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Finding A Good Network Marketing Company

Dani Johnson gives her candid insights into finding a good company/opportunity!

Topics include:

  • One of Dani’s top secrets and what you should be focusing on when building your business
  • Dani’s insights regarding recommending specific companies
  • The wrong way to approach someone about your opportunity
  • Dani’s very candid advise on finding a good company
  • 6 key points to a good company
  • Why the product, compensation plan and management may not be the most important part of your company
  • Examples of all the various methods of marketing your business
  • How to approach people who don’t call you back, how to change your approach
  • How to approach the right people face to face and more!


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2 replies on “Finding A Good Network Marketing Company”

Thanks again Dani this call was great nd I’m learning a lot. I still make mistakes but I am getting better. I wish I coule come to Atlanta in Jan. No excuses I just wont be able to be there. Thanks again and God Bless

Thank you for the call. I just discovered you and listened to a spiritul equipping night in my car today, I so wish I could be in Dallas. I have to meet you and I will. Any plans to come to NY? I can only hope. My story is much like yours, I am so glad I found you.
Susanne Marra

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