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How To Make Desired Changes In Your Life

Topics include:

  • End of the month focus.
  • What’s holding you back?
  • How to troubleshoot and solve the problem.
  • Are you sick and tired yet?
  • How to get over disappointment and recreate the fire.
  • How to make the changes you most desire in your life right now.
  • How to get more out of the people you work with and get them to produce more.
  • How to get good at your opportunity and become a pro fast.
  • What’s your Goal, Plan, Knowledge, Action?
  • How to get over the “drama” that happens in your life.
  • How to deal with bad prospects.
  • How to persist and keep working your plan and stay in action mode.
  • How to develop and re-ignite your desire.
  • How to overcome your handicap and develop a fighting spirit.
  • How to become more confident.
  • How to appreciate your people so they stay with you long term.
  • How to build a vision for your team and lead them.
  • And much, much MORE!

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32 replies on “How To Make Desired Changes In Your Life”


I have listened to several of your calls and let me tell you my business is growing tremendously! I missed the last two calls so I had to listen to the replay. My 8 year old son is even excited about promoting the business. Thanks to him I recruited 2 of his baseball team members’ parents!

Thank you for changing our lives!

Kesha Love

It was worth while listening to Dani’s call today.

Eighteen months ago I flew from Auckland, New Zealand to attend Dani’s First Step to Success training in the Gold Coast, Australia. I wanted to find a way of how to move my business to the next level but on my return I was introduced to another business opportunity (telecommunications). I consider it a blessing. I started well and made over $20,000NZD in my first 3 months.

I am now in the top 3 level in my business and last month I was in the top 15. So far there’s over 400 representatives in my organisation. The business is pretty slow right now. I would really like to create momentum again like when i first started over 12 months ago.

Well, today I finally plug on to Dani’s conference call for the first time at 2.00pm NZ time (Tuesday). I took an hour off work to go home so i can get on the call.

I look forward to the Thursday call with Dani at 12 noon NZ time (Friday)

Kind Regards

Great Call as usual. I have one question that’s really been plauging me though… I’m conflicted on if I see the value in getting all of the dani services, meaning, being on the free calls, being a pro member, getting all the cd’s and coming to first steps. It’s not that I don’t believe that all the info is valuable, it’s that I can’t digest that much info. It seems to really master any subject, you need to hear it over and over. It could take months for a person to master just the script book (which I do own) or just the quick start calls, or any other part of the training. I feel I’m paying to be a pro member even though it’s no way I can get to all of the info that is avail. Please help.

Awesome !!! Awesome ~~~ I have Listen to many Speakers & Dani You Really Hit the Nail on the Head !!!! I Hope Someday You Will Speak at our up coming Convention In Vegas 🙂 You are Truly Awesome !!!
With Passion we make it Happen !!!!
Thank you for changing our lives & Helping Us Build Our Business !!!
Diana Jandura

I just wanted to drop a note to you, to let you know that I am in the fastest growing company in history with the top trainers around and you are the best I have heard yet. IF you knew who the trainers where it would be very very flattering to you!!

Thank you,

Dani, Thanks so much for all of your help. The first time I really listened to you and I have several testimonials of my own that I can use that are really important to me. I want to thank God first for putting you into my life and them Gina for all of her help getting me started in the most important part of my life. The breathing problem I had and the way that I have been able to take care of it. Plus also I did get very interested in my health, including my weight and exercise to make me more healthy. Now I have the testimonials of my life to do that. Thanks so much for your help Dani. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS. Larry

Hi Dani & Co.,

I think I’ve listened to most every call, and as I recall, there was one where you explained how to get people to refer places of business (like hair salons), and then how you build rapport with whoever answers. Then I can’t remember the verbiage of how you got an appointment with the business owner to give them my presentation in order to close them. What call was that? Also, when I go to give my presentation (about 20 minutes long), what are the most important things to cover? I have the script book and North Carolina CD’s and I can’t find anything in those with enough detail that looks like I could use for that scenario.

Thank you for any help you can give,
Karen Ramson

1st Steps is a MUST for you. Your success in your business and how soon it happens will be a direct result on your physical attendance at a 1st steps. NONE of us can possibly digest all that is here and remember each and everything. You will not be perfect at this business by perfecting the information. Success in this business is on doing, doing and doing. You obtain enough info. from here to get you going, you do, you go, you continue to stay plugged in. It’s through trial and error, and doing, and continued plugging in. It all falls into place on it’s own following this format. You do not ‘think’ it or ‘know how’ it in place. Hope this is helpful.

As usual Dani, you just never cease to amaze me with your intuition and what seems like infinite wisdom, insight, and true art of business building! Thanx again!

~Angelisa Weaver

PS May “The Lord” continue to bless you and allow you to bring us information that WILL transform this industry!


I first of all would love to let you know that your cd’s and Monday calls are THE BEST that I have ever heard and I am slowly building a business with a long time friend. PLease keep the Monday calls and CD’s coming and soon I will be signing up to be a Pro Member

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Frank Muise

Once Again,

Dani has a wonderful call with nuggets that I can use!!! I love how she makes it so simple and easy to use!!!

Thanks so much Dani for all that you do!!

Achieve your goals and Live your dreams,

Christina Thompson

OH MY: I WAS GIVEN THE GIFT OF DANI LAST WEEK. SIX MONTHS/ 9000-95OO DIALS 4000 IN YUK! I LSTENED TO DANNI ALL WEEKEND AND LAST NIGHT I TOLD A STORY I FOUND A GUY WHOD LISTEN ON THE PHONE AND TOLD STORIES ///HES COMING IN AT 3500 ////I did not know how to do that the day before yesterday ///// IF HE DOESNT COME IN WHO CARES ILL HAVE ANOTHER TONIGHT AND ANOTHER TOMRROW///DANI JOHNSON IN FOUR DAYS HAS TURNED MY STORY AROUND AND NOT EVEN IN PERSON (YET) HAS SET MY BEHIND ON FIRE// I KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT THAT 37 YEARS OF BROKE AND Just Over Broke on the J O B is darn well OVER/// everyone of us that decided we had something to take us over the top put Dani here…. DANI is an incredible vehicle just LOOK what GOD did for us. IS that a prayer answered OR WHAT ?????????????????????????

phil jones

Thank you for this call. I am starting over from scratch in my business. I have went through my warm market and had no idea of how I was going to start building my business again. Telling my story is the best idea that you could have shared with me. I too have a story that I’m sure many people can relate to and I plan to tell the world. I will keep you updated on my future success.

Thanks again,
Nicole Burney

I am planning on attending the Aug. training. Right now I am lost and do not know what to do to the point of tears. I just do not know how to get started. My upline is not in my city———-I have been listening to Dani calls and get motivited but I don’t know how to get started.


Great question! If I could, let me give you a tip. After making over a 1/2 million dollars with Dani Johnson as my coach ( and this is after calling 3,000 people and closing NO ONE- and becoming debt free, I have learned one thing. YOU NEED everything she has created. Notice I didn’t say you should consider having. Each piece is foundational to the next, each tool MUST be put into action as you go thru the others. I am not sure what you do for a living but here’s an example: Lets say you are an Engineer and you get a new job- well you have 18 years business experience and yet you are at a new company. It’s not likely that they would put you in front of a computer and give you 6 months to master their system. It’s not likely they’d take you to just one company meeting and give you 2 months to master what they said. They’d expect you to jump in, do what you can, absorb, learn and act- typical job situation, especially relocation or switching companies. The SAME THING holds here, only thing is you’ll have a chance to earn thousands of dollars while you learn, you can also have others on your team PASSING you up while you learn- because you don’t have to train anyone, you don’t have to do anything but direct- to . So Michael, JUMP IN, absorb, learn and act. I would recommend you do the following:

Go to the QUICKSTART TRAINING- listen to each call as a pro member on your iPod ( or Mp3 player) at least 5 times.. and apply as you go. Spend an hour learning and 2 hours prospecting. Then begin to go thru the Pro Members call vault, do the same. Honestly, if you have not been to First Steps, register now. You need what is taught there to really apply what is given on the calls. It’s the foundation of the entire system. Listen to the Cd’s in the script book- put forth the effort EQUAL to the check you desire. Desire $ 1000- then put forth $ 1000 of effort. Want $ 100,000- then put forth $ 100,000 worth of effort.

Master as you go- that is what Mastery is. We master what we DO, that is what pays us good money. We have a society of people who know alot, but do very little. Michael- we ACT on what we BELIEVE, not on what we KNOW. So learn as you go and ACT on what you believe: You are going to be successful, Dani Johnson is the coach to get you there and you WILL have a testimonial to share.

God bless and prosper you, and your business!

Dani, I am new to your web site and have not yet listened to a live call. I will however. that person you talk about who is stuck on zero, going nowhere, not tasting succes, yada, yada, yada…that’s me. I love the fact that you promote the network marketing business model in general and teach the skills required to be successful in any one of them. Believe me, they transition nicely into the full time job as well. I haven’t wasted my time while I have been stuck on zero. I have concentrated on personal development, personal growth. I am now adding you to the other folks of whom I consider myself a student. Thank you and God bless you. I very much look forward to meeting you one day in the near future!



HI Dani,
It never ceases to AMAZE me how GOD uses people through there OWN experience who use their FREE WILL, STEP UP, SEE, DO and SHARE! You have every right to be arrogant and pompous, HOWEVER, GOD humbled YOU AND allowed you to use your talent to lift people up to the next level!!!!!!! I am new to YOU, but I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that I found you, my SISTA!!! You are a RARE JEWEL in this world and in this INDUSTRY!!! That is why it seems you are “too good to be true!!” When I first listened to you, WOW…this chick is IN YOUR FACE! I felt intimidated and fearful!! But there was something I heard in your voice that let me know that THIS IS THE COACH YOU NEED TO BE TRAINED BY TO MASTER THIS! Thank YOU and your TEAM for slowly BUT surely allowing me to pursue my ALL TIME DREAM of being a ENTREPRENEUR WITH SKILL!!! What I have found in the past is that people who make it to the TOP in Network Marketing/Direct Sales become KEEPER OF THE SECRETS who throw you crumbs and make it sound like you are stupid when you have trouble. However, I have NEVER heard anyone let me know that it is a SKILL and it has to be LEARNED!!

SO, with that being said, I know that YOU really have GOD in your HEART because you are WILLING AND ABLE to share your TALENT to allow others to find and live their DREAMS! I do not see EGO(EDGING GOD OUT) from you or your Team! I am a slow learner, but once I master it…..I AM confident and ready to HIT IT HARD!!

Thank you for your HUMBLE SPIRIT and GOD BLESS your INTENTION!!!



Once again Dani Johnson has been OUTSTANDING on her latest Monday weekly call! How can anyone not be inspired and remain indifferent by her POWERFUL messages that keep reminding us constantly that the most important thing is to DO SOMETHING!

Prior to being introduced to Dani Johnson, the only wrong thing I was doing, was NOTHING! For the past nine years I was in a rut, overwhelmed mostly by FEAR which did nothing else but paralize me and kept me from accomplishing the things in life I wanted to do.

Presently, I am in the process of completing my very own personal informational Website (90 % done so far) which will not only help many others that have tried to achieve financial success and failed working online in the past, but also provide multiple streams of income for those interested as well as for myself in the process. Once completed (by the end of next week for sure), I’ll be CEO/Founder of my own online work at home business! Of course, I will surely plug each and everyone onto Dani Johnson via my Website!

Within the next two years using the resources made available through Dani Johnson, I look forward to becoming a six figure income earner as well as improving all areas within my life. If she or he can do it, so can I!

Thanks Dani for rekindling my dreams and may God continue pouring His blessings upon you as well as your team members and loved ones.

Richard Waite, CD

My husband and I run a carpentory business from our home. It is a service based business how do we grow and increase our income. I feel we are stuck and struggle with cash flow every single week. We our daughter starting college this fall. What do we have to do to increase our income? Please help us !


Dani, this is the first time I heard your call and the information was so powerful and so true. I am going to get out here and put my best foot forward, take notes from your tapes and never give up. I believe I can do it. Thanks to my friend for referring me to your website.

Wendy Horton

Thank you Dani! Each call I listen to get’s me more hyped than the last! I am so charged that I want to call everyone that hasn’t shown an interest because of how I initally prospected them because, now I get it!! I will be practicing on my daughters and then I’m gonna go get ’em! Thank you for what you do and more specifically for sharing with others. You are AWESOME!


That was a powerful call Dani!! I will definitely create a story for myself, but more importantly for others!! I cannont wait for 1 steps of success, I am anticipating a transformation and ready to be coachable!!

Excellent information. I am going to create my story as soon as I get off the computer. Thanks and God Bless.

Thank you for reminding me again how important it is to tell “my story” correctly. There are so many points in this call that we can put into practice immediately and I know it will shift our business into “overdrive”. This call is one we will be recommending to our new people as soon as they become associates in our business. I would like to suggest this call be listed with the “Quick Start” training calls.

Thank you again.

I just listened to “The Secret Power of Stories”, Dani your call was amazing! The company I’m building my home business with stresses the importance of your “Why”, I always thought this is what would motivate me to maintain my focus to keep moving forward. After listening to your call Dani, I realize that MY REASON for getting myself out of my situation and sharing that with everyone I come across is what will build my success. Dani, you just made it sound so simple and straight forward. I truly get it!!! I’m ready to take this new approach in my business!
Thanks Dani!
Nicole Lujan

Dani. All I can say is,you speak straight from the spirit that lives in you!! When our Father says that “His word does not come back void” well know this, that every word, expression, thought,desires,your tone, even your spunky sarcasm speaks life into those who have ears to listen. I have just started listening to you a few weeks ago and I have shared you with many and we are blessed. I am going to First Steps Chicago and Dynasty in Fl. I live in Jax Fl. I really hope that I can meet you.You are truly one of His precious daughters. You can tell you are “Living Loved” by are Daddy because of your beautiful heart for others.
You sister in Christ
Renee Boatright

This was a very cool and EXCITING broadcast…I am going to be listening and following her instruction or training so I can grow my business!

You said just what I needed to hear just when I needed to hear it. Your message gives hope in a practical way. A way that gets the heart, the head, and the body all going in the right direction.
God bless you and yours

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