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How To Maximize 100% Of Your Market

Tonight’s call is out-of-this world amazing!! Dani shares secrets about how she built her business learn specific steps that she took to make 1 million dollars in less than two years!

Topics Include:

  • Where does most of your income come from and how to maximize it!
  • What is the biggest mistake that Dani sees people make, and how it could be costing you thousands!
  • Learn exactly how Dani made $74,000 in sales volume in four days
  • Which success tool you can use to increase your closing ratios to 90%!
  • Where you can find strategies to maximize your home presentations and make a profit immediately
  • One simple thing you can do to compel other people to get what you have
  • How you can use the website to earn a 6-figure income
  • What is the reason most people get in to this business, Dani included, and how you can speak specifically to them
  • How you can increase your confidence and your income by changing just one thing

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27 replies on “How To Maximize 100% Of Your Market”


Co-laboring beats usury always! That is how I form all of my relationships for personal business and why I don’t do business with a vast majority of business. Your emphasis on this topic is what the general population does without even knowing it, and hearing it again has turned on the lights to keep my clients, friends, associates, etc. close and cherished by making my THANK YOU regular and often. What I need to do at this point is a whole bunch of Thank Yous so it doesn’t end up on the back burner any more. PEOPLE ARE THE ALL IMPORTANT LINK to our life, our livelihood and our God (not necessarily in that order)!

Bill Alley
Norwich CT

As always, Awesome call Dani. Cannot wait to be at First Steps to Success on 4/14 and 4/15! All of our leaders are ready to soar!

Wow! That call was absolutely amazing….I so wish I was just getting started. Actually, I am! With brand new people! If I only had this training 5 years ago…I’m so blessed to have it now and have my team plugged into it! It’s such a huge relief for me as a leader that they can be equipped the right way! God bless!

Wow! I was right in the middle of talking to prospects and using Dani’s awesome script book when I realized the call was on. Came in late but right on time. Dani you’ve done it once again, a person would have to be deaf, blind and feeling impared to not receive benefit from your coaching. Thank you so very much for all that you do. God Bless You!

Wow!! What an awesome call. I got 5 pages of notes, and I’m so excited to be able to direct people to your site to begin the process. I was in La~~~ my life has been forever changed, even though I may be some what in the incubation period, I’m doing more than I’ve ever done. And I know that I know that this is my life and future.
May God continue to pour his blessings and favor over you and your family. thanks for serving…

WOW!! Thank you so much. I have never thought of putting my clients on 3way calls for their followup!! That is awesome!

But most impacting of all was the realisation that I might be isolating a lot of people which is the opposite of my goal.

Thank you so much for putting so much wisdom in such a useable format. I know this is going to double my income in just a few days.


I was feeling discouraged and tired until I listened to this call. Through the art of story telling, Dani has poured gasoline on the fire that burns in me to reach the world with the Good News. Thank you Dani for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me to stay focused. You Rock!!!

Thanks for your support Dani and Hans. LA was great! This call was awesome! So many details are included in this call that are so necesary to successful relationship building! I know that this is becoming the greatest learning experience for me by listening amd applying your experience. Thanks for being the true and strightforward teachers that you are. You are helping me discover my potential that I have been hiding from myself and others.

Wow….what an awesome training call Dani!!!! Thank you so much for helping me realize how important customer service is to my business. I want to be the head and not the tail…I will be a business owner that is looked up to in my community thanks to your awesome call! You are truly a blessing in my life! I have listen to you on a daily basis for about the last 3 weeks and since have sponsered six people into my business. I can’t wait until First Steps to success in Baltimore and Creating a Dynasty in Minneapolis!!! See you there!!!! God Bless you and your family!

Really helped with understanding a new client. Now I know how to lead him into a long term business relationship.
Thanks for your ongoing support
God Bless

I heard Dani’s live call tonight for the first time. Awesome! In my humble opinion, whoever knows about Dani and doesn’t listen to her has got to be crazy! A round of applause to Dani! I wish I knew of her when I started my business. Thanks Dani and Hans! You guys are great!

Jim Willet


What a tremendous call! I can’t wait to implement some of the strategies you shared tonight! Thanks for blessing us with so many powerful tactics and strategies that are proven and simple.

Last week I bought 200 cards/envelopes to do exactly what you suggested, but had not yet implemented it — thanks for giving me the words to write on the cards tonight!

You always seem to know what we need to hear Dani!

God bless!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was the most powerful call. I so appreciate what you do for me and for those on the call. I must be reaching a new level of skill because I am hearing so much more on each and every call. I can only say thank you here, But I can show you thanks by applying what I learn from You and Hans as well as your entire staff. May God richley bless you,

Michael Stringer

Another phenomenal call packed with tools and ‘nuggets’ to equip! Thank you for this call. I already have implemented just a couple things that resonated with me on this call. Thank you Dani! See you in Baltimore. Joy M. NJ

I am new in the business (signed up with my Company Fri 3/24/07). I am so excited I have been introduced to you! The call last night motivated me so much, I signed up for a weekend University session with my Company so I can jump in all the way! I am so glad I have an honest amazing person like you to help me become successful. I have been “used and abused” by all the scams out there for 5 years and was about to give up on my dreams of being a work-at-home Mom and our Financial Dreams thinking with all the abuse the others put my Husband and I through, EVERYONE is a scam…that was until I came to your website, thanks to my Team’s website, and I am in ALL the way and know I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL with the proper training, YOU! I can’t WAIT to send you our success story and GOD-willing, this will be the year to stop paying rent for a cheesy 1 bedroom.
Charlene (Los Angeles)

I’ve just let you know that with the skills that I’ve learned from I’ve recently been promoted to my job as an assistance manager. My manager selected me because of my people’s skills with employees and customers that I’ve learned from Dani Johnson’s training. Although I am still with my job I will still continue focusing on my part-time home based business.

All I have to Say is Dani you have Hit the Nail on the Head! About usury. You could ‘nt had a better subject . I bet you Opened Up a lot of EYES on this call. Thank You for your insite. Have a Great Day !

WOW there is soooo much great stuff on this call that it is amazing and will make so much money.
Dani you are awesome.
Everyone needs to listen to this call

Hi, i must say that the call was one, if not the best call that i have heard. I thank you so much and i look forward to hearing more from the upcoming calls as well. I also believe that the information that you give will expand my business and take it to a whole new level. Thank you so much.

Wow, awsome call, i cannot wait to get started on my home based business, you are awsome!!! I cannot wait until i can start and apply some of your teachings to make my business if not thebest, one of the best in the market, Thank you, and your group for the help.

Whoa!!! I would like to thank so so much for all that you guys do for us. I feel like my heart and soul have been blessed. I pray and give thanks everyday now and this has only happened since Melbourne Australia. Thank you Dani, Hans, Mona, JP, Nina, Ryan, Laura, eveyone at and most of all thank you God for giving me ears to hear and eyes to see. God bless you all!!!

I’ve just become a member and i thank the person who introduced me to your site. This audio was amazing… I’m still in the incubation period and truly your information has confirmed what I have experienced. I was seeking in the internet for a good business home based opportunity. One ad I responded and a person called me but when he knew that I don’t have the required money to start at entry level, he then said that I would just contact him again once I already have the money. So again I looked for other option and yes I found another one and the lady who called me is awesome for her support that I think money was not the issue here. She guide me to your website which made me feel so blessed by listening to this call. I can’t wait to access more what you have offered freely in your website. I know that once my business would be set up, I’ll not be content to being just a free member only because I wanted to learn more to make my business a success.

Thank you and more power.


What an awesome call!!!! I don’t think there is any single aspect that Dani does not cover!! There is help there for everything! A call to listen to many, many times!!!!

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