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How To Get 9 Out Of 10 To Show Up For Your Presentations & More!

  • Personal coaching info
  • What repetitive activities Dani did to attain success
  • How to stay organized
  • Business plan for a new person
  • Working cold leads
  • How to get 9 out of 10 to show up/take a look at your presentation
  • Plus… there’s a personal testimony on here of someone who’s gotten 60 new people in her business since attending Dani’s seminar last month. Hear exactly how she did it.

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4 replies on “How To Get 9 Out Of 10 To Show Up For Your Presentations & More!”

Absolutely awesome tip about not “telling and selling”, but finding peoples needs! I feel like my whole business is going to explode because of this training. I’m definitely going to the next “First Steps” !

Dani’s older material is JUST AS GOOD AS her newer calls! She has been so consistent over the YEARS and still preaching/teaching the same principles. It’s wonderful! THANK YOU! We have renewed excitement 🙂

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