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How To Finish The Year With A Bang!

Tonight, Dani gives you tips that will impact your business and help you finish out this year in an awesome way answering many common questions from clients on the members list. This is one of the best calls yet!

Topics include:

  • How to grow a business successfully and still raise a family
  • What is your BIGGEST asset in getting started in your business?
  • What is the fastest way to build your business from day one
  • Specific actions to takes EVERY DAY to grow your business exponentially
  • What actions are you taking in your business on a daily business to make it successful?
  • How do you find and have consistency in growing your business
  • What is one of the quickest ways to increase your retention level
  • How many new people should you be able to active each month working part-time and full-time?
  • What keeps new prospects from quitting?
  • How to answer people who say they want to try the product before getting involved
  • How can you earn full-time income working part-time hours?
  • Should you work your home-based business full-time?
  • How do you develop leaders in your team and increase the potential or your business 10-fold!
  • What are the main reasons that people are unsuccessful and how NOT to go there

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10 replies on “How To Finish The Year With A Bang!”

As alway Dani, you hit the nail right on the head!!! The first question was one that our group was pondering in our 30 minutes call prior to your call. Guess we didn’t have to wait long for an answer to that! And, all I have to say is “ouch” instead of “amen”. You were shooting right at the target tonight. You were so right about not being hungry enough! I felt some extreme conviction when you were talking about that, especially since I had mentioned the “building a fire” technique in a prayer request I sent today, ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch again! If I was homeless I would not let the product that I have sit here and I would be finding a way to bring in three a month but it should be a lot more than that with the hours I work! Again another well needed kick in the pants! Thanks and most appreciated! The kick in the pants you gave will be so much more rewarding than a pat on the back.

Dani, I have listened to this call over and over again. I needed this call. I am a spoiled brat. I have everthing to get started in my business. I have home an office a husband who supports me what is my excuse?? Dani you did it with nothing. Right on about not being hungry enough ! This call was convicitng and i needed it. You always speak the truth, Thank you Dani for being you and being led by our God. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Wow Dani, you were all up in my Kool Aid with this one LOL! It was almost freaky! I recently got a work at home job a couple months ago, and since then building my business has been stress free! I don’t have to worry aboutmoney for advertsing, systems, samples, inventory, etc. which has ALWAYS been my number one reason for being distracted by other opportunities and being tempted away from my company by other well meaning and not so well meaning networkers. Utlizing the skills I aquired from First Steps and by the unmerited favor of God I was hired for a job I was not even qualified for and hired on the spot. And yet here I was considering quiting my job once I reached a certain income level! Well, I was unsettled in my Spirit about it, and this call was confirmation for me. I need to keep my job until I’m making double my current income residually for a good solid year, and only THEN consider quitting. Thank you so much for this call!

This is a call that needs to be listened to several times because of the concentrated content. Dani tells us an important message for each of us in the last three minutes of this call; hungry.

The content is so dense & packed with sound material it definitely merits several listenings & nate taking. Many thanks. Grace UK

After listening to this call, especially at the end, I was moved by the point of not being hungry enough! I thought I was very hungry for success. I realize what Dani is saying now….action, action, action. Just do it! Focus on what you want, don’t let up, and go and get it…. Thank you!

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