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How To Cast A Vision For The New Year

Tonight Dani talks about casting a vision for the New Year and asks specific questions to help you determine how to make this year the best you have ever had!

Topics include:

  • What you can change today to make next year your best EVER!
  • What are you going to accomplish this year?
  • Where you can go to show you how to double and triple your income
  • How you can increase your closing ratios by 500%
  • What you can do to make your team stronger and more successful this year
  • What are you going to do different this year to make it better than last year?
  • How to know if you are giving your business your best
  • What is hindering you from achieving your goals?
  • Specific areas you should look at to improve next year

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4 replies on “How To Cast A Vision For The New Year”

Dani you are a great! I have only known about your website 2 days and I have been listening in each day. I am over joyed by what I am learning and realizing what I need to work on to grow my business. Thank you 100 times over!!!!!!!

God Bless!

danny, i usually love your stuff but this wasnt really helpful to me. i needed straight and strict dynamics. to me it was complaining and repramanding. i can do that to my own self. thanks for everything.

Thank you Dani for what you have done for me so far, I am married to a Veteran of the military. Our marriage has improved since I got plugged into your system. I am happy to report that we are going to your next event together. My husband who has controlling ways see such a change in me that he is wiling to go and learn some new skills for himself. This is incredible!
Thanks so much Dani, my home is getting ready to transform!

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