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Foolproof Prospecting Formula

Topics include:

  • Simple formula Dani learned from a billionaire and used to make her first million that will show you… how to get prospects to try your products… how to keep them using your product (or service)… how to get them to join your business… attend training and go to work!
  • This formula is also something your newest associate can learn in minutes and turn around and be profitable in 1 day
  • What the psychological process is of your prospect is and how to get them through it fast
  • The most powerful “sales presentation” you can learn
  • Why it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it
  • What really gets people started in your business – hint… it’s not the “facts”.
  • Duplicatable formula to handle any question or objection
  • The only thing your prospect really cares about and wants to know about your product or opportunity
  • How to apply the formula if you sell a service rather than a product
  • Why you should become a master “story teller”
  • How to get 10x the results in 1/2 the time when dealing with your associates troubles, problems and challenges – how to motivate them faster
  • Why people say “I want to think about it” and how to counter this rejection
  • How to use this formula to overcome any objection a prospect throws at you like… “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have the time”, “Is this a pyramid”, “I’m not a salesperson”, “I have to talk to my spouse first” and more
  • How to use photos or a photo album to impact your prospect on an emotional level
  • How to tell your story so you don’t turn people off
  • How to use the formula to promote a training event and get people to go to work and more!

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5 replies on “Foolproof Prospecting Formula”

Your teachings are simply amazing with the interjections of relevant and inspiring testimonies. I am blessed and encouraged anytime I log in and listen to these motivating talks in far away Nigeria. Your take on “The Formula of Prospecting” is simply mind blowing. In these days of economic meltdown “there is lifting up” for God’s people who walk in total obedience to His word.

Application is everything Dani is the greatest encourager in the world. Helping is a gift from God. Not only does Dani help she gives her all.
Apply the tips that Dani gives and rise to success.

In my company, we can no longer use testimonials on most of our products. We especially can not link any diseases to our products. We had and continue to have the most awesome stories you have ever heard regarding people’s quality of life being improved, but now we can’t even share those stories. So we have to be very vague and obscure and just stand behind our money back guarantee. I am not complaining, I am just telling you like it is. Even with this hindrance, I know we will still be much more successful once we have the proper training that you have provided in our hands, hearts, and minds.

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