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Keys to Mastering that Initial Contact

Learn the #1 purpose of mastering the initial contact, regardless of what business you are in, and how to identify your prospects needs, strengths and goals.

First impressions are everything, which means the initial contact you make with a person can make – or break – your future relationship with them.

In Dani’s latest Training Call, you will learn the No. 1 way to master that first impression – regardless of what business you’re in! In this important call, Dani will outline the exact steps you should take to:

  • qualify your prospect
  • make connections immediately
  • identify your prospect’s needs, strengths and goals
  • and how to handle both warm market and cold market contacts

Dani Johnson was the featured guest millionaire on ABC’s second season premiere of “Secret Millionaire,” and has recently made guest appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The View” and “Good Morning America.” And Dani knows what she speaks of: Raised on welfare, pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21, Dani became a millionaire at 23 – and knows what it is to start from the bottom, overcome adversity and rise to the top. So set aside a little time, and plug into her latest Webcast, “Keys to Mastering the Initial Contact” right now – it’s a prime opportunity for you and your team to learn how to duplicate her success in your life.

Ready to start? 3…2…1… contact!

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Once you listen to the audio, post a comment below and let us know how this helped you get your new prospect started making money immediately.

7 replies on “Keys to Mastering that Initial Contact”

Hi, I have a financial planning business based in Queensland, Australia and would like our sales team to attend the “Keys To Mastering The Initial Contact” web cast. Unfortunately it falls within a time zone that is outside our usual business hours. Is it possible to acquire a copy of the webcast?
Many thanks, Bernice Cooper.

hi, Sharon from Puerto Rico…Home party biz, how do I get people to show up to the appointment! Lots of bookings but they fail to show

Dani, what you went over tonight was great, I have had some of the same scenerios and conversations from my initial warm market and people that have heard about me and have questions. Some of what you rehearsed for us tonight was incredibly almost ‘WORD FOR WORD”, that makes it even better. I look forward to learning and using more and more of what you have to offer, and in turn the people that I reach will if they can see forward enough, they can come up from a JOB which is Just Over Broke, and they will no longer have to work just hard enough not to get fired so their employer can pay them just enough that they won’t or really can’t quit. The ole ball and chain of the employee/employer union. So I send you and all of us with you tonight, Love, Peace, and Increase!! We are Blessed and Highly Favored!!!

Thanks Dani after 5 years of listening to you I still enjoy and also reading your scrip books. One of these days I hope to get to see you in person.

Thank you Dani, it takes a bit of time to get that great posture to do it well on an initial call. So practice over and over again till we get it right.

This was a great call Dani and is going to help immensley tomorrow morning. I have calls to do tomorrow. Wish Me Luck! BTW, you and Hans are awesome. I think he was having as much fun as you were.

Thanks for being you! Michael

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