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Keys To Setting And Achieving Your Goals

Topics include:

  • Keys to setting and achieving dynamic life changing goals this year.
  • Mindset of goal setting and goal achieving.
  • Tapping into visualization of the end result.
  • Why you may be just a piece of paper away from hitting ALL of your goals, THIS YEAR!
  • Keys to guaranteeing 2005 is a totally different year than 2004, or 1994 or 1984 or… just repeating your past.
  • Making the decision to move forward, NOT stay the same or worse, backwards.
  • Setting goals that motivate you to action, types of goals you should be setting for 2005.
  • How to unlock your potential NOW and start moving forward towards the impossible today.
  • And much more!

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2 replies on “Keys To Setting And Achieving Your Goals”

Dear Dani, I just wanted to share something that happened tonight!
I have been absorbing your “Prospecting and Closing” cds and the “Spiritual Success” cds and was able to use what I have learned so far. I called a prospect tonight who said he was no longer interested. I told him that I had just received his name from an advertising campaign and I used the “are you John Smith?, Are you sure you’re not interested in making money from home? His comment was that he did not have a computer at home. When I assured him that a computer was helpful but not mandatory, I was then able to form him. I don’t know how it will turn out from here, but that was a big achievement for me because previously I would have said ok and hung up. So thank you, God bless you and I look forward to seeing you in St Louis!

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