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FREE Coaching Session – Key Topics To Build Your Business

Tonight Dani answers a variety of specific questions recently submitted by members for insights into building a six-figure business in the next 12 months from home! Topics include:

  • How to present details about your compensation plan without going overboard.
  • What the master interviewer does that puts them a notch above the rest.
  • The power of being “savvy” in your business.
  • What your product really is and how that knowledge will make or break your business.
  • How to show your prospect a vehicle that he or she really wants.
  • How do you get someone to stay on your product or service who isn’t using it?
  • The key difference between ‘facts’ and ‘stories.’
  • Secrets to using the Script Book.
  • A proven ‘tool’ thousands are using to build themselves a huge and explosive business.
  • Developing the ‘skill’ that is required to produce results and where to learn that ‘skill’ so you can put it to use immediately for increased profits.
  • How to appropriately leave messages on your prospects answering machines so they call you back fast.
  • How to create your ‘story’ to leverage your success and create momentum.
  • Do you know how to respond to people’s questions when they start drilling you?
  • How to take advantage of the summer months for increased sales? How to capitalize on the sales for increased momentum?
  • How to ‘set yourself up’ to get those bonus pools in your company and more!

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8 replies on “FREE Coaching Session – Key Topics To Build Your Business”

Way cool info, so many of my own issues were addressed on this one call. This one is one I plan to get some downline to listen to ASAP! I always knew the why and my business shows the what, but Dani shows the how. Beautiful!

We’re getting so much needed help from Dani’s audios, it’s like shucking a barrel of oysters and finding a pearl in every one!!

I miss being able to save these for future reference! These are great to listen to repeatedly, not just the short time can spend on computer alloted this way and while deviding attention! Every word is good, and it deserves undevided attention. I am so glad you provide these and do have the desire to get to one of your conferences. I have learned so much from you and those you invite to speak on the calls! God Bless You and your staff!

I had asked a question recently through this posting from another call & was sent this email, not knowing it was my reply to some of the questions I had asked. Luckily, I like to listen to these recommended calls I get through my emails. There are some great scripts/scenarios unfolded here that will really help me.

Thanx & God bless!
K Ramson

I am sold on our company and its products. I am having a problem just getting started, Where to go and the approach is the big boogie man for me. I have learned our comp plan and it is so simple to understand. I sign up one, help each to sign up three—and just continue the pattern to a great income. Why can’t I make people understand???????????

I am surely enjoying “Profit Zone”. Will be signing up soon for the professional PZ. Thank you, Barb Hammonds

Dani johnson i need your help in my business listen home profit zone all the time. clarence kontio hope to go to first step to success soon

Dani I believe with everything in me that coming to your training course in Texas will be Life Changing for me!!!! Please pray for me that I have some success in the next 4 weeks , so that I can come and continue to change my life. Thank you for teaching me to think positive and believe and therefore I am. DESPERATE TO BE ALL I CAN BE. I to believe that God wants so much more for my life.

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