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How To Generate New Business And MORE!

Subjects: Action mode is what makes you money:

  • How to get your check to grow in the next 90 days.
  • How to generate new business and growth.
  • How to get to the new people, how to approach them, and different examples of how to invite them to take a look depending on whether you use home presentations,1on1 presentations, audio tapes, websites, lead lists, conference calls, 3 way calls, etc.
  • Key words to get people to look open mindedly at what you’re doing.

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14 replies on “How To Generate New Business And MORE!”

Hey Dani, GREAT call! It never ceases to amaze me the timing you have on sending emails or calls to give us DIRECTION that will lead to Increased income and productivity!
Blessings to You and YOUR TEAM!

On all your calls, I get your testimony and “story”…but have not heard your “how-to” really get to the actual hands-on help you have promised.

I too want to be in God’s will and God’s plan for my life.

Hi Dani,
How to Generate Business is an awesome informational for someone who does not know how to prospect. I am new to prospecting and this has given me some confidence. I will let you know what happens. Keep motivating!!

Dani, I have had similar upbringing as you, Took somewhat control of my life last year at the age of 52, and became a distributor for my company, I have “kept on keeping on” but to be honest, I have not made anything yet, The money I have been spending on leads and adveritising is mor for sure than what I’m bringing in. Still I love the fat that for once in my life I might find a way out of ‘struggling’ I only started listenening and reading Self Development through my company. I wish with all my heart I’d done it years ago. A fellow distributor gave me a link to your website recently.

I am so glad she did, I want to drink in everything you talk about, I am new to listening to your audio’s, but for sure I know, that “I WILL AND I CAN” be successful if I diligently listen to everything you have to say, and put it into practice. Thank you so much. I appreciate it, and look forward to many more hours of listening and learning.

Gloria Ord

Thank you for demystifying the process in such a way that it is easy and non-threatening to talk about the business.

Hello Dani,
Great support information about how to generate new business in the
next 90 days. I just attented my Fiest Steps seminar in Atlanta this
weekend. I soaked up so much information, I think I got brain overload.
Anyway, after getting back to my 8-5, I opened my email and this message. This was just the additional infromation I needed the get back on track.
Thanks again and God Bless. Ken Lewis – Athens Georgia.

Thank you for the great information, look forward to hearing more and growing my business with your help!!! I have not made any money but I look forward to the change and seeing checks rolling in, glad I found your site.


I just wanted to let you know that your absolutely inspiring and I can’t wait to hear you speak in L.A. coming up. Keep up the amazing work, you’ve been blessed by the Lord, that’s for sure.

Respectfully yours,

Eric B.
Southern Cali


GREAT INFORMATION! your training calls, C.D’s, and script books have BOOSTED MY ORGANIZATIONS CONFIDENCE. My team finally feels “EMPOWERED” rather than just encouraged.

Your Brother in Christ,
Ozzie Lopez
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hi Dani,

I have a business I started making jewelry. After listening to your business call, you gave me ideas on how to make my business grow. And also how to raise money to attend your First Step Seminar. Thank you!See you in PA.

Hi Dani,
Hope you are being blessed as usual. I am so ready to do exactly what i just heard you speak of. That’s the key…asking for people with experience and just to give them the opportunity to challenge themselves at what they to best. I have multiple skills when dealing with people and i have always been good at getting people to listen and now since i’ve started my own home base business i have no luck at all because i gave them the impression that i was trying to sell them something that was difficult and sounded a bit like “one of those things” if you know what i mean. But thank you for the advice and i will use it each and everyday on my journey to the top. I will see you soon in the near future at one of your seminars.
Thanks, Hattie in Dallas…It’s A Wonderfu Life!

Hi Dani,
Thank you for blessing Patricia and me with this membership,
when we started our home business we were given the wrong imfo
as how to build the business. As you can see we did not give up, we
still have hope and I beleave that we will build a successful home base
business. Thanks, we hope to meet you soon. Angelo & Patricia

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