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Filling Your Pipeline For Explosive Growth

On this Classic broadcast, Dani shares specific strategies to create massive results in your business through the holiday season and into the New Year. Discover how you can get talk to your warm market easily, stay motivated through the holiday season, and hit the bonus pools for the month of December.

Topics Include:

  • How to gain an advantage over your competition in December and filling your pipeline for explosive growth in the New Year
  • Use this insider’s tip to hit your bonus pools this month
  • How to motivate your new reps to work during the distraction-filled month of December
  • How to extraordinary results when everyone else is slacking off
  • Discover the secret to approaching people during this busy holiday season that doesn’t make you seem like a pushy salesman
  • What to say to recruit your family and friends during the holiday season
  • Focusing on a bigger picture during the holiday season and creating a miracle for families in true need
  • And more!

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