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Increase Your Averages and Leverage Your Time

This call has so much specific content, you cannot afford not to listen to it because it will instantly increase your averages when dealing with prospects and customers and leverage your time so you get much more results faster and have fewer people dropping off.

  • How to convert your customers into marketing reps
  • How to increase your retention rates dramatically
  • How to work with and motivate people on a professional level
  • How to build a rapport and find their needs
  • Why developing your communication skills can be the most profitable skill you can learn and master
  • Exact scripts and verbiage to use when following up with customers
  • Exact scripts and verbiage to use to get referrals
  • How to motivate people
  • How to back them into your business while giving incredible service
  • Live Q & A and more!

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2 replies on “Increase Your Averages and Leverage Your Time”

June 22/Thanks so much. This call was very informative. I really appreciated the content. I will be reviewing this intel because I do have older clients that I can call, FORM & convert. By God’s grace, I now know how. God Bless you.

This broadcast was the first I’ve listened to… The info was great, the call quality was very poor. It was very hard to hear, fuzzy sounding, especially because Dani talks so fast. I am hoping they are not all like this.
Thank you very much for the awesome info and tell Dani I appreciate her time!

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