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Identifying The Right Tools For Success

Tonight Dani talks about how you can succeed today with what you already have. She asks some very important questions that will help you to take your business and your life to the next level! As well as what you can do right now to make this month your best ever!!

Topics Include:

  • What you absolutely need to succeed
  • How to know if you’re a natural born leader
  • How to choose and identify what you want to do with your life
  • Learn how to get great at EVERY aspect of your business
  • What you should focus on in your business to see amazing growth
  • What are the influences in your life and do they drive you to success?
  • Are you in a comfort zone? Is this a good place to be?
  • What are the compromising influences in your life?
  • What tools can you use to inspire you to greatness?
  • Where to go to make fear and frustration in your business a thing of the past

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16 replies on “Identifying The Right Tools For Success”

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s live call! I am challenged and looking forward to First Steps To Success in Seattle. See you there!

Glenda Buckman

Hi Dani,

I just want to tell you that you call tonight made me cry. I felt that you knew what i am going through and that i needed to hear your words of encouragement. I know that what i see now is not my reality ; i know that i am going to be successful no matter what my financial situation is now and what people think. I am very excited to attend your event in Seatle. I live in New York and for me to travel across the country is a privilege because i know that you will give me the tools that i need to impact my business and life. God bless you and your family for all you do for people that you don’t even know. I also want to tell you that i had listened to your CD ” The financial Kingdom” and it had helped me tremendously. I will see you soon. Catherine Santana, Staten Island , New York

What is Jue going to look like? It was wonderful to edify us as natural
born leaders who have a desire to succeed, to help, to get out there and
make a difference.

I learned there really isn’t security – don’t chase a fantasy – Oh how
I tried to fit into security. God had other ideas. He took my first
husband and now he may take the man I want to marry. I am
attacking being focused on prospecting and closing in the month of June.
My environment pushes and pulls in all sorts of directions. Just to keep
an even keel is alot of work out of the comfort zone.
I am awake to the idea that environment and influence determines everything.
Walking towards my sprouts, delighting in each person that I enroll and then
settling down to teach by example.

This call bound up the lie that I don’t believe I can become a successful
entrepreneur and reinforced my desire to work with excellence, to give it
my best shot just for today. Again my dream is to take my gems, my
team to Dynasty.


I have been listening to your calls. I get something from each call.
This call is just what I needed today. I needed pretty much all of this call.
Compromising influences are in my life. (Ive been letting it have it’s effect not even realizing that is was happening.) I have such a great upline she has been such a blessing to me. She is the one who introduced me to you.
I’m so thankful that she shared your information with me. (What a blessing.)
Thank you for sharing your calls.
P. Weir


I logged on to the site to put one of my associates on the call. I’ve known about you for some time and used your strategies in other MLM’s. I am now building my own marketing company, and again, I’m going to use your strategies to build my business.

It is absolutely amazing that I received so much from this call when my purpose was to simply let my associate listen in. I thank you so much for giving back and helping others achieve the success that you’ve experienced.

Will Robie

Dani, you are such an inspiration to all who hear you. I really needed this call tonight. My business has not been going well and I have been blaming circumstances around me for that. I see now how we are a product of our environment. I am so glad that I am coachable because I learn so much about myself through what you have to say. Again I thank you so much for all that you do. God bless you and your family. I hope to one day meet you.


I thank Heavenly Father for you everyday!!!
My husband and I have been listening to your calls and this call was awesome. I needed this call to carry us to the next level in our business and our downline.

Dani, thank you for sharing your talents you have been blessed with, with all of us who are willing to listen and apply. Heavenly Father is making a diffence in our lives through you.

God bless you and your family.

Sandra Berry

Wonderful wisdom and encouragment…just found you and know it is a new path for me as I walk those “ordered steps” to the next level. Thanks so much for blessing me so!

Dani… I thank you so much for the inspiring instrument you are in the hands of the Father of us all! Thank you for the HARD WORK you endured and presevered through.. that you truly see where each of us struggles from…and you choose to show us how to step up and out of it…and to KEEP ON WALKING!…and that it’s ‘OKAY’…because that is the journey…and then we’ll arrive…Thanks so much sincerely!

Awesome call as always, i found out what compromising influences were something new i have learnt, i always learn something inspirational from your calls dani and they really motivate me to move forward.
Thankyou so much.

Alicia vollebregt

Dani, Thank You so much for such a wonderful call. You are such an inspiration to us all. I’ve learned alot from this call and I want to attend your First Steps to Success and also to Dynasty soon. I want to continue to come to all your calls, so I can start moving forward in my business. God Bless You! JoAnn Flowers

All is can say is “WOW!” This hit my heart tremendously. I think I have had a lot of excuses this summer. The kids home, the leads don’t seem to work, negative compromising influences, Dani, you said it all. My prayer this morning and every morning past is “why” isn’t my business growing and wouldn’t you just know that Gods annointing that is on Dani hit me between the eyes AGAIN!! It’s funny, it’s like I’m asking God something and Dani is the messenger, again, WOW! Thank you God for creating us for greatness and for annointing and choosing Dani for this “market place ministries” we’re in! I can’t wait until tonight’s call!


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