of her day I hope you are smart enough to take an hour out of yours, and spend it with an annointed multi millionaire, not just for the money but for your life.

God Bless You Hans, Dani and your beautiful family biological and the family at DJC

I love you Dani!! Seriously this is AWESOME stuff. I get in the butt kicking mood after listening to Dani Johnson. She gives you hope, self confidence, motivation, and the know how.
Create your engery and become financialy free.

Terrific, Dani! I just cannot wait to meet you at First Steps, and to participate in the fabulous training that you have in store!

Bless you, Dani….See you soon!


Thank you again Dani you call was great and I hope to start useing it tomorrow. I look forward to your call next week. Your calls are very uplifting and anyone who listens always benifits from them. I’m just starting out and I know after listening to you I WILL achieve my goal. Thanks again and GOD bless.

We just joined today and have been listening and reading for over two hours. We love you already. I, Kim, needed this kick in the butt. I am new to my business, so we will be starting off on the right foot. I bought the script book and the other cd. I’ll be in De on the 10th of Nov, so I will be you on the next one. Much love Dani, I look forward to giving you a big hug when I arrive at the seminar or some time during. Thanks for feeding us spiritually, emotionally, financially, and based on just being human. I was in doubts, but you have opened my eyes and ears. Thanks. We are about to take this to the next two levels. KL

Dani, since I have been listening to your Monday night calls and the cds that came with your script book, I can tell that there is a different person about to erupt from me. I have even thought of taking everything I own and sell it just so I could get to your First Steps To Success. There is nothing that I have worth that much money, so I’ll keep getting your fantastic, heart-felt training from your archives. Can I ask you a question? Have you ever dealt with a cold market person that the first question they asked was,(How long have you been doing it and how much have you made?). May The Lord keep blessing you for the things you do. I’ll see you someday real soon.

Dani, your Monday’s Night Call on Momentum was AWESOME!! The Keys and insights to promoting events that most distributors are not aware of was truly a breath of fresh air for me, as well I know for other distributors. This was one of your BEST TRAINING EVER! Please make INTO A CD for everybody’s benefit!!

G’d Bless, And Don’t Stop Sharing!!

WHAT PERFECT TIMING THIS CALL WAS!! Well, every one of Dani’s calls seems to be perfect timing to me, but this was like WHOA perfect timing. I have about 5 events coming up because I felt it in my spirit that doing event would be the best/most effective way for me to increase my exposures right now. I will use every single bit of strategy from this call that you shared and apply it to all my events so I can watch my income and my organization’s income sky rocket. I can’t wait to report my results.

Infinite blessings,

Dani, i just joined today and have only listened to one call but a friend of mine explained to me the system and i really thought that it sounded like something i would enjoy . everything that i have heard you ssay moved me to want to to the best i can so thank you for the modivation, it means the wourld to me

God Bless,
Chelsey Hill

I have never heard this information before and it really make sense to me I wish I had it before now that I got it time to apply it!

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