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How To Become A Professional At What You Do

Dani gives you a format to becoming a professional at what you do. Learn specific steps that will make a huge difference in your business and your life!

Topics Include:

  • What to develop FIRST in your business.
  • How to build a business without headache.
  • Building trust with the people you are working with.
  • What changed everything for Dani.
  • What can drastically change the way you look at your business.
  • Three components you need to know to become more successful in anything you do.
  • The amateur vs. professional way of doing business.
  • How you can be set apart from everyone else in your industry.
  • Learn an approach that works in any business.
  • The mindset of a long-term business builder.

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15 replies on “How To Become A Professional At What You Do”


Powerful call, If you lack any confidence and aren’t sure if what you have is the vehicle that you want to use to change your life and achieve your goals, than you MUST Listen and pay attention to the call, write down as much as you can from it, and START applying it.

Thank you, Dani.

Would any of your programs help those of us who are in a company which is not an MLM but brokers products. My upline looks over any one that I think would be an asset to my company.


I was blind ; Dani is helping me
to see things in a whole new light.

Thankyou Dani,
For the free conference calls.

Thanks Dani I’ve listened to this sevral times and each time I get a little more out of it. You are a great teacher and have given me and many more the opurtunity to achieve our goals. I hope to get signed up this week to join you in Jan. 2008. My business is slow in growing but I am learning the right and the wrong way to achiev success. Thanks Dani have a auwsome day and God Bless.

oh dani ,help ,my husband lost his job after 37 years ,i have a GOD idea and so far it has been a real blessing to so many people and they love my product ,i heard you about you on pastor bennys program ,in fact i worked
with pastor benny for ten years setting up the crusades all over the us ,what i did was set up pastor room and the green room at the colisuems .
when you were at the calif conference you were hosted by sue harper that southern girl is a real blessing
but i need help, i have a god idea ,and my husband is so scard to use any of our savings or our money to buy the supplies i need to get the supplies about 6.000.00 worth of supplies ,i already have orders for what i do ,and NO supplies to fill those orders ,through a problem in december after we flew into detroit ,god has opened a door for 10 to 15 items every 2 weeks and fred will not spend the money for the product to use ,oh god what do i do ,we owe no one anything we have no credit card dept ,we owe 48.000.00 on our home and that is it ,the FEAR FEAR fear that has griped fred is a killer ,how do i get through to him this is a god thing and do not let fear rule you HELP HELP HELP he is thinking like a mouse ,i am thinking like a lion I HAVE NO MONEY OF MY OWN ,TO GET THIS GOING , WHAT DO I DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHARON FOX

This is another amazing call. Anyone (including myself) who wants to become a more professional business developer needs to listen to this call over and over.
Thanks again for your help and guidance.

First of all, I just want to say WOW. This is first time I have ever about you and I listened to one of your audios. It was so inspirational. I cant wait to here what you have to say next. I am so looking forward to putting your tactics to work and to see how it works for me. I really do not see how I could go wrong with the wisdom I have just heard from you. I am extremely eager to learn more. Thank you so much for just being you and wanting to help others, may god continue to bless you.

dani, your practical approach to building a business in the arena of networking is nothing short of genius. after first steps in chicago, my team and i are putting the pedal to the metal and getting results. in just four days we sponsored four new distributors and we are plugging them in to your training.thanks for all your blessings.
eddie eames

Thank you dani for taking the time to teach people how to become
sucess in what ever business that a person is in

I almost logged off the call during the first 15 minutes, but something told me to stay. I am glad I did. The last half of the call was worth every minute. Thanks, Dani, for giving us your insights into what it takes to be a success. Invaluable information!

Great call, I’ve listened to it three times already and keep getting more out of it. Dani, we need you hear in Houston, TX…

Any chance you might make a confrence anywhere near southern Mississippi? I want to see you live near me!

I just listened to this audio and found it very good – it went over some important aspect that I had forgotten and will incorporate into my business!

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