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Getting Out Of A Rut

Subjects: On this call, Dani gives you specific strategies on how to create momentum in your business by promote events. There is a ton of useful info in this call, listen now!

Topics Include:

  • Strategies, tips and techniques to running your business as a multimillion dollar business.
  • How to get yourself out of a broke and homeless state.
  • How to get over your excuses and take responsibility for your situation.
  • How to get out of a rut.
  • How to take advantage of the summer months and get the top bonuses with your company while everyone else is on vacation.
  • How to get on the bonus boards and how to motivate your new people to get on the boards to explode your income.
  • How to create your story so you have respect when building your business.
  • How to dominate your company recognition boards with new blood.
  • How to get your focus on track after you’ve had a little success so your income and sales continue to increase month after month.
  • How to increase your skill and value to the market place.
  • Language to use when talking to brand new people.
  • Why the Network Marketing industry is the very best business to become a professional in.
  • Developing the language of a professional Network Marketer.
  • The difference between announcing and promoting.
  • Why promotion is so important and how to do it with enthusiasm and urgency.
  • How to promote an event and get a LOT of new people there with you and so much more!

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8 replies on “Getting Out Of A Rut”

Listening to this call was perfect for me to move myself forward and stay in the game…..PERSIST and RESIST satan…lies from the pit of hell!!!

i’m so glad I had the opportunity to listen to Getting out of a rut. I needed to hear this. I have allowed life to get me down… After listening to this I want my year to end differently than how it started. June, July and August will be the best yet…….Thanks Again Dani……..

I am glad I lisstened to this call. It opened my eyes on certain tools I need and, I am going to order them. I am going to definitelly keep up and build my business

Thanks Dani I have been stuck in a rut and listening to your call I can see the light thanks again Dani and God Bless

Good ideas!! but I don´t sell nothing I give service so I don´t have a team it´s just a person that helps me and I.But you oppened my eyes about promoting

This is the absolute best training I have ever had about promoting events…Period!!! I know this training that I ate and digested slowly is going to catapult me out of the slump that I have been in. I was looking for one thing that I could do with only 3 months left to be able to buy myself the vehicle of my choice for my birthday January 18th? I just found it:-) Thank you Dani for your incredible leadership and passion for what you do!

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